There once was a girl who would visit a tree as each day would pass. She asked the tree, “what do I need to do in order to find pure happiness in my life?” Silence was all she heard, sadness overcame her each time she asked and didn’t get a response. 
Until, one stormy evening she asked the tree once more, “Mother tree, what do I need to do in order to find pure happiness in my life?” 
The tree was awakened. Suddenly, the ground began to shake and tremble beneath her. She watched as the roots began to dance, this tree rose from the soil it once had held onto. She was startled, but wasn’t frightened for she knew her prayers will soon be answered.

The tree opened its one eye and spoke, “In order for thee to find true happiness my dear, you must follow this task,” she agreed. “Now, my child if its happiness you want this task will be fairly easy for you. You must take this blade and shove it in your maidens heart as you stare her in the eyes to die.” She gasped! For she was appalled and in disbelief that this tree, she had held so dear, was telling her to murder the women she planned to spend eternity with. She yelled at the tree, and began to run all the way home as rain poured and lightening struck. 
Once she reached home she held her maiden to her heart, for she promised her she would never leave her side. She loved her.

Or so she thought…

The seasons changed and she went on with her life with out making a change. As her days began closing in on her, depression took its toll. Darkness became her very core.. At last she broke.
She frantically searched for the blade, in desperation to see if this talking tree was right. 
That night, she wept for she knew what she would soon have to do. She held the blade high above her and stabbed her lover straight in the heart. She stared into her eyes, as blood became socks. 
Relief began to consume her, as she felt herself becoming the woman she was meant to be. Happiness grew inside her, like blooming sunflowers do during hot summer days. Later, that night she returned the bloody knife to the old tree. There she laid weeping and thanking the tree. She gently kissed its trunk, and whispered “thank you, my mother tree.” 
She began to walk away, as she felt a sudden change within her soul. She became infinite, wise, and young. At that moment, she knew she would finally live her life in pure happiness, the way she had always imagined she would.