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Jonerys Week: Day #3 - Ice and Fire

Note: Again, this is a very dark one, so be warned. My seven days will be linked chronologically, and the first two can be found on AO3 here

She didn’t want to tell him, to burden him with it…but Bran had known.

    Dany had stepped away from everything, just for a moment; the planning, the cold, the constant aching and exhaustion that was slowly breaking her down, all of it, and found a place under the godswood tree where Brandon Stark so often spent his days. She sat in the snow under the tree, too tired to even mind the cold, and let her back to rest against the sturdy trunk. She couldn’t help but let a hand drift over her stomach over her coat. Over the few weeks, since she’d known, she could see herself getting a little bigger. Barely noticeable, she hadn’t gotten very big the first time either, but if someone really looked they might suspect. She’d taken to wearing one of the heavy northern cloaks at all times. She’d been so sure she would have been killed by now, but the Others were making slower progress than it had been predicted. It didn’t matter now though. They’d made it as far south as the Dreadfort, and the line that the living held was slowly being pushed back, even as they did thin the army of the dead. They had to keep burning their own dead, watching their own men go up in flames. Drogon needed his rest, but the next morning she would go out and fight again. She’d had to bring Jon, Ser Davos, Grey Worm, and three of the Dothraki back to Winterfell after the battle the day before to hold a council meeting, and they would all return again to the front lines as soon as the sun came up over the horizon again. It had set hours ago, but Dany couldn’t sleep without dreaming of an undead soldier ripping Jon apart until he was nothing but a red stain covering the snow, or an ice spear impaling her where she stood, killing her and her baby just like it had Viserion. Maybe that is how it would happen, in the end. She could feel a few soft nudges against her belly, and just couldn’t help but let the tears fall. At least when death took her, Jon wouldn’t know. He would knowingly lose an ally, an ex-lover, maybe even a friend, but not a son or a daughter. Yet she would know, she would know as she died that her baby would die with her.

    “I’m so sorry,” she whispered, her voice so thin she could barely hear it herself. “If I could birth you right now, send you away to Essos to be raised away from this war, I would do it in a moment.” She could see it in her mind, sending her baby east along with Missandei. A boy with white blonde hair that curled wildly behind his ears and wide grey eyes like his father’s climbing up the trunk of a lemon tree to pick a ripe yellow fruit. A little dragon, and a little wolf. A little ice, and a little fire.

    “Hello to you, Dragon Queen.” Dany quickly wiped her eyes and stood up straight at the voice of Bran Stark. He was being pushed through the snow by the girl, Meera, to his usual location. She cleared her throat, determined to become the Dragon Queen again, to lock Daenerys away. Meera halted when Bran was situated in his spot, and Bran thanked and dismissed her. Dany turned to leave as well, but then he spoke again, this time to her. “You have to tell him, Jon. He does much better in battles when he has something to fight for, and the realm needs him at his best.” She whipped back around to stare at Jon’s strange adoptive brother. She hadn’t told a soul, and yet somehow she didn’t doubt that he could know. It seemed he knew everything, saw everything.

    “I can’t let him lose yet another member of his family. When I die, our child will die with me, and he will lose only a woman he used to…” she trailed off. Had he loved her? She had loved him. She still did. She ached to be held in his arms again, to be loved as she loved him. She had loved him desperately despite their shared blood and she had never stopped.

    “He still does love you,” Bran said, he looked like he was hundreds of miles away, and yet here he was talking to her. “The news I brought him upset him deeply. Jon has always admired our Lord father, and to be told that he was not the blood of Eddard Stark cause him great pain. I see him, standing in the crypts, looking at his statue, and then Lyanna’s. He’s sure that they would not approve of his fondness of Rhaegar Targaryen’s sister.” She didn’t know why Bran would tell her this. She knew he was hurting, and she knew that she was part of the problem. She didn’t want to hear about it anymore. She didn’t want to listen to how Jon was suffering.

“And you believe he would desire the presence of that sister,” she said coolly. These wounds were fresh enough, painful enough, without Bran picking them open one by one.

    “My revelations have not stopped him from desiring you, Dragon Queen. I spoke with him before he went to the council. He’s beginning to understand his role in this. The dragon has three heads, and without them, the dawn cannot come.” Bran Stark spoke in cryptic riddles she was not quite sure she understood, and it both fascinated and frustrated her, but she knew this boy knew more than she ever would.

    “Must I tell him, for the dawn to come,” she asked quietly. Her duty was first to the people, but if there was any way she could spare Jon any more pain, she would do it. Bran actually turned his eyes to her, and for the first time since she had met him, he seemed to be looking at her and not past her.

    “Yes,” he said simply, “you must,” and with that, he was a thousand miles away again.

to be continued

hogwarts house christmas/winter aesthetics

Gryffindor: spontaneous snowball fights, the smell of cinnamon pine cones, obnoxiously blasting “all i want for christmas is you”, strings of popcorn on the tree, shreds of wrapping paper on the floor, getting tangled in twinkle lights, slipping on the ice, chasing people with mistletoe, laughing with tinsel in your hair, eating sloppy christmas cookies with a milk mustache and icing-stained fingers

Hufflepuff: piling marshmallows into hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, catching snowflakes on your tongue, crackling fireplace, sitting on santa’s lap, the smell of warm vanilla, jingle bells, freshly baked cookies, the christmas radio station playing in the background, door-to-door caroling, bulging stockings, lights reflected in the eyes of wonderstruck children, the happy sleepy feeling when Christmas day finally comes to a close

Ravenclaw: crisp sprigs of holly, white lights with red bows, the smell of cold air, the glitter of department store holiday displays, a quiet nativity scene, smooth blankets of powdery snow, neatly wrapped gifts with elegant bows, the chill of peppermint in your mouth, the fizzle and clink of champagne glasses, the smell of the heat when it kicks on

Slytherin: sucking on a candy cane until it gets sharp, the smell of pine trees, strategically placed mistletoe, the crunch of the snow under your feet, eggnog, carol of the bells, garland wrapped around the banister, dark chocolate truffles, flickering candles, the zing of the scissors when you curl ribbon, sitting in the dark with just the glow of the christmas tree

Circle mages after Divine Victoria has granted them freedom.

Circle mages who don’t know what it’s like to have a real family and aren’t quite sure how to act in one.

Circle mages who have nightmares and unsettling dreams about the Circle, years and even decades after they’ve left.

Circle mages who never learned to cook a meal or barter for one.

Circle mages who wonder every day if they’re messing up something simple, making a fool of themselves because they only know how social interactions work in a highly stratified environment.

Circle mages who instinctively look over their shoulder for templars several times a day.

Circle mages who get to buy their own clothes for the first time in their life (and have no idea what it’s like to wear their own size, because all they wore in the Circle were ill-fitting hand-me-downs.)

Circle mages terrified to fall in love– but ready to try.

Circle mages teaching themselves the trade skills that they were never taught.

Circle mages using their magic for good and getting a little thrill for doing it out in public and not getting in trouble for it.

Circle mages standing outside in the rain or snow or under a tree in a spring breeze.

Circle mages who don’t know how to deal with the real world but are determined to face it head-on anyway, because they’ll be damned if they’re going to waste this gift.

