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Pneumonia or no pneumonia, today was warm and I decided to go for a walk in the forest. It did not disappoint.

(Photo: d.)

353: Tribute to Spock

I grew up with and love Star Trek, so today’s drawing honors the late Leonard Nimoy. Today also coincides with the passing of my grandpa, so I’d like to say rest in peace good sirs. Thank you for being such an inspiration in my life. 

You can see Spock and his kitty in Assignment Earth, Season 2 Episode 26.

Humans are weird, and there’s an obvious reason

If you want to understand Humanity, take  a good look at our planet. Bit of headcanon I wrote a little while ago from a trekkie perspective but would apply generally.

Vulcans disregarded Earth (Sol 3) as a potential sentient life supporting planet because of it’s tumultuous origins, erratic axis and rapid spin (extreme weather, extreme environments, unstable planetary atmosphere, unstable planetary surface, unstable planetary aquatic systems, unstable magnetic core etc.). The system, only having one remaining naturally M class planet as well as a relatively bright star and an asteroid belt which made navigation complicated was generally left alone until some Vulcans visited Earth investigating the plant and animal life that had manage to evolve there and were astonished to find a bipedal species thriving across the planet with clear evidence of tool making.

So the planet is quarantined for twenty thousand years to allow their uninterrupted development but four thousand years later they make it into space, and less than two hundred years after that to warp.

Vulcans are stumped as it took them much longer, and they have better logical thinking conducive to undertaking such a task; less/no wars or conflicts and longer lives that allows better development of experience.

Humans have short lives, high reproduction rates, emotions, wild imaginations and an alarming capacity to disregard their own safety. In short they behave as erratically as their planet.