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Things That Make the Hogwarts Houses' Days

handwritten notes from friends, sunny skies with white fluffy clouds, surprises (receiving them and surprising others), stopping the car to let ducklings cross the road, warm hugs, finding lucky pennies, rainbow polka dot umbrellas, cuddling puppies

open top cars, sunlight streaming through the trees, rooftop gardens, feeling the wind in their hair, getting caught in the rain, balloon animals, their favorite song on the radio, hiking in the woods, unexpected chocolate, confetti at parties

rainy afternoons, candlelit rooms, fog, new felt tip pens, opening a new hardcover book, the first cup of coffee, clear night skies, dew on daffodils in the spring, bubble baths, movie soundtracks, driving on bridges, hanging out with cats

genuine compliments, perfect winged eyeliner on the first try, velvet furniture, rooms with balconies, a dusting of snow on pine trees, silver jewelry, blizzards, black coffee in the morning, walking down long hallways in high heels, hardwood floors