Winter bliss

Based on: this request by Anonymous (I hope you like it sweetie!!!! Thank you so, so much for your patience!!!!) + this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

The Elvenking feels lonely and needs some cuddles…. Any volunteers?

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“That’s really an amazing steed, my lord.”

It had all started with an innocent, truly innocent comment, just because you were really admiring the King’s Elk, the majestic animal that he rode out of the palace. Thranduil had simply smiled at you warmly and fondly.

“May I take you for a ride on it, then?” he had offered.

And so there you were, sitting on the large saddle, your King sitting behind you, his strong hands holding the reins to lead the meek but imposing Elk. The wood was quiet and silent, the only noises were the animal’s stride and breath and the clatter of the King’s sword at his side: he had taken his weapon with him, for no guards were escorting you. It was just you and Thranduil.

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It’s been a while since we’ve spoken to each other.
The flowers under our favourite tree have withered and turned into blankets of snow, burying the places we’d call our own.
I know you cheated on me with that girl who gets you drunk every time you try to talk about your past. Our past.
I know you don’t really love her.  At least, not as much as you seemed to love me. I can see it in the way you avoid the places we used to go to together or the way you keep wishing you could hold her the way you used to hold me.
Please, honey. Come back to me.
It’s killing me inside to see us like this. 
I want to start over with you. 
I know it won’t be the same if we’re back together and all the resentment we can’t weed out of our chests will turn into the cold distance between us but I promise I will try harder to forget. I will love you so much that you’ll forget the space between us ever existed.

You ruined me and I don’t know how to mend my broken parts again and I hate this desperation but I need you now.
I am ready to crumble just to be with you.
Please just come back to me.

—  Tamarind Fall; Writing prompt: A girl writing to a boy who cheated on her but she still loves him and wants to start a relationship with him, but it’s changing her for the worse. She loves him so much but he doesn’t seem to care.

anonymous asked:

hey! i was just thinking, that i've been listening to the songs harry requested on radio 1 and they've been stuck in my head for so long omg. and like, i'm not connecting the songs he requested to larry, but with each song a little scenario ab them plays in my head! was wondering if you could write little snippets based on a couple of the songs? sweetest devotion by adele and issues by julia michaels!

I got really carried away with this; I combined both of these songs and very subtly put a few of the lyrics into a mess of 3k. I hope this works for you xx

Louis watches the build up and break over a period of months. Years, even. Harry’s tired. They both are, but Harry’s exceptionally so. He’s been working nonstop on his album, his photography, himself, and now that he’s back in the limelight all day, everyday, it’s taking a serious toll. Louis doesn’t say anything or imply that Harry needs to slow down, but he wants to, just isn’t quite sure how. Harry’s been a little moodier, a little more on edge, and the whole time Louis is trying to figure out a way to approach the subject lightly, it seems that Harry has already given it just as much thought as Louis has, if not more.

“I think I wanna take some time off,” he says one night just before bed. He’s in the middle of changing his pants, tripping into them like he always does. “Like, hide, maybe?” The way he says it makes it sound like he’s asking for permission from Louis, just to make sure they’re currently at the same level.

Louis raises a brow from his position in bed and looks up, relieved, worried. “Yeah? Like go on an extended holiday?”

“Mmm, something like that.”

“Care to elaborate?”

Harry crawls into bed beside him, shirtless and shoulders pink from his sunburn. The weather was mild and about 10 degrees today - typical for January - but they spent the majority of the day outside, anyway, Harry lounging in the backyard, ignoring Louis’ request to venture out. Paps, he said simply, going back to shielding his eyes from the LA sun.

“I rented out a place in Maine,” he says, reaching for his reading glasses on the bedside table. He doesn’t really need them, but no matter how much Louis teases him about it, he continues to wear them, squinting without them. Dramatic. “I’m not even really sure where it is, but I know it’s right on a lake, it’s in the woods, it’s secluded, it’s…” He sighs. “Not here.”

Louis’ stomach tightens. “You trying to get away from me, Styles?”

“No, God no.” Harry shakes his head, curls finally grown back in and bouncing. “I’m trying to take a break from everything, but that doesn’t include you. You can come with me, if you want. But don’t feel obligated to. I know how much you love it here. And that you like writing here best.”

I love it here because you’re here. “I’m comin’ with,” he replies eventually.

“You want to?”

“Yes. You’re a bit strange for wanting to fuck off to the middle of nowhere but. I’m used to your weirdness by this point. No judgement here. I’ll come with.”

Harry smirks, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose like Louis always does. Copy cat. “Good.”

“So, when’re we leaving?”

“Thursday morning.”

“Christ, you’re an impulsive lad, aren’t you?”

“I suppose.”

“Makes life interesting.”

Harry nods, reaching for the remote for the telly, then setting it back down. “I’m very happy. I really am. I just need a change, yeah?”

“It’s okay to, like, want to step back,” Louis says softly. “You don’t have to be grateful and positive every second of the day. Wanting to escape is probably the most normal thing I can think of.”

He’s quiet for a moment, probably thinking. He purses his lips when he looks at Louis. “Thank you.”


“And you’re gonna escape with me? Until you’re tired of me?”

Louis smiles, turning off his bedside light. “Absolutely.”

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A Winter’s Night

a/n: this fic is a soulmate AU; inspired by @justfandomwritings return to tumblr and the soulmate AU she wrote a week ago (and our undying love for soulmate AUs). This is my first Hamilton Imagine (imagine in general) and I’d reeeaaaallly love some feedback. without further a do…
Soulmate AU where everyone (with some exceptions) is given a compass when they are born;every compass comes with it’s own pair and when the soulmates are close to/have found each other the needle on the compass spins out of control. Written in second person, starts in third person then shifts to second person. (I mark where the shift is)… No warnings. 

Y/n did not want to go to the ball. She wanted to stay in her room and read her books and write until the candle burnt out. It’s not that she didn’t like balls. They were actually quite pleasant, she would have just rather have been in the warmth and comfort of her home, instead of introducing herself to strangers and making polite but meaningless small talk with them and dancing all night with possible suitors, who would possibly step on her feet and brush it off as if she had no feelings. She did not want to have her stay suffocate her and and cause her to almost faint if she was to be spun one too many times. This, however, was her father’s way to climb up the social ladder, so she had to suck it up (and suck it in) and smile and accept dances from all of her possible suitors. Nevertheless, y/n picked up her skirts and followed her parents into their carriage. 

It was a chilly evening. The trees were bare and the snow crunched under the boots and heels of the men and women arriving at the Burr residence. Before getting out of their carriage, y/n’s mother gave her a once over. She fixed y/n’s hair and ran her hand down the side of her face. ‘Y/n sweetheart, I want you to be on your best behavior. This night is very important to your father. I don’t want you to embarrass him. Accept all of the dances, understand?’ Y/n nodded. Y/n’s mother harbor the idea that y/n would embarrass her family. Y/n was the only child and as much as her parents loved her, she felt as if her parents resented the fact that their only child was a woman and the family name would not be continued through her. She plastered a toothy smile on her face. It didn’t reach her eyes but it satisfied her mother. 

