Australian Witchcraft: Plant Life


tea tree oil is super antiseptic, which means its great for a natural first aid kit. tea tree oil is also great for witchcraft, like any strong oil. i use tea tree oil for spells in banishing or cleansing.


eucalyptus is pretty good. so eucalyptus can clear up a stuffy nose and sore throat. did you know the leaves can also be infused and used for people with a fever and chills? the more you know. i use eucalyptus in my craft for opening up the house (chuck some eucalyptus oil in hot water, mop the floors or clean some windows, youre all set) and warding off negative energy.


i’ve talked about Eurah leaves before but its just so cool! Eurah leaves have been found to have the same (THE SAME) strength as some antibiotics. HOLY SHIT GUYS THATS SO COOL!!!! anyway aside from the AWESOME antibiotic strength of these plants, i dont use them in my practice as of yet. do any of youse use them? and if so, what for? 


lemongrass is fantastic guys, not only is it great tea, making it awesome for kitchen witchcraft, it’s also super easy to grow. i personally think lemongrass enhances what is already there, so i reckon if youre feelin sexy and you have some lemongrass, youre gonna feel extra sexy. some reckon its also good for divination but ive never tried it for that. 


okay so lemon myrtle is hella because it has the highest concentration on citral in the world (that stuff that makes lemon smell like, well, lemon), yeah that’s right, more citral than LEMON. lemon myrtle can be used like lemongrass, its generally sort of sweeter and rounder tasting. i reckon tho that you can use lemon myrtle in place of lemon in any spell or potion to give it a little extra kick. 

alright so there is way more than what i have here but like, there is so much. if i get asked to do more, i shall but for now, here ya are. aussie plant life in witchcraft, bam.