“I think that my experience in television, is that it is always a harbinger of what comes in the culture. Certainly, when I played Captain Janeway, the first female captain of a starship. It was only a few years after that, then I had young girls from MIT come to me and say that they were thinking of going into research - and now they’re going into the field. So they’re going up instead of in”  Kate Mulgrew - ‘Behind The Bars’: Red" 

when talking about star trek
  • chris pine:intelligent comments, thinly veiling his totally nerding out over HOW COOL SPACE EXPLORATION IS AND HOW MUCH HE LOVES THE CREW
  • zachary quinto:calm stoic response about how much he deeply appreciates the cultural importance of star trek and the way it has enhanced so many people's lives, a small smile at the corner of his mouth
  • karl urban:incoherent screaming, suggests 24601 plot points for the next movie, does the vulcan salute

I think my favorite thing about this Pinto moment is that Zach has just said “misappropriated” to the interviewer (while obviously tipsy, which is impressive) and Chris interrupts to say “misappropriated is a wonderful word,” so then Zach hOOKS HIS FINGER IN HIS LAPEL AND MURMURS “MISAPPROPRIATED, MISAPPROPRIATED” WHILE PULLING HIM AWAY FROM THE INTERVIEWER AND MAKING BEDROOM EYES AND THEN THEY QUICKLY SAY GOODBYE AND WANDER AWAY THEY HAVE KILLED ME I AM DEAD [X]