Alright one more skin care tip! This is the soap I use daily on my face. I have heard good things about tea tree oil and my mom found this soap for me. I have tried at least a dozen “medicated” soaps. Prescription (also oral antibiotics) and over the counter and they never did anything that benefitted my skin. I’ve been using this for over 6 months and my skin has gotten soooo much better.
I also just use it in the shower once a day or every other. I wet my face rub the bar between my hands then rub my hands together to lather then rub it on my face, neck, shoulders, chest. I still have a gnarly marble zit every now and then but it has improved my skin so much. I know Bi-mart doesn’t exist everywhere but that’s where I got it. I imagine a health store or store with the health/organic/natural section would have it or something similar.
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