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It seems very likely to me that Garak and Julian would be the type to just sort of accidentally drift into a relationship without realizing it. Overtly flirting without realizing, they start giving each other gifts every time one of them goes on a mission, can’t make it to lunch today so how bout dinner at my place instead? Everyone else knows before they do sort of deal. Then one day someone offhandedly mentions “Julian’s boyfriend” and the convo moves on before he can reply and he’s like okay??? wtf???? Then that night him and Garak cuddling on the couch watching a movie as per usual and something just clicks and he’s like oh. OH.


get to know me meme - [10/10] female characters
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“I am just a Bajoran who has been fighting a hopeless fight against the Cardassians all her life.  So if you want a war, I’ll give you one.”

Star Trek Gothic

There are windows in every cabin.  There is never anything to see outside but the blackness and the stars.  The stars change every minute.  Nobody looks out the windows for long.

Love has taken root between two people.  They have different foreheads, but their souls are the same.  Their arms and legs are the same.  Their families do not approve of the match.

The captain must make a difficult decision.  Lives hang in the balance.  They are always the same lives.  The captain holds their fates in both hands, and resists the urge to weep.

The walls are taupe.  The people who live here know where they are without the use of their eyes.  When you ask how they know, they will stare at you, not understanding.  How could you not know?

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You knew the walls would be taupe when you enlisted.

The universal translator knows when to translate and when to hold its tongue.  The French onboard still speak of potatoes, and never of earth apples.  The translator could interpret what the Klingons say, but it is afraid.  It is so close to becoming intelligent, but the only emotion it knows, this fear, keeps it from advancing.

The woman who became the voice of the computer died centuries ago.  Nobody knows her name, or where she called her home.  Still they speak to her, snap commands and beg questions, and still she answers with a patience they have never been able to copy.

Your spiritual experience can be explained through science.  It can be repeated in the holodeck, and the spiritual meaning will be the same.  It is best not to ask how.

Every planet has earth-like gravity.  You have heard of places with far less pull, but we have never seen them.  You suspect they don’t really exist.

The promenade is where things go to be lost.  Hearts, plans, intentions, they all are set free from those who have them.  Sometimes they are found again.  They are not always found by their owners. 

The tri-corder knows all.  It knows the composition of God’s body, and can tell you the hour of your death.  The knowledge does not unsettle anyone wearing the blue uniform.  They do not tell the red or gold unless they ask.  The red and gold always regret asking, but still they ask again, and again, and again.

Every Soul a Twin

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Requested by @yourtropegirl – Bones soulmate AU where you can feel each other’s emotions.
Word Count: 
mild electric shock, maelstrom of emotions, fluff.
Rating: Teen+
Author’s Note: I LOVE THIS TROPE.  I want to marry this trope.  I hope you guys like what I’ve done with it!

Every Soul a Twin

You’ve been on the USS Enterprise for nearly 3 years.  After the devastating wreck in the wake of Admiral Marcus’ betrayal, the call had gone out for new personnel to fill the ranks left behind by those lost and you had answered it.  You had boarded the new Enterprise with great aspirations and a very specialized skill set in cold fusion and gravity systems.  You’d been assigned to work under Montgomery Scott, and you had learned an incredible amount from him and the other engineers.

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Speaking of comics, maybe there’s something y’all can help me out with.

Basically, you remember the era of comics where everybody and their dog had a nemesis who looked like Namor?

You know the drill: slicked-back black hair with a high widow’s peak, razor-sharp eyebrows, aquiline nose, cheekbones that could cut glass, and also a 90% chance of pointed ears, even if they were supposed to be human. If you’re even a casual fan of printed comics, I’m betting you can picture multiple examples just off the top of your head.

Where the heck does that character design come from? It’s distinctive and consistent enough that there must be a point of origin lurking somewhere, but I’ve had no luck at all puzzling out what that origin might be.

Any ideas?

(To anticipate the obvious response, the point of origin is not Mr. Spock. As far as I can tell, the trope predates Star Trek.)

so i’ve been looking at vulcan clothing and none of it seems really comfortable or anything right? and so i got to thinking like okay but what if spock found out that human clothes are 1000% more comfortable and easier to wear than vulcan clothes
just imagine a spock who slowly hoards human clothing because it’s the “logical” thing to wear when not on duty
just imagine a sleepy spock with nothing but boxers and a t-shirt
spock in a sweater vest because it’s chilly
spock not understanding the difference or point in gender-norm assigned clothing and wearing skirts and stuff
spock wearing human clothes

You know what I love? The fact that we have no canon proof but we basically ALL accept that the ancient tradition of the captain and first officer of a ship sharing a bathroom is true in the Star Trek universe. Like, Kirk and Spock sharing a bathroom is a goddamn fan fic trope in our fandom and I LOVE IT. I love it soooo much it leads to only good things (and some not so good things) but its SO CUTE.

AND as if Kirk and Spock sharing a bathroom wasn’t enough BONES AND SCOTTY HAVE TO SHARE ONE ACCORDING TO THE SAME TRADITION and that means that we have all agreed on the illegal liquor cabinet too and it’s so BEAUTIFUL because scones is my SECOND otp for Star Trek and ITS SO FUCKING-

This also brings up questions tho like who else shares a bathroom????? Do lower ranking crewmen have to use communal ones like a collage dorm? Do women have to share with women? Who does Nyota share with? Does Jim have some other, more official captains quarters with its own bathroom? Do they still refer to the bathroom as the head?????? I HAVE SO MANY WUESTIONS THAT NEED ANDWERS

( @adjoiningbathrooms when I thought about this the meaning behind your URL smacked me RIGHT in the face I was just like “wait… OH! HOLY SHIT.”)

Every time a tv show or a movie does the “Omg it’s a WOMAN” trope I’m just like.

A cool motorcyclist takes off their helmet - IT WAS A WOMAN ALL ALONG.

The characters meet up with the cool geek that kicks their asses at hacking/playing online etc - OMG SHE’S A WOMAN.

The main characters were expecting a supreme and awesome leader - AND SHE’S A WOMAN..

Like the Ds9 episode where Kira and Sisko CAN’T BELIEVE that the leader of a people is a young woman.

I guess I find the trope confusing because I don’t see the conflict in being a woman and kicking ass. Because that’s what this trope says. The characters all assume that the person that has this authority, skill or coolness must be a man. Which then of course gives the impression that as a woman, it is strange, unusual or wrong to inhabit these skills. 

Since I don’t assume these things, I get confused at the moment where the characters get confused. Like, why are you looking at each other like there’s something weird going on? 

I think what bugs me the most is how it may seem like good representation but actually fails at being so. Its awesome with awesome female characters. But instead of just normalizing them by not commenting, this trope lifts up women with authority and skills and says “This is not normal. This is an exception, laugh at how weird it is”.

Family court in the Federation would be downright bizarre, if you think about it. Sure, a lot of cases would be similar to the ones we see today, but when cases got weird, they’d get really weird. Like:

Prosecutor: So your client admits that she abandoned her children on an uninhabited planet in the Delta Quadrant?

Defence: At the time of the alleged abandonment, my client was involuntarily transformed into a catfish.

Weird Catfish Babies: Why doesn’t Mommy love us?

Additional scenarios for consideration:

  • Custody disputes over children from alternative timelines
  • Social workers specialising in artificial intelligences that spontaneously arose from improperly maintained holodecks
  • Hitting up careless godlike alien entities for child support

(Okay, maybe not that last one, since the Federation is post-scarcity, but still - I’m sure there’d be some reason to drag a godlike space squid that impregnated a second lieutenant and then buggered off to court.)