Once inside, y/n was taken away from her parents by Angelica Hamilton. Angelica was y/n’s best friend, y/n liked to believe Angelica thought the same. Angelica Hamilton was a strong headed girl but still maintained to be very appealing to the opposing gender due to her beautiful looks. It’s not as if she were jealous of her, quite the opposite. She admired Angelica’s beauty, she had beautiful straight brown hair, that framed her freckled face wonderfully, she was lean and always looked beautiful. She was the second child in her family, she had 6 siblings and one on the way. Y/n had met all her siblings but one. Philip. He had always alluded her. First and foremost because he was sent to boarding school in New Jersey and followed a rigorous schedule that his father set up for him to ensure that Philip would live up to his potential. Secondly, Philip had been injured during a duel with George Eacker. Angelica had been grief stricken. She loved her siblings dearly but Philip was her role model. She looked up to him and though he was often away she cared for him deeply. From the way she talked about him, you felt as if you knew him.

(Change in pov; from third person to second person)

You were lost in thought when Angelica shook your shoulder. ‘Y/n did you hear what I said?’ You blushed and shook your head. ‘No I’m sorry I was lost in thought.’ You said. 'What were you thinking about?’ She asked. You reached up to your neck to grab your compass. 'I was thinking about my soulmate.’ Angelica nodded. She knew how much you longed to meet your soulmate. Since you were a little girl you longed to meet them. At times your compass would spin, as if your soulmate was close to you. Mostly, it would point south east as if it were stuck.

Your parents never let you follow your compass. They didn’t believe that a compass would lead anyone to their soulmate. They would try and take your compass away from you but it would always come back to you. Who were they to say that, you would think. Who are they to tell me they don’t believe in this when they found each other through their compasses. You would often stay up at night, wondering who your soulmate was and if they were alright. When you were nervous you would trace the design on the lid of the compass.

Every compass had its own counterpart, the pair held the same design, the initials sometimes etched on the back of the compass but the initials were always on the compasses of those who had already met their soulmate. Your compass had a small rose on it. Coincidentally, roses were your favorite flower. You didn’t have your soulmate’s initials engraved on your compass, not yet. You never showed anyone your compass, not even Angelica. Angelica, however, had shown you hers and by mere chance she had met her soulmate, John, that same day. You thumbed the design on your compass.

In comparison to Angelica’s compass yours was tiny. Angelica’s compass was big and bulky, her soulmate’s initials already carved into the compass, yours was small enough to fit on a chain, small enough to be worn as a necklace. ‘Forgive me Angelica, what were you saying?’ You asked. ‘Oh! Philip will be attending! As well as John.’ She replied. She was practically beaming. ‘Your mother finally let Philip attend an event?’ You teased. ‘He begged. He said he felt as if today was the day.’ You smiled. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton was the most amazing woman you had ever had the pleasure to meet. After all she had been through, she still managed to do more than what anyone had expected her to do.

‘Y/n you’re wearing your compass! Are you finally going to let me see it?’ she teased. You reached to unclasp the necklace. Angelica looked at you skeptically. You laughed and looked at your compass. ‘It’s a little smaller than yours,’ Angelica scoffed, ‘but it holds my whole world.’ You looked up at her and handed her your compass. The whole ordeal seemed rather intimate. You were rather nervous, no one had ever seen your compass except for your mother. You watched Angelica’s face turn from excitement to confusion and then to an unreadable emotion. She went pale, paler than when you we’re 8 and you fell from the tree you were climbing. ‘Angelica are you alright? It seems as if you’ve seen a ghost.’ You asked, worry laced in your tone. ‘Y-yes I’m alright. Excuse me I have to go find my mother.’ She gave your compass back. You watch as she runs to her mother and you look back at your compass. You wondered why. What about your compass had scared her so much? You started to feel self conscious but it was quickly brushed off when a young boy asked you to dance. You forced a smile and accepted his offer.

You got lost in all the twirling and gliding and half heart felt dances. No one you danced with made you feel alive. They all stepped on your toes and looked the other way when you grimaced. They spun you too face, pulled you too rough, tried to make small talk but ended up making it all about their so called achievements which usually included their rank in society and were actually mostly their father’s achievements rather than their own. They bragged about how rich their family was and how they could better your standing in society. You lost count of how many boys had asked you to dance. None of them mattered anyway. When you had the opportunity, you would ask about their thoughts on soulmates. “Have you found your soulmate?” you would ask. “The idea of soulmates is very complex, don’t worry your pretty little head over it.” They would respond. One young man had told you that soulmates were stupid and you would have rather get the idea out of your head before you married him. Needless to say that he was not happy when you excused yourself to find your mother.

You walked through the crowds and small groups of people to find your mother. When you finally found her you saw she was speaking to Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, they seemed to be discussing a serious matter; both your father and Mr. Hamilton”s faces her twisted in confusion. Your mother seemed to be in shock and Mrs. Hamilton, well she looked over joyed. You smiled and walked towards them. Your mother was the first to see you. She pulled on a tight smile and motioned towards you. “Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton! What a pleasure to see you tonight.” You said. Mr. Hamilton took ahold of your hand and kissed the back of your hand. You tried to suppress the blush that rose to your cheeks, he always greeted you in such a manner that would leave you as red as your mother’s favorite dress. When you asked him why he greeted you and his daughters in such a way, he smiled and said “I want you to know how you should be treated by your future husbands.” Mrs. Hamilton greeted you by giving you a tight embrace. “I’m so happy to see you, Y/n.” she said with a smile so wide you believed she was genuine in her words. “Pardon me Mrs. Hamilton, but have you seen Angelica? She had gone to find you and I have not seen her since.’ You asked. ‘Oh! I assumed you already knew…’ she trailed off. ‘Angelica will be in the gardens. You know how much she loves the winter weather.’ She smiled. ‘Thank you Mrs. Hamilton.’ You excused yourself and walked to the gardens.

The gardens were always your favorite place of the Burr residence. In the spring, when the flowers bloomed, it was an array of colors far and wide. In the winter it was just as beautiful. You could almost paint a picture of it. It was the place where you first fell, where you shared your first kiss. You smiled, how foolish were you then. You had shared your first kid with a boy you don’t even remember. You sat down on one of the benches. You could look at the whole garden from this bench. You unclasped your compass and held it in your hand. Was it foolish to wait for someone who you didn’t even know? Was it foolish to give your love to someone who you’ve never met before? You shook your head, sometimes in the darkest times, these thoughts clawed their way in. Your deepest fears, your deepest insecurities were swept in. You opened your compass. It was spinning. They were close by. Your heart raced. What if they’re here… what if they don’t want to see you? You looked up and looked around. Where are you? You looked back down at your compass, it was pointing North.

You followed your compass past the dried bushes, the cold nipping at your nose and the snow crunching under your boots. You came to a stop by small pond. You sat on the small wooden bench there. You could see the lighted windows of the Burr residence from the bench. The laughter was faint and the music low. You looked back down at your compass. It was spinning and spinning and spinning, much like you had been earlier in the night. “I don’t suppose you’re looking for Angelica as well?” a voice questioned behind you. You gasped and turned, dropping your compass in the process. There stood a tall, handsome man.

