Saw the new Star Trek

important points:

  • Jaylah is my Space Wife
  • Uhura is Space Queen
  • She would be my space girlfriend but idk her and Spock are kinda adorable???
  • Not enough women
  • The ones that were there were awesome (see ex: Space Wife &  Space Queen) 
  • Like Sofia and Zoë were so good 
  • But I want mooore
  • Also it was made such a big deal that Sulu is gay and then it’s just like two second of hugging???
  • I’m mean it was a cute two seconds and I’m glad we got that but still???
  • I guess that’s still just the way it goes
  • Poor Anton
  • I wish they had more time to just focus on the characters there are so many and the story itself was kinda dull
  • Except for every bit with Jaylah 
  • Jaylah was amazing 
  • Did they intentionally make Chris Pine look older/worn out??
  • Cause he seemed a lot older for some reason
  • But idk maybe being Captain just wears ya down

“I think that my experience in television, is that it is always a harbinger of what comes in the culture. Certainly, when I played Captain Janeway, the first female captain of a starship. It was only a few years after that, then I had young girls from MIT come to me and say that they were thinking of going into research - and now they’re going into the field. So they’re going up instead of in”  Kate Mulgrew - ‘Behind The Bars’: Red" 

when talking about star trek
  • chris pine:intelligent comments, thinly veiling his totally nerding out over HOW COOL SPACE EXPLORATION IS AND HOW MUCH HE LOVES THE CREW
  • zachary quinto:calm stoic response about how much he deeply appreciates the cultural importance of star trek and the way it has enhanced so many people's lives, a small smile at the corner of his mouth
  • karl urban:incoherent screaming, suggests 24601 plot points for the next movie, does the vulcan salute