trees in ink

Feeling favored to find my fingertips
blessed and brushing against the bark,
rough and lovely beneath my palm,
the texture treasured by my skin.
Lovely with lichen, mottled with moss,
long-lived though barely loved,
the tree breathes beside my own lungs
and lasts beyond my lingering touch.

The thing is you don’t need them in your life.
Whoever it is you’re thinking about, I promise you don’t.
And you shouldn’t, you gotta be able to stand on your own two feet.

But I’d be a f*cking liar if I said I didn’t want you in mine.

—  giant-baby-tree 

The Nøkk - Shapeshifting male water spirits who, according to Scandinavian mythology, lured men and women to drown in their lakes or streams with their sweet songs. 

One early morning, fisherman Will sees a man emerging from the lake water.