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Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett

So I was watching Trek Nation, and if anyone else is familiar with it, you know that there is a section where they talk about how unfaithful Gene Roddenberry was. There’s a really awful moment where his son says to this man he’s interviewing to “go there” since he already knows half of the affairs his father had, and he’s pretty sure Majel knew about most of them as well, and then the guy being interviewed tells a story about how Gene bragged about how within seven days of being married to Majel, he had cheated on her. Bragged about it. Now I know Majel was the “other woman” during Gene’s first marriage, so she knew what she was getting into…but really??? He bragged about cheating on her? Sometimes Majel would be in one room at a party and he would be in the other with some girl, carrying on in plain sight. That’s a little intense, isn’t it? That kind of public disregard for her? I’ve heard so many stories about how much he loved her, but I very rarely hear the ones about how he was proud of being unfaithful. Any thoughts?

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Gene Roddenberry on Star WarsI like Star Wars. It was young King Arthur growing up, slay-slaying the evil emperor finally. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of entertainment - Everything doesn’t have to create a philosophy for you - for your whole life. You can also have fun” - Gene Roddenberry footage from the documentary Trek Nation.


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Heading back down Hayeswater Gill to the car..


The National Park Service had some interesting, fashion-conscious uniform ideas for its female employees in 1970, including the basic beige version of this little number.  Which leads to my humble suggestion for what rangers should wear in the NPS’s second century.  Because the original design looks like Star Trek, we’re going full Star Trek.

  1. Gold (command) - administration at all levels
  2. Blue (science) - interpretation and education rangers, including park historians and park scientists of all kinds
  3. Red (engineering and security) - law enforcement, emergency response, firefighting, dispatch, and maintenance rangers

Simon Pegg
From Shaun of the Dead to Absolutely Anything.

(I know I’ve skipped a few, but here are the main ones.)

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Mount Procyon and Square Lake from the side of Mount Orion. For the preceding 24 hours, we had been tent bound. Fierce winds and horizontal rain lashed outside to the point where we forgo-ed that mornings breakfast as our food satchels were hanging outside out of reach of the mice. As the rain finally relented in the early afternoon, we dared to venture outside and made a decision to climb out of the Lake area. Fortunately, the light gods smiled upon us.

Daily Doux: 10 Great TV Friendships

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Bashir and O’Brien - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Liz and Jack - 30 Rock 

Troy and Abed - Community

Liv and Peyton - iZombie 

The Doctor and Sarah Jane - Doctor Who 

Peggy and Jarvis - Agent Carter 


Mount Cook - New Zealand 2015 This is Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. We drove up on Saturday afternoon and unfortunately for us it was pouring with rain. We arrived at 4 and stayed in the car until 9pm playing cards and watching Silicon Valley on the iPad. Finally we fell asleep and awoke in a freezing cold car with outside temperatures of -1 degrees. We woke at 6 to a BEAUTIFUL day and drove around with the heater blasting warmth into us and finally at 7 we set off through Hooker Valley. Here are two pictures of this incredible track and what the view was like along the way. It was so rad to beat the crowd and get to there before everyone else. Everything was so quite and peaceful. Keep exploring.