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When I set out to hike the John Muir Trail this past summer I thought I knew what I was getting into. Turns out I didn’t. Research and planning can only give you a small idea of what a trail encompasses and the experiences you will encounter along it. I didn’t know what the 210 miles would hold but I knew that I was going to hike them.

Early on I decided to hike the trail solo, I didn’t want to have the burden of others or be a burden to others. Fortunately, that idea was thrown out the window when my friend Isaiah who had been working and living in Yosemite valley all summer decided to quit his job and hop on the trail with me. I ended up hiking out of the valley and meeting him in Lyell Canyon on day 4. We hiked the majority of the trail together, picking up individuals and groups along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to hike the trail with, together we met so many incredible people from all walks of life.

The trail taught me to appreciate the moment I found myself in, I was never sure what the next mile would bring or what the next day would hold.

The final day on the trail will be etched into my memory for as long as I live. Our group had grown to 8 as we camped at 11000ft, 4 miles below Mount Whitney which marks the end of the JMT. We woke up at 1AM and packed our gear quietly in the alpine air. I led the way up the trail, and as I climbed the switchbacks I looked back and saw a trail of headlamps far below etching the path up the mountain. I could see the Milky Way through my headlamp as I climbed higher towards the summit, each step brining me closer to finishing the trail. As I reached the summit, 14,505ft above sea level, I realized I was the highest person in the contiguous United State in that moment. Over the next hour or so the other members of the group joined me on the top. We crawled into our sleeping bags as the temperatures hovered in the teens, and waited for the sun to rise. It was a quiet affair; no one wanted to ruin the moment. We shared mutual jokes from the trail and told stories from the past 3 weeks. God, I loved that morning.


Samuel Martin is a North Carolina native who can often be found wandering the mountains of the east coast, sharing the stories of the people he meets and documenting his time on the trail. You can see more of his work on InstagramTumblr, or on his website


Tadapani by Olivia Blockey
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Tadapani, meaning far from water. Woke up to this view of Machapuchare. Breathtaking.

Star Trek Advent Calander

hi guys, you know how around Christmas people have those calendars where you countdown the 25 days til Christmas? well i thought it would be fun to have something similar that is trek/spirk related. so everyday you post a picture from your favorite star trek fandom to answer one of these questions. if you don’t celebrate christmas thats fine too, i just thought it might be fun! there are no rules or restrictions on what you post/reblog and all trek fandoms are welcome :)

Day 1 - Favorite episode (or scene from film)
Day 2 – favorite film
Day 3 - Favorite Character
Day 4 - Favorite side character
Day 5 - Favorite Villain
Day 6 - Favorite crewmember
Day 7 – favorite character who isn’t a member of starfleet
Day 8 - Favorite starfleet track
Day 9 – favorite uniform
Day 10 - Favorite location/planet
Day 11 - Most Beautiful Character  
Day 12 - Most Missed Character who dies or disappears in movie/episode
Day 13 - Saddest Moment
Day 14 - Favorite star trek fanfiction
Day 15 – Favorite behind the scenes moment
Day 16 - Favorite promotional photo
Day 17 – favorite quote from star trek
Day 18 – favorite issue/concept discussed by characters
Day 19 – favorite spock (aos spock, tos spock, spock prime, kid spock)
Day 20 - Funniest Moment
Day 21 - Most romantic Moment
Day 22 - Favorite star trek technology
Day 23 - Favorite star trek novel/comic
Day 24 – Favorite species
Day 25 - Favorite star trek pairing