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see star trek really only addressed half human mixed race people and i’m over here like…

i want a vulcan-batazoid counselor who is like conceal don’t feel but feels literally everything and wants to help people but struggles with the strength of vulcan emotions, on top of everyone else’s.

i want a vulcan-denobulan struggling through dating - who was raised in both cultures and is unsure whether they want a completely monogamous marriage bond or a polyamorous house full of complicated family ties and a lot of love

i want a klingon-betazoid warrior, using the thoughts of others to their advantage during battle

i want a klingon-bajoran freedom fighter, struggling between what needs to be done and what the honor they were raised on dictates

i want a cardassian-romulan spy, because honestly that would just be cool

i want a romulan-vulcan starfleet officer, met with distrust no matter how logical they are or how many times they renounce the romulan star empire

like damn the universe deserved more mixed race people than ziyal and ziyal deserved better than what she got tbh they could have explored her child of two worlds feelings so much more.


fall back into place (a star trek mix)

for spock, on his quest for balance, clarity, & belonging in the space between two worlds.

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kirk mix: someday is calling my name

other mixes

week of April 1st, 2017

Who are these people?
@butteredonions, @bosstoaster, @ashinan, @mumblefox, and @velkynkarma are five Voltron fic writers who frequently combine to form fanfic and meta and shitposts Voltron.

What happened on April 1st?
Each member of the ThinkTank opened their askbox to receive fic prompts. These were then delivered back to the fandom in the form of microfills over the next week.

Nothing else happened on April 1st?
I’m sure I don’t know what you mean ;)

You guys switched icons and pretended to be each other.
We Formed ThinkTank, excuse you.

What is this Masterpost?
The downside of all five of us posting 5-20 fills (each) on the same day: SO MUCH FIC. Together we wrote a combined 27k of words! Rather than bombard our shared followers with multiple reblogs of the same (excellent) material, we have compiled this Masterpost so we can simply reblog them all at once.

Please feel free to like or comment or reblog pieces individually to show your support! We had so much fun participating in this impromptu event. If you liked what you read please let us know! Your support means the world!

All microfills are below the cut, sorted primarily by author, then by character (and/or pairing) and/or fandom. Thanks for your support!

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Cheer Up Post #5099

matineeidyll would like a post with puppies, musician Graham Coxon, mixed race positivity, Star Trek, Thai culture. Here you go!

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thekoontzy  asked:

Spock isn't sure how the Captain got those /shorts/. Logically he thinks he should call them undergarments but beyond that point is a more pressing question. It nags him like a puzzle waiting to be solved or a chess game that only just begun. Did the Captain make them? A low possibility but one that ranks about 53.75%. Did he own them before their mission start? That ranks higher. Spock calculates a probability at 87.36 %. Did he find them on shore leave? That is the lowest probability. (1)

cont: Dutifully to himself he calculates the scenario is in the 12.68%. Due to the fact the last shore leave was 5 months ago on a mostly barren beach planet. So the question remained distracting Spock from work. Pressing lips into a thin line he wonders if someone dared the Captain. Though Spock notes the Captain has declined dares since the incident with the cat like creature in sector 8638c. Thus leaving that scenario in the 5.83%. Frustrated Spock decided to meditated hoping to find some answer.

Three hours later and Spock slowly emerged from mediation with no answer. Paper work on his desk laid as a reminder he had more practical things to do with his time. Duties to attend to other then wonder how the Captain got ahold of a pair of very form fitting red undergarments or shorts as the Captain declared. With his mind focused elsewhere Spock didn’t hear the shared bathroom door open nor spot the blue eyes staring at him.“Spock. Stop your Vulcan sulking I got them from Chekov.”(End)

Fic for the cute Chekov!


edit: added the rest of the fic that was eaten by tumblr!