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[I wish they had brought back the Bolian officer who saved Sisko during the Battle of Wolf 359 (when Sisko couldn’t accept that Jennifer was dead). It would have been an interesting episode. Does Sisko resent that guy for forcing him to leave his (dead) wife? Or is he grateful that the officer saved basically him and Jake?]

[Editor’s Note: Bless Memory Alpha and it thoroughness in cataloguing Unnamed Bolians and Saratoga personnel.]

definition of crack!ship

not a crack!ship: a canon/fanon pairing of two characters from the same fictional universe who interact -

examples: Kirk/Spock, Mulder/Scully, Harry/Hermione, Regina/Emma, Robin Hood/Friar Tuck

a crack!ship: a term authors apply to their fanon pairing of two characters from different fictional universes -

examples: Kirk/Voldemort, Xena/Scully, Harry/Snow White, Emma/Luke Skywalker, Evil Queen/Robin Hood