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I feel like The Orange One’s ban on trans people in the US Military is a good time to remind you that in the future many label as a utopia, Starfleet exists, and accepts anyone, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, or origin. We need to work towards that vision NOW. If someone wants to fight for their country, regardless of whether or not you believe that the country is worth fighting for, that wish should not be denied based on their identity, and they sure as hell shouldn’t be written off as a burden.

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[It’s family tradition to watch old home videos from when my brother and I were kids. Specifically, the one where I explain to him how awesome Seven of Nine, Captain Janeway and B'lanna are and how all of his precious Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have, together, the IQ of maybe *one* of those three. My brother ended up crying. This year my mom threatened to put it on the internet unless my brother and I behave at Christmas dinner. We will never be this well behaved again. ]

Editors Note: I’d like to see that! lol 😂


Paperchildren set number six, the last one! We’ve got: Jim Kirk for @archer-and-lionprince, Spike for @darkwing-katy, OC for @toreadorkable, Jack Frost for @pikaplusmin, chibiself for @myownhyperfangirl, Gladiolus Amicitia for @alicemoonwonderland, Moana for @redfrohoe, Victor Zsasz for @the-misfit-that-loves-stuff and Jasper for @attemptedfailure!

As always, if you want your paperchild with no background/border/signature/whatever or with a bigger size, feel free to contact me!

And that’s it, it’s over :) Thank you to everyone who joined my giveaway and I hope that you’re happy with your paperchild ♥ I had fun making them, but I need to rest now XD see you!