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Somewhat down about my ST:D story and its lack of reviews.  I can see that overall there are few reviews on anything in that tag, but other ST stories have several reviews, so maybe it’s still too new?  Maybe I have, as usual, picked the oddball character that no one likes?

Or maybe my writing just sux?  Or no one’s interested?

Sheesh, if it does stink I wish someone would simply tell me!!!

Three awesome people have left reviews over two chapters.  That is, like, my worst ratio Ever.  A couple kind people here on tumblr have reblogged the notice of new story/chapter.  The story has a couple hundred hits.  So…not totally ignored but I do feel down about it, to the point that I may try to post it on Ao3, and if that doesn’t work, just write only for myself and not post.

Not whining, just puzzled and down.

it’s so eternally fucked that the Founders had binary genders like. what. the. fuck. they’re a collectivist goo group consciousness that shares absolutely no other social structures with any other species. the heck

and the Jem’Hadar canonically don’t have genders but were always gendered male by everyone anyway! but that always happens

you could do some interesting things with the Vorta, as a mammalian species that might have had a gender binary for the same reasons we do, but was uplifted by a genderless more technologically advanced society who then remade them into willing slaves and took out everything they deemed ‘unnecessary’ (or possibly just fucked up while messing around with their genetic code and justified it later)

nixwarrior02  asked:

I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! (my Star Trek blog is spaceforspirk btw) And if you take art requests could I maybe have a cute one of Jim smiling brightly and Spock just staring at him dumbly while bones grumbles about lovesick vulcans in the background? I love your art and I hope you have a fantastic day!!! :D

Ahh yes. The plot of 90% of all TOS episodes.

(Also thank you!  💚)

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