Yesterday we went for a drive to Trefor to look at the house I was talking about (as in, we just found it and looked at the outside of it) and it looked just as cute as the photos but it looked small. It looks like it’s probably the same size as our house but the bedrooms are bigger. The garden is just a tiny square of gravel too, at least half the size of our tiny garden!

Afterwards, we went for a walk along Trefor beach and it was absolutely beautiful. It’s just a tiny beach but it was breathtaking. I could see myself living somewhere like that. Maybe one day Ian will find a good enough job down here and we can move.

The Welsh Coast Path. Back down to sea level and out of the clouds.The walk started in Trefor harbour and finished in Nefyn,across the bay,via an almost 1000ft climb.(any likeness my hiker has to any person ,living or dead,I apologise .)