“Fuller isn’t professionally unfamiliar with fandom. Though he has never worked on a property that has quite the same fanbase as Star Trek (because, let’s face it, few things do…), his shows have always inspired rabid followings and, unlike many showrunners and producers, he doesn’t condescend to that fannish passion. On the contrary, he seems to respect and appreciate any degree or incarnation of fannish passion people throw his shows’ ways.

Like all genre fandoms, Star Trek has a history of gatekeeping, of policing how everyone should engage with its stories — often, along gender lines. For example: It’s cool to geek out about the design of a spaceship. It’s not cool to ship Spock and Kirk together.

Fuller seemingly has no such qualms with fannish engagement in any of its innocent forms, a refreshing perspective in a television and film industry that habitually dismisses and/or ridicules whole factions (generally, the female faction) of its fanbases.”

7 Reasons Bryan Fuller Is The Perfect Choice For Star Trek Showrunner 

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day late, sorry.... fandom: star trek #2 (“Oh my God. You’re in love.”)

The Enterprise is in the middle of charting another dreary sector when a message comes in.

Ping, goes Jim’s PADD.

He ignores it and keeps talking to Yeoman Rand.

Ping, the PADD beeps out again.

“You know, Janice, I knew this woman– Chris Chapel, her name was– I think you’d really get along with her–”

Ping! Ping!

Jim closes his eyes briefly, sucks in a deep, captainly breath, and picks up his data PADD. “Hang on a sec, Janice.” He opens the three (no, four) messages, all from… Spock?

Old Spock?

There’s something about “the Nexus” and “temporal-spatial shifts” and “temporary but permanent enough”, and the barely-contained excitement (excitement?) pouring through the words is enough to make Jim jump out of the captain’s chair, babble something about Sulu taking the conn, and motion for Spock and McCoy to follow him before he takes off sprinting down the halls.

The whirr of a turbolift and the whoosh of a pair of doors later, the three are stepping into Jim’s quarters. McCoy’s still grousing, Spock’s still peppering him with questions, but Jim just heads straight for his computer.

And sure enough, the computer in his quarters is lit up with a call from the other Spock. He punches “accept”, and then there are two people on the screen, one tall, austere, and familiar, and the other…

The ambassador regards him warmly. “Captain Kirk,” he says, nodding toward Jim, “I would like to introduce you to Captain Kirk.”


The Jims (or “the Kirks”, as Spock says, or, according to Bones, “the causes of my premature death”), communicate regularly after that first meeting. It’s nice to bounce ideas off someone who thinks like you do, but with more experience. Sure, Kirk always mumbles something unintelligible about the Prime Directive before offering up suggestions, and Spock Prime can be heard sighing in an all-too-human-way in the background at the “blatant disregard of destiny”, or whatever he calls it.

But it’s fun to compare notes and see how you’d have turned out in another life, Jim thinks during one such conversation. Spock Prime gives him a pointed eyebrow-raise through the screen and Jim wonders if the older Vulcan can somehow read his mind.

That’s not how it works, though, right? He’ll have to ask Spock about that later.

The thirteenth (or maybe thirtieth– he’s bored, alright? He’s on shore leave and neither Spock nor Bones are with him) he calls Kirk is for gift-giving advice. He’s standing in the middle of a gift shop (the people on this planet really know how to monetize the fact that it’s a common shore leave destination), one hand hefting his PADD up and the other picking up and inspecting each of the items on the shelves of the little store.

Kirk appears on his PADD’s screen, looking groggy. “Whduhwntnahjm,” says the older man, and Jim, by virtue of his knowledge of pre-coffee Kirk-speak, deciphers that as “What do you want now, Jim?”

Jim frowns. He hasn’t been calling too often for this sort of thing, has he? “Okay, so you know how Spock likes music? I mean, I’m guessing that your Spock’s like that too.”

Kirk yawns. “He plays the Vulcan lute.”

Jim knocks a little statuette off a shelf and cringes as it shatters on the floor. “Yeah,” he says hastily, scuttling over to another corner of the store, hoping no one’s noticed. “So I was thinking, like, why not get him a present? ‘Cause they sell these weird violin-things here, after all! We’re celebrating a year on this mission tomorrow, and he’s always going ‘Oh, fascinating, blah blah’ whenever we meet some super-musical aliens, so I think that means he’s interested in musical instruments, and, I mean, he always does that eyebrow raise and eye crinkle thing whenever someone offers to play music for us and that normally is a good thing– does he do that around you? And–”

“Hang on, hang on.” Kirk holds up a hand, eyes sparking with amusement. “Too much information for the early morning. You’re getting Spock a present?”

