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Originally posted by saliechelon255

Love, it’s something we think about all the time as people. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, love affects everything in our lives. To me love is more than just having a boyfriend/girlfriend, or a family. Love is like passion. If I’m not passionate about something, anything, I don’t think I truly love that something or someone. Take music for example, many people love music it doesn’t matter if it’s rock, country, hip-hop, k-pop, or literally anything else. They will listen to it, sing along with it, share it, and even cry or laugh to it. This shows the passion they have for it, it doesn’t matter if they can or cannot play an instrument, sing, or dance. Music is one of the few things that connect all of us as people and that’s something. Having a passion for music is what drives people to play an instrument, to sing, to dance, to compose that very same music, which leads to the love that is built up over time. It takes time for love to come into the picture. When you first start dating someone you don’t just go right ahead and get married and live happily ever after, you have to actually date. You get to know each other, hang out with each other, go on dates, meet their family, etc. You have to grow passionate about them and keep that feeling growing until the day you can truly say “I love you” and actually mean it. It may take longer for some people to “love” something or someone, but it’ll happen and it’ll take time. When I picture love I see peace and happiness (and BTS of course), with rays of light shining down (and can’t forget Cherry Blossom trees), and a feeling I can’t escape that makes me have a everlasting smile. Love is different for everyone, but every single person has love. It doesn’t matter how haughty, or mean they seem love is what drives people, so find what you’re passionate about and fall in love with it or them you’d be surprised how much better your life will get when everything is golden. So, don’t “give up” on love it’s there, just wait a little longer and you’ll be surprised about what you find.