His hair was wild, it was curled and twisted. He was beautiful and you were speechless. “Pardon me, I did not mean to frighten you.” He said. “It’s quite alright I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be out here, it is cold after all.” You replied. “Would it be alright if I sat down with you?” He asked. You nodded and he sat down next to you. He bent down to pick up your compass. “I’m sorry for scaring you…” he trailed off. “Oh, y/n. I can only assume you’re Phillip?” He nodded. He sat up and looked at your compass. He swallowed, “You know my mother said that when the needle of your compass keeps spinning it means you’ve found your soulmate..” He handed you your compass. You muttered a small thank you. You both sat in comfortable silence until you realized something and spoke up. “I haven’t met my soulmate yet.” You looked at him. His hazel eyes bore into yours. Your heart pounded. Could this be it… He swallowed and took a deep breath. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” You let out a laugh at the way he phrased his sentence but nodded nonetheless.

You closed your compass and handed it to him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his compass and handed it to you. You looked at it and gasped. It was your compass. Well, it was his compass but it was the exact same. The design, the shape, the color… everything. Your initials were under the rose. You looked at Philip. He had a small smile on his face. He turned to you. You handed him his compass and reached out for yours. When he handed it back you noticed the way his fingers lingered, and the initials under the rose. P.H.

“I remember watching you fall from the tree when you were 8. I remember Angelica and Elizabeth thinking you were going to die.” You smiled. “I remember asking my mother about soulmates for the first time. She had told me that my father was not her soulmate,” your eyebrows shot up, “she told me her soulmate was a soldier. She believed he was dead when my father and her married. She loved that man, she begged my father to ask for him to have an honorable death after she found out that he was a British spy. Sadly she did not get her wish.” You were speechless. “My mother’s soulmate never courted her and my father tried to console her to his best abilities, he didn’t understand the pain of losing a soulmate since he didn’t have a soulmate of his own because he was born a bastard. They aren’t soulmates but they had each other in their time of need and they love each other. I believe everyone has someone out there. I’ll never forgive my father for keeping a mistress but he makes my mother happy. I’ve had my doubts about this…about my soulmate and now… I don't…” he trailed off, you could feel his gaze on you.

“I gave you my heart before I even knew who you were,” you chuckled, “and yes, I’ve had my doubts, but now” you looked up at him, “now I know my heart will be in great hands.” You finished with a smiled at him. “My name is Philip, I am a poet and I’m a little nervous and I can’t help but show it, I’m full of pride and I can’t hide, having you in my life, it’s do or die.” You laughed, how could it be that this, that he, was going to be with you for the rest of your life. “Well Philip, I’m so happy to have finally met you.” Philip smiled. “Likewise Y/n. Would you like to go share the news with our parents?” You nodded. “Only if you dance with me for the rest of the night.” Philip stood up and pulled you up with him. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He laced his fingers with yours and you both made your way into the ballroom. Oh how lucky you were.

First Kiss With SF9

A/N: *cracks knuckles* Let’s do this


You might imagine Inseong being all proper about a first kiss and doing it at the end of a date or something like that, but I actually imagine him doing it at a very random time. You’d invite him to come have dinner at your place after going on a couple of dates when he finds out that he really likes you and wants to take it a step further. What he does then is that when he enters the door and you greet, he just grabs you carefully and places a long, yet gentle kiss on your lips. After he’ll act as it was something completely natural that has happened tons of times before.


I imagine this happening when the surroundings are really beautiful, for example while it’s snowing outside and you’re in nice warm coats and cute beanies walking hand in hand down the street. He would probably stop under a tree that had the branches covered in snow and comment on how pretty the scenery was. Then he’d be all cheesy and turn to you and say that you’re prettier, and ask if he could kiss you. When you say yes he’ll put his hand on your cheek and slowly pull you in.



I think Jaeyoon would be the type to joke around a lot with leaving hints that he wants to kiss you for a good while before doing it. This will then evolve to him openly talking about it, mostly over text or on the phone and then when you see each other in real life after one of those conversations, you’ll ask him about it and he’ll get so flustered. He’d probably mumble things like “of couse I still want to kiss you” but he wouldn’t actually get himself to do it unless you make the move first.



Okay, this (motherfucker) guy is clever and sneaky. I think he would pretty much go for it as fast as he knows you like him like he likes you. You’ll be sitting at the couch while watching a movie or something and he’ll just turn to you and analyse if the time is right before messing with you in the form of giving you a tickle attack. This would then make you fall over so that you’re lying down on the couch and he’ll be hovering over you while grinning like an idiot. “What are you looking at?” You’ll say and he’ll just respond with “You” before leaning down to kiss you.



A first kiss with Juho would be one of the most thoughtful and caring things in the world. He’s the type to kiss you to show his affection. It could be really late after you’ve been hanging out and he’s about to leave but before he does, he’ll hold the back of your head and give you a sweet kiss on your forehead. He’ll then kiss you by your eye, and at your cheek and then pull away and look at you for a signal to move close to your lips and so slowly and carefully close the gap between the two of you.



One word for this: gentleman. I think he would WANT to kiss you really fast but he would also restrain himself to wait for the exact best time to do it. Here is where we have the classic ‘end of date’ kiss. You had probably been out eating at a semi-fancy restaurant and he’d walk you to your doorstep to make sure you get home safe. You would stand there and talk a bit and he’d stroke your hair and you’d have your hands placed on his chest. After a while he’ll place his hands on your back and pull your bodies closer before leaning down and giving you a soft kiss.



Taeyang would be really hesitant and nervous about kissing you because he would be afraid of doing something wrong. He might invite you to see one of the dances he has come up with in the practice room, but you’d just end up sitting on the floor and talk to each other and he’d hint that he likes you a lot throughout it all until you finally catch it and move a bit closer to him. From here he would try really hard to read your signals to see if you want the same as him, but it would probably take him so long that you’d get impatient and end up leaning in to kiss him yourself.



This boy would be s freaking eager to kiss you, I honestly think he would just go for it without thinking. You could be out for food and he’ll ask if what you got is nice and you’ll offer him a taste but he would say there was no need for that. Then he would go right in for a quick peck and be all smug after like “You’re right, it is really nice.”



I think you might have to go in for the kiss with the maknae. He may be all cocky with his hyungs, but he’d be really shy with romantic stuff (at least in the beginning). This bean would get all smiley and fluffy about you just holding his hand, and I imagine he would get flustered if you initiated kissing him. You’d have to lean in quite slow so he (and his heart) gets the time to react and meet you and then he would get comfortable quite quickly.

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So I just read about how in some European folklore pumpkins could turn into vampires. I have no idea how to make this into a story, but this just screams Hugh Dancy to me.

I’ve never heard of that before! 

After a bit of poking around, I wrote a little young Hannibal at the orphanage and pumpkin-vampire Will fic~

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on the note of college campus fearless squirrels, @piyo-13 and i were discussing college aus ft. squirrels when i said “‘there are three squirrels in your lap eating bread crumbs from your hand and i’m going to call you snow white from now on’ au”

and then we decided to make it victuuri and i liked it so i’m writing it down to save it, haha

yuuri is snow white. he’s sitting under a tree in the field in the middle of campus to have his lunch, earbuds in and music loud enough to ignore the world, but hey, the squirrels running around are cute. he tears a piece of the crust from his sandwich and holds it out to the one that keeps staring at him. there’s an inquisitive nose-twitch. he stays still, smiles encouragingly, and keeps holding out his hand.

soon enough the squirrel is eating out of his palm. and then another one wants some, and then a third, and–well, it looks like he’s going to run out of sandwich, but on the plus side, he’s made some “friends”, and he can’t stop laughing to himself as they run across his lap

and viktor, sitting nearby, is charmed.