Jim can feel his ears heating up (a sure sign that they’re bright red). “We’re all getting gifts for each other! I got some Romulan ale for Bones, Sulu’s probably giving Chekov a plant or something, Uhura and Carol are giving each other gifts– but I didn’t ask them what because I’m kinda scared of them–” He’s blabbing out random things by now, hoping to distract Kirk, but the other man’s grin only widens.

“But you were so worried about getting the right gift for Spock that you turned to your older self from an alternate universe for help,” says Kirk. “Oh, don’t worry,” he adds, glancing at Jim’s presumably bright red face, “I’ll help you; we don’t want to let Spock down.”

Something about the way Kirk says it makes something click in Jim’s brain: the other Spock’s emotional reaction to finding him, the way that Spock always seems to know what Jim’s thinking–

“Oh my God, you’re in love!”

“Oh my God, you are in love!” exclaims Kirk at the exact same time, and they stare at each other for a good five seconds.

“What– but– why didn’t your Spock tell me about this?!” Jim all but screeches after his brain has rebooted.

Kirk says something about altering destiny that Jim’s pretty sure was copied from Spock. “I didn’t realize things would turn out like that in this universe too,” says Kirk, beaming brightly enough to light up a room. “You have Carol on board the Enterprise, so I thought–”

Jim’s brain suffers another minor shutdown once again. “Carol’s dating Uhura,” he offers weakly once he’s recovered. “Wait, so you can help me! You know Spock! You can help me figure out how to–”

“I don’t quite think that’s how it works. But…” Kirk pauses and then smiles cryptically (Jim fights the urge to run screaming from his other self, because that expression never bodes well). “He does like Italian food. Don’t try to seduce him immediately, alright? That doesn’t work, trust me.”

“Seduce whom, Captain?” comes a voice from behind Jim, who nearly sends an entire aisle of shelves toppling over with his start of surprise. Glancing back down at his PADD, he realizes the screen’s gone black and Kirk has vanished.

“Dammit,” he says, borrowing a page from Bones’s book, clearing his throat and shuffling awkwardly. “I thought you didn’t want to go on shore leave.”

Spock raises an eyebrow and does the eye crinkle thing and Jim, cliche as it seems, goes weak at the knees. “I was ultimately… persuaded by your multiple attempts to make me ‘take a break’. Yeoman Rand informed me you would be here.”


There is a pause, only interrupted by tinkly notes playing over the speakers in the shop. Jim hopes he’s not standing close enough to the shelf of musical instruments for Spock to figure out his present.

“I do not believe shore leave would be productive in my case,” offers Spock at last, clasping his hands behind his back. “I am a Vulcan; I do not require–”

“Hey, Spock,” cuts in Jim, thinking oh God he’s gonna leave now I need to do something dammit Jim hurry up (though part of that may be Bones’s voice in his head), “do you wanna have dinner with me? There’s a really good restaurant around the corner, and the food tastes exactly like Italian food, but I don’t know if Vulcans like garlic, anyway. . ?”

Spock stares at him for a good ten seconds, and for a moment, Jim thinks he’s accidentally used pre-coffee Kirk-speak.

Then Spock accepts.

Jim almost faints because the day’s getting to be too much for him, but he manages to transfer his momentum into grabbing Spock by the sleeve and dragging him over to the restaurant before he can change his mind.

And after (the pretty successful, if he’s allowed to say so himself) dinner, Jim checks the messages on his PADD and finds one from Kirk. Not an explanation for ditching him in his hour of peril, of course– Kirks never change– but just a simple, smug, “You’re welcome”.

He contemplates messaging Kirk back with an all-caps angry message demanding an explanation for his vanishing, but he decides against it. After all, Jim’s a busy man– he needs to set up his next date with Spock.

The Thread

read it on the AO3 at

by EntreNous

When Jim and Spock arrive on an alien planet to broker a truce, they’re caught in a duplicitous scheme. Now, with poison working its way through Jim’s system, and only one member of security there to protect them, Jim and Spock must struggle to return to the Enterprise before it is too late.

Words: 2952, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Edit: Didn’t remove from my answers, just added to them. Also, if you don’t want to put your name in, feel free not to. It’s optional now, officially, by decree of Marcus Iunius Tigris the First (aka my full Roman name lmao :p)

name: Nathan. I’ll also go by Marcus. It’s partly because it’s not Christian, partly because, despite being anarchist, I do adore the history of Rome- academically, not as something to be reproduced- again, I’m an anarchist, I don’t want a Republic nor an Empire- nor, incidentally, both. :p So uh, Nathan or Marcus.

fave fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings

countries you’ve lived in: US

languages you speak: English. I took two years of Spanish but can’t say I really know it. I know a few smatterings of German, and I off-and-on try to learn Latin and Old English but I only know a little bit of those languages. I really just need to get into language classes so the fear of failing drives me to get an A.

fave film of 2015: Star Wars

last article you’ve read: This one

Put your song library on shuffle and put the first three titles here: My cheap MP3 player’s a bit weird, doesn’t have a proper shuffle mode. I’ll just list a few genres on it- epic music, socialist anthems, and 80′s music. Just three genres of the genres on the player. I said earlier, when I first posted, “Just three genres on the player,” but I meant “Those are just three of the genres on the player.” I listen to other music, too. I’m sorry for misleading.

