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So windy Thursday night and the floating dock was bouncing about. I did not last very long standing on the lower platform in view of how rough the water was – I really need to get me some sea legs at the sea legs shop.  Do they make them for rivers too?

Orange (2)

Summary: Tom tells stories of your relationship using colors.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 610

A/N: wish me luck I’m going to a bush party in an hour, before that I wanted to post the second part of my color series. First part below


Tom pulled his coat further across his body trying to fight off the bitter cold. He couldn’t understand why you insisted on taking a walk in such weather. Then again he found you hard to understand most of the time, but it was something he admired about you.

A cold breeze shook the trees and made your hair dance in the wind. Tom slowed his pace too cold to catch up. He wouldn’t admit that it was actually to check you out from behind. Your outfit you carefully picked out, the scarf wrapped around your neck, the camera clutched in your hands eager to try out the new technics Harry taught you.

“Thomas look up!”

Tom obeyed and tilted his head up. The leaves above were a mixture of red, orange and yellow some of your favorite colors. You claimed they gave you fall vibes and you were in love with the season.

The sound of the camera broke Tom from his stare. “Whatcha doing love?” He asked you grinning into your camera.

“Taking pictures of my muse.” Your giggles warmed Tom’s chest and his grin widened. You continued snapping pictures of your boyfriend making him blush.

“Look at the colors Tom.” There was this fascination in your voice  hinting at the child that lived inside you. A playful and joyous smile formed on your lips as you spun around in the leaves. “They’re all so pretty!”

At first Tom wanted to reply with a, ‘you’re so pretty,’ but then he realized that was an understatement. You were so much more than pretty, you were something more powerful in his eyes.

And while pretty covered the appearance it did nothing to praise your personality and pure heart. Because Tom loved the way you got excited over leaves. Or how you dragged him out on this walk because your favorite thing ever was the sound of leaves crunching beneath your shoes.

“It’s just such a satisfying sound Tom,” you claimed after Tom questioned you for the millionth time.

But it was your giddiness that got him off the couch and out into the crisp weather. Out into a very orange scenery.

“Stop spinning Y/N you’re going to get dizzy!”

It was that moment then that Tom’s world stopped for a second. 

Your body spotted turning and faced you but your hair continued its course following Newton’s laws of movement and hitting you in the face. Your smile was the brightest smile Tom had ever seen and he saw you smile a lot.

There were leaves in your hair fallen from the trees above. Your skin glowed under the sun illuminating your hair that had re-found its place behind your shoulders.

Though it was cold outside Tom’s entire body warmed in an instant no longer chilly from the wind. His insides felt tingly and giddy. He became very nervous for reasons unknown, he was always nervous around you but this was different. Suddenly everything was different.

The sun shone brighter, the colored leaves were more pigmented, you as a whole just seemed different.

Tom couldn’t figure out why everything seemed different or why he just wanted to take you home and keep you there forever.

“Don’t you just love the fall Tom?”

‘I love you,’ Tom thought and it caught him off guard. He blinked a few times trying to understand his thoughts. He had never thought that before. What scared him even more was the fact it was beyond true. Tom was madly in love with you and he just now realized it.

He realized it during a simple walk one day, cheeks pink from the wind, surrounded by orange.