(partly because this beautiful boy is not only beautiful, but also he’s fearless enough to let the Squirrels From Hell get that close to him? holy shit? and his laugh is so beautiful and that smile is fit of a disney prince, and the Squirrels From Hell and oh shit he’s so screwed–)

now, viktor walks makkachin on campus a lot, and what he doesn’t know is that his beautiful snow white has already noticed him. in fact, snow white thinks he is intimidatingly handsome and hasn’t quite worked up the courage to tell him, but admires from afar and also secretly really longs to pet makkachin and tell her she is beautiful.

so one day viktor happens to go back to the field with makkachin and sits down, lets makkachin off her leash to roam around nearby, and settles in to read this one novel for his literature class.  half an hour later he notices makkachin is no longer romping around or rolling in the grass next to him and panics, jumping up to go look for her, only to find that snow white has charmed his dog just as surely as he charmed the squirrels. makkachin is lying with her head on snow white’s thigh, and he has forsaken the statistics homework on his laptop to coo over her and scratch behind her ears and tell her how lovely she is.

(”chris,” viktor asks later that day, when he gets back to his apartment. “is it bad that i was a little jealous of my own dog earlier?”)

(“only slightly,” chris answers, patting his shoulder. “there, there.”)

“oh no, i’m so sorry,” he starts to say. “makkachin, leave the nice boy to do his work–”

“NO!” snow white yelps, then immediately claps a hand over his mouth. makkachin sits up and looks at him, confused, but doesn’t leave yet. “i mean–sorry–i just–she’s not bothering me at all, it’s fine!! i’d love for her to stay i would literally throw myself in front of a bus for your dog i love her so much–oh my god i sound so weird i’m so sorry–i mean–wait what was her name again?”

oh no, viktor thinks, sitting down hard in the grass right then and there. oh no, he’s even more adorable up close. oh no, i’m s c r e w e d.

and this is how viktor finds out (after some fumbling attempts at halting conversation) that snow white’s real name is yuuri, that he’s a statistics and business major, and that he loves dogs. yuuri finds out a good deal more about viktor, including that he’s a little bit scared of the campus’s terrifyingly fearless squirrels, that his favorite thing at starbucks is a caffé mocha with an extra shot of espresso, that his little cousin yuri is such a cat person that it’s a crime against humanity, and that he loves to ice skate. 

(”phichit,” yuuri says, later that day, when he gets back to his apartment. “phichit, i met fluffy dog boy today and i barely talked to him because he’s too intimidatingly pretty and i froze up and just petted his dog the entire time and he probably hates me and thinks i’m so weird oh my god–”)

(”shhhhhhhh,” phichit says, smothering yuuri with a hamster-shaped pillow until he stops talking. “there, there. now, let’s take this from the top. you finally talked to fluffy doggo boy?”)

(”yes,” yuuri wails, and grabs the pillow to shriek into it.)

shit this post is getting long i’ll stop babbling (i still have so much to say, i didn’t even get to half of what we talked about hahah) but yeah the mutual pining is real and it’s all because of those goddamn squirrels

(later, after they’ve started dating, viktor still has yuuri saved in his phone as “snow white”. when yuuri, bewildered, asks why, the answer is a cheerful kiss to his nose and a “because you’re the fairest of them all, of course!” before viktor starts to wonder if he should change the name to be a tell-tale heart reference, because, after all, yuuri did steal his heart.)
Bloomtale - Chapter 13 - Kaitogirl - Undertale (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapter 13 is up!!! This one chapter looks… different, somehow.

For those who can’t access AO3 or just don’t want to do it, the chapter is pasted under this sexy cut!!!

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Couple nights ago i jolted out of bed due to deep cracking and groaning sounds… of tree limbs and even small trees falling under the weight of our recent snow… which is a terrifying thing to hear when you are surrounded by old trees. 

Tree limbs are so weighed down, some even touch the street <3 

Last couple nights we moved locations and slept in the communal loft out here ( due to our RV being in the way off falling tree limbs) , and even had the pleasure of electricity going out for a night so we bathed the loft in candle light, curled up to the fire and enjoyed the quiet rustling of falling snow. 
Simple winter days xoxoxo

So I wrote a thing...

I remember seeing @sparkleywonderful ask for someone to write a fic where Feyre and Rhys could fall in love slowly and safely and gently. So I wrote it. Or at least the first part. I’m sure someone else has already done it, and I promise this would have been better if I’d given myself more than half an hour but I got inspired and wanted to get something on the page. Lemme know what y’all think! I’m not going to insert a ‘Keep Reading’, because I know they don’t always work for mobile users. I’m sorry it’ll be so much to scroll past!


He had a location.

Rhys launched out of bed, sheets sweaty and plastered to his chest. Images filtered blurrily through his mind—barren trees, snow shining like tinsel on branches under the early morning sun. And hands…those beautiful, delicate hands reaching for a wall.

The Wall. Timidly, as if unsure why they had dared to come close to something pulsating with magic. As if she were drawn to his world, to him.

He could winnow there in a matter of seconds, could finally see the owner of those lovely, artist’s hands. See the woman who’s glimpses of a safe and happy life had motivated him to work even harder to soothe the tensions rising on either side of the divide between Prythian and the mortal lands.

He barely registered the thud of his feet against the floor as he swung his legs over the bed, didn’t even realize he’d forgotten to dress until he rushed downstairs, feet barely grazing the steps…

Only to find Mor sipping from her morning cup of coffee in his living room.

Shit.” His cousin swore, her free hand fluidly moving to cover her eyes, mug remaining steady in her hand. An entire Illyrian war band would have to strip in front of her before she’d sacrifice a single drop of coffee to something as trivial as surprise. “We’re not actually cousins, Rhysand, but that doesn’t mean I want to see your High Lord this early in the morning. Or ever.”

“My mate.” Rhys breathed, waving his hand carelessly as his usual black attire appeared on his torso. “She’s at the wall, she’s so close, all this time and she was right at the door to Prythian…”

Immediately the beautiful blonde was on her feet and in front of him, eyes narrowed critically. “Are you sure?”

“It’s her, I felt the magic.”

“You need to be careful.” Mor spoke slowly, carefully. “Are you sure you want to see her? She will likely hate us, hate you.”

He’d pondered that question for months, each time the answer weighed more heavily on his heart. Of course she’d despise him, she’d been raised to do so. And he wouldn’t force the mating bond upon her, not when she likely had a life in her village that made her happy.


He needed to see her. Needed to be selfish for the first time when it came to her. Needed to know the color of her eyes, the way her hair danced in the breeze, the curve of her lips when she laughed.

She was so close to Prythian that he could feel her. Feel awe at the Wall, uncertainty at being so close to it, and…

Terror. Absolute, blinding terror as everything connecting her to him went black, silent, gone.