Last thing you bought online: Some books; and my seax, Agmunðr. Yes, I named a knife. But he’s just too nice not to be named! It’s almost like he’s more than an object. But of course, he is just an object; yet he’s the one I keep sheathed, under my pillow, to keep me safe at night.  

Last person you dreamed of: I don’t know. I need to keep my dream journal so I can remember.

Any recurring dreams: I don’t remember my dreams that often. I’ve neglected my dream journal too, which is probably a big reason why.

Any phobias/fears: heights, spiders, wasps and vast heat. And, typical white person fear, curses. Also, I’m afraid of myself to be honest. I have a real anger problem. I don’t do rash things, but I feel with every fiber of my being like doing rash things when I’m angry- it’s my head that stops me. I don’t want that anger going out of check.

How would your friends describe you: Weird, boring, opinionated, angry, charismatic, caring to a fault, depressed. “Really left-wing and liberal. He hates being called liberal though and I don’t know why. He’s a good person though, even if I don’t agree with him.” I’m the only socialist/anarchist/communist that I know. It’s a real shame, too.

How would your enemies describe you:  Weird, boring, opinionated, angry, charismatic, caring to a fault, depressed. “Angry socialist bastard.”  “He’s really angry under the surface. Tick him off and he doesn’t feel mad, he feels bloodlust.”

Would you take a bullet for someone: Yes, but I’d take it trying to kill the son of a bitch firing the gun. Just because I’m going to die doesn’t mean I should just take it, because otherwise my taking a bullet will mean nothing, because what murderer only has one bullet in their gun?

If you had money to spare what would you buy first: It really really depends. Maybe some books, maybe some armor and a sword because “Hell yeah, why not?”. Idk. Depends on the dough. I might just save it. I usually don’t save, but I’m a few months from being 18, and then I’ll work hard to live on my own and uh, that’s going to be a challenge. So I don’t know, it depends on the dough.

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read it on the AO3 at

by keltieful

Years ago, an elite group of soldiers were sent to the most inhospitable place in the known galaxies. Not a single person made it back to Earth.

Words: 4111, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
PSA for New Trek Fans:

Breaking radio silence to say…

If you are new to the TOS fandom, Spirk, or Star Trek in general, you can ALWAYS reach out to me with questions or concerns. Need a beta reader? I’m your guy. Just need someone to bounce an idea off of or want to swap headcanons to get your creative juices flowing? Had a bad day at school/work and just need someone to talk to?

I’m here for you, friend!

I love this fandom and I just always want all of you to know I am here to spread the love and support you in any way. 

We are all in this together.


Star Trek Reboot-Oneshot's

read it on the AO3 at

by FallenQueen2

1: The In-between
2: Hidden
3: How is this Even my life?
4: Illogical
5: Doctor’s Worries
6: Animal Ship
7: Sacrifice
8: Disney Musical
9: Lil’ Jimmy
10: Remember Me
11: Emotional Response
12: Family Relationships
13: Meet Jamie Kirk
14: The Levels of the Enterprise
15: Fright Night Recreated
16: Whose Shirt is that?
17: Meet the Original Series
18: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Words: 24588, Chapters: 15/18, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
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Science fiction itself is a thought-provoking subject matter, since it deals with the unknown and the mysteries of life and death. That subject matter, since I’ve been thrust into it 50 years ago, has become interesting to me. I write about it. I think about it. I read about it.
Hobby Lobby: Only men like Star Trek, right?

Earlier this week, I received this message from a fellow fan, @sherlockian-of-the-shire:

* * *

Hello! I saw your really nice post about people new to the fandom reaching out to you? And I was wondering if you could help me with a bit of a project. 

My local Hobby Lobby has all the Star Trek stuff labelled as “Men’s Wood and Metal Decor” and I wanted to write a letter explaining the important contributions of women to Star Trek (and hence why they should relabel it with a gender neutral label)

Do you know of any sources I could cite for this? 


* * *

SO! I think this is a great project to support. I don’t have a ton of resources at hand, but I’m sure if we all work together we can assemble something to help. So consider this a call to action and a signal boost to support this endeavor!

If you have any questions or want to submit resources that might help, you can send them to me or @sherlockian-of-the-shire in our askbox, via message, or submit directly to my blog @spirkian

Thanks guys! <3