Happy Blog Birthday 🎉

It’s been a year. In celebration I thought I’d put on a little buffet of my favourite pieces.

I thought my first year had been and gone but I had a notification from Tumblr today. I should probably get more fresh air. It’s been a lot of hard work and learning curves. The Voyager episode ‘Basics’ paint was one of my first digital pieces and I’m constantly trying to improve my technique.

The top Janeway, is my newest and I haven’t quite finished with it yet but it seems fitting to post it now. I kinda blasted on a colour scheme and it still deserves some tinkering.

Most of these pieces are available at my Etsy shop:

amazing how star trek is so jam packed with gay x bi ships…. jadzia is bi, kira is gay…. bashir is bi, garak is gay…. quark is bi, odo is gay…. troi is bi, yar is gay…. data is bi, geordi is gay… janeway is bi, seven is gay… tom is bi, harry is gay… 

tos breaks this trend bc kirk and spock are both bi and i can’t decide about uhura and chapel


@hpminorcharnet and @fortescuesnet: minor characters live - cedric diggory

boy’s got a head full of stars and a heart bigger than the known universe

Can I just say something? I love the fact that there’s all these Star Trek blogs that have specific content, and then you have ds9 specific fandom that just randomly have lizard vines with zero explanation but we all know why.

it’s so eternally fucked that the Founders had binary genders like. what. the. fuck. they’re a collectivist goo group consciousness that shares absolutely no other social structures with any other species. the heck

and the Jem’Hadar canonically don’t have genders but were always gendered male by everyone anyway! but that always happens

you could do some interesting things with the Vorta, as a mammalian species that might have had a gender binary for the same reasons we do, but was uplifted by a genderless more technologically advanced society who then remade them into willing slaves and took out everything they deemed ‘unnecessary’ (or possibly just fucked up while messing around with their genetic code and justified it later)

Day 5 - Dingboche

I forgot the wonders of a hiking group. People to make you laugh when you’re down and push you to keep going when it’s tough and you fall behind and you’re so tired and have no energy left in your muscles.
Enter Ollie (Nz), Kelsey and Ashley (USA) and there guide Mingmar. We met in the guesthouse and decided to hike together much to the disappointment of their guide.
I would say usually a guide wouldn’t want random trekkers clinging on to his group, but especially when those random trekkers are super sick and may need to get saved at some point.

Today was the day of Mordor. We began trekking through a new zealand-esue landscape, but eventually we made it above the tree line into a barren, cold, beautiful wasteland. Falling rocks, evidence of landslides littering the landscape.

The altitude was kicking in, luckily it was a slow steady incline for most of the day, nothing too drastic. But every ascent left me breathless. Followed by yet another coughing fit and another and another.
The others were fit and healthy AND they had a porter. I looked in jealousy at there tiny backpacks and there long legs speeding off into the distance.
I had to come to terms with the fact that I was the slow one. Not because I kept stopping to take photos (like on the Annapurna) but because my body wouldn’t let me go any faster.
Anyone that knows me, knows this would kill me inside. I’m highly competitive and grew up wanting to prove that I can do anything a boy, or a larger human can do. I am never the slow one.
As I was plodding along, slowly falling further behind, I spotted a sharp incline. ‘Oh shit’ my lungs whimpered.
But just as I felt my mood drop I spotted a familiar face waiting at the bottom of the incline. Ol’ mate bobby hot shakes. You may remember him from such hikes as the Annapurna Circuit.
He’d started the hike 2 days before me but he decided he wanted his old hiking buddy back and he waited around for me (plus he’d needed an extra rest day for acclimatisation)
Elated, I basically ran down and ascended, not so much with ease, but definitely with less pain than first anticipated.

We arrived in town at the same time as a cloud. So much hiking, so much pain and I’d hardly seen any snowy peaks.

It hit 9pm, my eyes were burning with tiredness, my body ached. I climbed into bed expecting to fall straight asleep but the altitude had different ideas.
I tossed and turned, coughing constantly until 5am when I finally managed to fall asleep. The whole time questioning every aspect of my life and travels. Wondering if I am in fact the strong lass I always thought I was. Will I make it up to base camp? I’ve hardly taken any photos on this hike, am I even a good photographer? Should I just quit and go home where mum will look after me and get me healthy?

I woke up at 9am to a blue sky, unexpectedly sweating in bed (we’re well over 4400m here). Not ideal due to the fact I won’t be showering or washing my clothes up here. (Yes boys, I am single ;) )
My filthy hair is matted over my face adding to the incredibly attractive picture I have obviously created. I feel like a truck has ran over my face but I finally have a view of snowy peaks outside my window!

So I’ve recently fallen head over heels in love with Star Trek Enterprise, and even though I’m like 10 years late to the party I’m hoping somebody out there still blogs about it!

I’m especially looking for people who ship Tucker/Reed but honestly I’ll take what I can get.

Reblog/Like if you post or reblog Enterprise stuff and I’ll check out your blog!

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@vassraptor replied to your post “amazing how star trek is so jam packed with gay x bi ships…. jadzia is…”

odo’s weird because he’s so persistently male and you’d expect him to be genderfluid

In-universe I actually like this because I’m not fond of shapeshifter= automatically nb, especially when he’s been raised in a binary society; he can be a guy without having a ‘really’ ‘male’ body

but in outside context, with nearly every changeling we meet being super unnecessarily gendered, and with the possibility of Odo being another gender never ever being brought up, and with Odo’s writing being so sexist and heterosexist, and there being no canon nonbinary main characters in the Trek canon- it would have been better if the writers had made some attempt at doing something with him.

In the best possible universe- I’d maybe choose for Odo to start questioning after he meets the all-agender Founders, and maybe eventually decide that he identifies with both the Bajoran male identity and with the Founders’ lack of gender. But the DS9 writers couldn’t have handled that.


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