Rhys didn’t hesitate. He saw the recognition in Mor’s eyes, saw her mouth open to protest, but there wasn’t time to explain. She was in trouble.

Just this once, he promised himself. Just this once, he’d see the woman the Cauldron had chosen for him.

Focusing every ounce of  his being onto the essence of her, the small, precious gifts that had haunted his dreams, Rhys winnowed into darkness and shadows and night.

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Can we get some fluff tythan? Like a date to a park with flowers and light kisses?


-let’s pretend that LA has actual seasons like here on the East Coast or Europe
-Tyler and Ethan go on walks to the park nearly every day, for either a casual stroll or a date
-They always hold hands, unless they’re out for a run (or if it’s summer)
-They bring Chica with them whenever they can
-The park has a giant pond with ducks that Ethan likes to feed
-The park management gets pissed about the fact that they’ll climb the trees all the time

-Tyler likes to take advantage of the nice days and will often drag Ethan out for a morning run
-Tyler carries tissues in case Ethan reacts badly to the pollen
-During the day, Ethan loves to take pictures of the flowers and the baby ducklings
-He always gets too close to the young birds and the parents will angrily chase him so he jumps on Tyler like “run fucking run”
-Tyler is actually surprisingly good at making flower crowns and bracelets and will pick buttercups and daisies to string them together
-Tyler will also bring him actual bouquets of flowers
-When the wind picks up, the cherry blossoms will fly everywhere like snow and they’ll sit under the trees while Chica happily runs around
-Them kissing under all the blooming trees
-After a movie date they’ll come to the park when it’s like dark and stuff because they can see the stars and it’s very quiet and peaceful
-Ethan secretly still plays Pokemon Go but you can hear the little ding whenever an egg cracks and he gets all flustered about it like “aaa sorry” but Tyler just kind of takes his phone out to show that he also has the app running
-Tyler pushes Ethan on the swing set and sometimes they’ll sit in one of those spinning things and see how fast they can make it go
-If the forecast says that there will be rain, Tyler will bring an umbrella for them to share
-When it just rains without warning they just kind of flit from tree to tree and they laugh a lot about it and when they get home they towel each other dry

-Ethan just wants to stay inside with the air conditioning because he’s still not used to hot summers
-Tyler makes them go out anyway, especially if he knows that Ethan will have a busy day recording ahead of him
-Tyler makes sure Ethan is absolutely covered in sunscreen so that blue boy doesn’t burn
-Ethan complaining about it a lot and refuses to let anything touch him because he is sticky and feels like the sun is out to kill him
-Tyler always packs a picnic with like sandwiches and cool drinks
-Ethan finds the absolute shadiest/coolest spot in the whole park and demands that they lay the blanket down there
-Tyler gets really calm when it’s hot so he’ll immediately take a nap shirtless and sometimes Ethan takes a nap with him but he usually stays awake to watch Chica
-Ethan has one of those handheld tourist fans (that don’t really do anything and are scams tbh) pointed at his face 24/7
-He lives for those small refreshing breezes
-Tyler’s actually lowkey really scared of bees and fireflies so he’ll quickly move away if one gets too close
-Meanwhile Ethan’s over here, letting them land on his skin and trying to convince Tyler that they won’t hurt him
-Tyler buys them ice cream and Ethan’s trying to eat his as fast as he cans because it melts so quickly
-Tyler’s like “this is why I got my ice cream in a cup” but Ethan argues that it’s not a proper scoop without a waffle cone
-The sun sets really late in the day so they stay out a lot longer than usual
-Sometimes the park has like? An outdoor movie thing? That they’ll go to at night and it’s really cute

-Eth and Ty enjoying the leaves, taking pictures of each other in it, making leaf piles
-Tyler makes leaf crowns for himself because he thinks they suit him better than flower crowns
-Chica likes the leaves too
-During fall harvest festivals they go to those market things and buy autumn things
-Ethan makes Tyler buy him the biggest pumpkin and they eat squash soup or whatever
-Tyler buys those apples that taste the best in autumn and he makes his own apple cider out of them
-Ethan and Tyler on a hay ride and Ethan just tosses the shit everywhere
-Ethan gets too excited about Halloween tbh he starts singing the songs in September
-Pumpkin carving feat tythan in which Ethan aims for a scary face design and Tyler aims for like. A graveyard landscape
-Tythan going out to stores to pick out decorations and costumes for each other
-They get a couple costume because they’re cute like that (what ship though that’s the question I’m a big fan of Harley!Ethan but?? oh I knOW THEY TOTALLY COSPLAY AS SPIDEYPOOL because!!! Idk with the size difference I think it fits pretty good and ye acrobatic Ethan and heart of gold Tyler)
-Ethan being on a sugar high after eating all of the carefully sorted Halloween candy and Tyler’s just like pls it’s five go to bed
-Tythan getting ready for thanksgiving, just cooking together and stuff
-They try to make everything from scratch because it’s more fun tbh
-Tyler has a “kiss the cook” apron and he’s always pulling Ethan away when blue boy tries to taste the gravy or apple pies or whatever
-Ethan runs off with the cranberry sauce
-Thankful boys
-Walks in the park in the crisp autumn air in which the strong wind blows leaves everywhere
-Um idk if this happens in America but in Germany the young ones come out en masse and collect a bunch of chestnuts so I just want Ethan dragging Tyler out and forcing him to hold like a wicker basket while Ethan just excitedly darts around and comes back with armfuls of chestnuts
-“I’m not helping you prepare these” sure Tyler

-Ethan and Tyler cuddled up in blankets with mugs of hot chocolate (this is canon though bless)
-Chica enjoying the snow!! Ethan enjoying the snow (they both like catching snowflakes on their tongue)!! Tyler not enjoying the snow because he is cold but as long as Ethan’s there he’s happy
-Ethan is always pelting Tyler with snowballs and making snow angels and entire armies of snowmen
-Ethan makes a big snowman and just puts a beanie on it “it’s you Tyler”
-Them going ice skating over the frozen lake and Tyler being a very cautious boy while Ethan’s doing all of these tricks and going really fast because ice skating is big in Maine and he’s acrobatic I recommend him for figure skating
-Ethan holds Tyler’s hand like “it’s okay” but then he just drags him along because it’s easy on ice and Tyler’s like !!!!! Too fast
-Ethan’s nose and cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink in the cold
-Ethan steals Tyler’s beanies during the winter to keep his ears warm and buys both of them scarves with pictures of cacti or doggos on them
-Does America have Christmas markets? Idk but it’s basically like a bunch of outdoor stalls where you can buy a lot of things like semi precious stones and intricate wooden boxes and glass bird figurines and honey candles and there’s always Christmas music playing and a constant smell of Glühwein and frying Kartoffelpuffer it’s great
-But anyway tythan going to one of these and they hold hands while they browse the stalls
-They find a lot of cool things so basically Christmas shopping for the gang
-Mark’s house is honestly filled to the brim with mistletoe because they’re all little shits. The mistletoe is legit everywhere you can’t walk two steps without encountering another bushel of it (there’s some in the fridge too why)
-Tythan decorating the tree!!! And explaining the story behind specific ornaments because many ornaments will usually have some story tied to it
-Ethan excitedly running down to the stairs with Chica on Christmas morning and Tyler’s really tired like pls why
-New Years kisses!
-Ethan sledding down a hill and falling on his ass and when Tyler laughs at him Eth tries to tackle him so just laughing boys rolling around in the snow
-Tyler just wants winter to end tbh because while he’s a fan of the winter Starbucks flavors he doesn’t like the cold

😊Little Things (Both x Reader)

Summary: Can you do a grayson/Ethan imagine based on the song Little Things by 1D n reader is their best friend thx sm xx

Warnings: None

A/N: Sorry it took awhile to post! Working on part 7 today!

