trek trek trek

Here’s the debut TV Guide cover for the Sherlock/Star Trek crossover miniseries Sher Trek, now posting at AO3 as part of the Miniseries April season at  @falltvseasonsherlock.

Cover art by the fabulous @reapersun . Reaper darling, thank you so very much for finding the time to do this!

Episode 1, “A Study in Darkness”, is now up at AO3. Episode 2, “The Denevan Problem”, posts on Thursday April 27th.

This all came from a conversation with my sister, @motheatenscarf

Klingon #1: Did you know humans have an honor culture?

Klingon #2: Pfaugh! What do HUMANS know of-

Klingon #1: I didn’t say they share OUR honor culture, fool; but they really do have their own. Watch this. HEY, STARFLEET!

Human Science Ensign nerd: …What?

Klingon #1: I have here an Andorian frost pepper, hot as anything your SOFT little planet can produce. Hotter, I have heard, than even your ‘ghost pepper.’

Human: …Mazel Tov.

Klingon #1: I dare you to eat it.

Human: Are you insane? Hell no.

Klingon #1: (sigh) it appears you were right; humans truly ARE all cowards. I had hoped for more from one who is not so timid that he quakes at the thought of sailing the stars, but-

*Human stomps over, eats entire pepper while maintaining eye contact despite turning bright red and weeping uncontrollably*

Klingon #2: …Fuuuuuuck