Originally posted by thedolangifs

Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me
But bear this mind it was meant to be
And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks
And it all makes sense to me

“I freaking hate my freckles. They’re literally all over my face. Do you know how much I spend on concealer and foundation to cover them up?” I asked Grayson and Ethan as I was putting my makeup on trying to cover all my imperfections on my face.

“Y/N I don’t know why you hate your freckles so much. I honestly think they’re super cute.” Grayson smiles as he stands behind my vanity. I chuckled at him as he puckered his lips to me.
“Thanks Gray. Will you pick out a shirt for me to wear? E you can pick out whatever jeans you like.” I offered and they both nodded. They darted straight to my closet and started rummaging through everything. I laughed at them as I went back to my makeup. I noticed my eyes were wrinkling in the corners which made me feel kind of old. I felt gross to be honest. Grayson turned towards me and noticed I was frowning. I then felt his arms wrap around me in a hug from behind.
“You’re beautiful okay?” He pressed his lips to my cheek as his hand grabbed mine and he kissed the top of my hand. “Your hands are so soft Y/N.” He exclaims trying to cheer me up. His hands were so big compared to mine. “You hand fits so perfectly in mine.” He smiles which causes me to giggle.
“Hey Y/N how do these jeans look?” Ethan held up a pair of light washed high waisted blue jeans. I nodded standing from my vanity and walking over to my closet and I grabbed the outfit the boys had picked out. I walked into my bathroom to change.

I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile
You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs
The dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine
But I’ll love them endlessly

I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I could really see my thighs bulging in my jeans. My stomach felt suffocated under the shirt and jeans. I just felt so sick looking at myself. I did a turnaround to examine myself better in the mirror. I couldn’t understand how the boys were friends with someone like me. My hair wasn’t long and blond. My hair was short and quite dark. I had my nose and lip pierced and I was really short. My instagrammed was constantly spammed by fans saying things like ‘I don’t see how the boys are friends with someone like her. She’s not pretty enough for them #sorrynotsorry. And she’s like 20? Umm pervert much?’ While there were definitely more encouraging words than negative ones, somehow the negative ones controlled my emotions. I heard a knock on the bathroom door.
“Y/N? Can I come in?” I recognized the voice as Ethan’s. I could feel tears starting to well up in my eyes. I heard the handle jiggle as Ethan entered the bathroom. “Y/N come here.” He pulled me into a hug and he just held me. “Look I know you’re feeling bad about how you look, but you shouldn’t. Grayson and I have seen the comments okay? We don’t want you to let fans decide who you are. We love every little thing about you. I love your dimples and crinkles on your face all the way to your dimples and scars to your feet.” I smiled and started to blush. “Also Gray and I love your thighs. Like honestly goals.” Ethan says hugging me tightly.

You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea
Maybe that’s the reason that you talk in your sleep
And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep
Though it makes no sense to me
I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape
You never want to know how much you weigh
You still have to squeeze into your jeans
But you’re perfect to me

“Hey guys! It’s Grayson and Ethan and we’re the Dolan Twins!” The boys cheered as we stood in my bedroom editing the video. We did the best friend tag and it was a lot of fun. I remembered why I adored these boys so much. They were honestly so sweet and amazing.
“Okay when did Grayson get his first kiss?” Ethan asked in the video which made me start to laugh. Oh my God. My laugh.
“Ummm he was like in 6th grade?” I answered as my voice sounded high pitched and crackly. I hated my voice on tape.
“Delete that. Cut me out.” I ordered and the boys looked at me confused.
“What? Y/N no.” Ethan says sternly.
“Yeah Y/N why do you not want to be in it? This video was funny and you look great.” Grayson says pointing at my outfit on the screen. I didn’t say anything and we continued the video.
“Okay who talks in their sleep?” Ethan asks as Grayson and I both wrote my name down on our whiteboards. I covered my face embarrassed as Ethan started telling the story of how one sleepover I was talking about how attractive this guy was in our class in my sleep.
“Guys please. I’m not good enough for your channel and your fans will definitely hate me.” I complained as I tried to click out of the video, but the boys pushed me back.

I’ve just let these little things slip out of my mouth
Because it’s you, oh it’s you, it’s you they add up to
And I’m in love with you (all these little things)
I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth
But if it’s true, it’s you, it’s you they add up to

“Y/N what the hell has gotten into you?” Ethan snaps at me. “I’ve never seen you act like this before.” He stammers as he sits next to me on the bed. Grayson sat next to me on my other side with his hand on my thigh.
“I just hate how I look. I’m too old for you two. I look so fat in the video and in pictures. My voice sounds like a dying cat, and I sound crazy when I talk in my sleep. How the hell are you guys friends with me? I’m me.” I huffed. The boys looked at each other. Grayson turned my face towards his as he held my hand.
“I love the crinkles by your eyes. I think they show you’ve lived a happy life with always smiling. I think your freckles are so cute. They are who you are. I think your voice sounds so sexy, especially in your sleep. All the conversations we have had, the comments you’ve made about me, they are my favorite conversations. Probably some of my favorite memories.” He kisses my hands and then my nose which makes me giggle. Before I could say anything I feel myself being turned towards Ethan.
“And I just adore your thighs. I love all your dimples and your scars. Each scar is a story. Like this one above your eye. I remember you, Gray, and I were playing outside in the snow and I pushed you and you fell on a tree stump that was hidden under the snow. Sorry again.” Ethan laughs which makes me laugh. “In the end Y/N it’s you. You’re our best friend and we absolutely love you. All these little things make you you.” He says as he pulls me into a hug. “Gray get in on this.” With that, Grayson hugs the other side as we fall back on the bed laughing. I did feel better. I didn’t care about how I looked or about my age. You’re always going to have hates, but a hater is just a fan who is scared to admit it. The boys posted the video the following Tuesday and constantly told me how much I meant to them and all the little things they adored about me. In the end of their video they even asked for #Y/Nlittlethings to trend. Where fans would tweet little things they loved about me. Which made my heart swell with all the positive things they trended

I’m in love with you, and all your little things

Raised By A Gang

Title: Raised By A Gang-10

Pairing:Reader/Exo Mafia!au

Summary: After you parents passed you were raised by family friends,they just happened to be a gang.

Disclaimer/ Warning:Mentions of depression

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“Ready for school Y/N?!” I heard Sehun yell from downstairs, I ran down the stairs with my backpack slung over my shoulders, skidding in front of the door so I was standing next to him. “Ready!” I said looking up at him, he chuckled and put his large hand atop of my head ruffling my hair “You never change” he laughed. I half expected him to say happy birthday as it was my 17th birthday, but he didn’t. I smiled anyways and passed through the open door strolling forward to his car.

I climbed into the front, putting my bag between my feet. Looking over to see Sehun climb into the driver’s seat, he pulled the mirror own to check himself in the mirror, brushing his hair back. He turned back towards me after flipping the mirror back up “ready?” he asked starting the car, I nodded turning to look out the window. He began to drive the 30 min way to my highschool so I could go to my classes. I watched as the trees passed the car, the leaves buried under the melting snow, the spring sun bringing the warmth to melt away the memories of winter.

I sat in the silence of the car with radio playing softly in the background. No words were exchanged between Sehun and I the silence comfortable. I began to wonder to myself if they were possibly hiding something for my birthday later, or if they had possibly forgotten, I hopped for the former.

We pulled up to my school, Sehun unlocking the door as soon as it was parked. I pulled open the door and got out, turning and grabbing my bag and going to say goodbye “see you later, Sehun” he smiled lightly “see you later, have a good day” I waited an extra second to see if he would say anything, but he never did. I stood back up straight and shut the door watching him drive off.

I turned around and walked back into the school, walking straight to my locker to see my group of friends gathered there. “Hey guys!” I say approaching them “hey” they all called back, then turned to whatever they were doing. I slowly became part of the circle they made, hearing them talk about their nights and what they planned on doing in the next few days. I stood silently just listening to their conversations and waiting for class to start. Nobody said anything to me until the bell rang “alright see you guys later” we said to each other and left.

Through the entire day not many people said anything to me, a few remembered my birthday and wished me a happy birthday most of my closest friends forgot and never said anything. By the end of the day I was ready to just go back to HQ and forget everything. I collected my things from my locker and went on my way out to the parking lot to wait for Sehun to pick me up.

I waited for a few minutes before I saw his car pull up in front of the school, parking it in one of the empty spots. I walked up to his waiting car and pulled open the passenger side door and throwing my bag on the floor. I hopped in and pulled my seatbelt over myself, looking up and out the window. “Hey, Y/N how was your day?” Sehun asked in a monotone voice looking at the window, pulling away from the school. I glanced over at him with slight smile, ignoring my emotional drop “it was good” I answered not looking to elaborate.

The rest of the way we drove in silence, I only hoped that the guys hadn’t really forgotten my birthday and that it was all some trick they had played on me this morning.

Sehun pulled up to the back of HQ and exited the car before me to unlock the door. I got out myself and walked to the door following Sehun through it and allowing him to lock it behind us. I waited for a surprise or at least for the guys to come greet me but none of that happened. Sehun passed me and went to lay down on the couch in the living room “you got homework?” he yelled out over the couch, not bothering to look at me. I glanced at the floor and looked over to my room, trying to keep the tears at bay “uh… no. no I don’t” I answered successfully keeping the sound of my throat closing up out of my voice. I walked down away from the guys and towards my room. Closing the door behind me and locking it, I layed down on my bed face down in my pillows.

The rest of the night I laid in my room. Dinner was served and I ate with the guys, but afterwards I went back to my room to be alone. Nobody bothered me all night.

A few weeks passed and nothing changed, no one ever said anything so I could only assume that they had forgotten along with my friends. It wouldn’t have been so bad if my friends hadn’t have been my friends on facebook or if my birthday wasn’t on the calendar but it was. Which means they either didn’t care or they forgot. Both were hurtful to think about.

Maybe I am just forgettable, maybe nobody really cared that much about me. I think back to all the times my friends have forgotten me, or have stopped asking me to go to things with them because they didn’t seem to care what I was doing or is I even wanted to be invited. I was never the first choice in my friend group, I’ve never been the best friend I’ve only been a casual friend. The one you call when you go out as a group but never call to hang out alone with. Because I’ve never been as important as the rest of them.

Thinking about it the guys have done the same thing to me, maybe I was just forgettable. Sometimes it seems like I’m standing in the middle of the room screaming at the top of my lungs and nobody can even hear me. Like I was just apart of the wallpaper, constantly being passed never to be noticed.

I lay down in my bed, wrapping myself in my comforter and shoving my face down into one of the many pillows. I began to sob, making sure my face was cover and that nobody hear me through the thick material.

*downstairs in the living room*

*sehun pov.*

I sat on the sofa looking at the tv but not really watching, I thought over how odd Y/N have been acting recently. Over the past few weeks she hasn’t spoken much to any of us, she wouldn’t even sit with us anymore. Opting to take her dinner to her room and eat by herself. I thought that maybe school had been weighing down on her and that she eventually will talk to us when she got a break, but it’s been a few days into spring break and she continues to act the same way.

Sighing I lift myself from the couch and walk towards the kitchen. Opening the fridge I get out an apple to eat. I close the door looking forward, I see the calendar. A date is circled in red pen, I look closer to observe the writing inside the circles and freeze.

The sloppy handwriting reads ‘Y/N BIRTHDAY’ I look back at the date and realize that it was a few weeks ago. We had all forgotten her birthday, of course she was distant from us, we had all forgotten her on the one day of the year that should truly matter to us.

I quickly whip out my phone, typing in a message to all the members, excluding Y/N from the chat.

Sehun; everybody to the office now. Meeting

I type in, walking briskly to the office upstairs passing Y/N’s room and thinking about how terrible she must feel. I get into the office and begin to pace, waiting for all the members to come in. Kris is first with a grumpy look on his face, followed by everybody else who looked very confused.

“What is this about Sehun?” Kris asked in a grouchy tone everybody nodding in confirmation. I stop my pacing and look at them “do you guys know what date it is today?” I ask. They look at me confused “that’s what you wanted to call a meeting about?” Baekhyun asked “just answer the question” I say. Xiumin still confused answers the date “and do you know what happened a few weeks ago?” I ask after. “Fairly sure we all know how the months work Sehun” Chen answers smartly. “No what I mean is that it was Y/N’s birthday a few weeks ago” a look of horror grows on their faces. “What?” Chanyeol whispers in disbelief “yeah, we all forgot, it’s no wonder she’s been avoiding us” I say looking down at the floor boards. “We need to go apologize” Suho says sternly, turning around he walks out the door on his way to her room, us all in pursuit after him.

*back in Y/N’s room*

*Y/N pov.*

I startled awake at an abrupt knocking at my door. I must have fallen asleep after all my crying. I wipe my eyes of the tears that still seemed to be on my cheeks. I’m about to stand when another knock stops me “Y/N can we come in?” I hear Sehun’s voice who sounds hesitant. I clear my throat trying to clear the crying from my voice “come in” I call even though my voice is still bad. The members all come rushing in, when I spot them I put my head back down into my pillows.

“Y/N?” Sehun asks approaching me, moving slowly looking cautious. I only hum instead of looking back to them “Y/N listen I looked at the calendar today” he pauses “I’m so sorry Y/N, we all are.” As soon as those words leave his mouth I can’t stop the sobs from coming “am I that forgettable?’ I ask raising my head from my pillow to look at all them through my hair.

Sehun rushes forward to hold me close to him “no you are not Y/N, I promise you. We are just idiots and I’m sorry if your friends forgot too. You don’t deserve this. I’m so sorry” he says pulling my head down so it’s resting on his chest. “We all are sorry” Kris echos.