l(o) abete – fir tree
l(o) addobbo – decoration
l(o) albero di Natale – Christmas tree
gli auguri (di Natale) – (Christmas) wishes
Babbo Natale – Santa Claus
la Befana – usually portrayed as a hag riding a flying broomstick, on Epiphany Eve she is said to visit Italian homes to fill with candy the stockings of the children who made her “nice” list (and leave coal to the naughty ones)
il biscotto – cookie
la calza – stocking
il camino – chimney/fireplace
la candela – candle
la caramella – candy
la castagna – chestnut
l(o) elfo – elf
l(a) Epifania – Epiphany
il festone – festoon
il giocattolo – toy
l(o) inverno – winter
le luminarie – (Christmas) lights
il Natale – Christmas
la neve – snow
la pallina (di Natale) – Christmas bauble
il pandoro – sweet yeast bread, typically eaten at Christmas
il panettone – sweet bread containing candied fruit and raisins
il presepe – nativity scene
il pupazzo di neve – snowman
il regalo – present
i re Magi – Three Kings
la renna – reindeer
la slitta – sleigh
la stella cometa – Christmas star (literally, “comet [star]”)
la tombola – common family game, similar to bingo
la vigilia di Natale – Christmas Eve
il vischio – mistletoe

Vocabulaire floral

La pivoine- de pioenroos - the peony
En fleur - bloeiend - in bloom
La fleur de lotus - de lotusbloem - the lotusflower
La fleur de cérise - de kersenbloesem - the cherryblossom
la Menthe sauvage- de wilde mint - wild mint
la Fleur d'oranger - de oranjebloesem - orange treeblossom
Lisse - glad - smooth
Soyeux - zijdezacht - silky
l’Abricot (m) - de abrikoos - apricot
la Fleur de coton - de katoenbloesem - cottonflower
l’Amande (f) - de amandel - almond
la Camomille - de kamille - camomile
le Tilleul - de lindebloesem - linden tree
le Cerisier - de kerselaar - cherry tree
l’Ortie (f) - de brandnetel -  nettle
Végétal - plantaardig - vegetable (adjective)
la Violette - het viooltje - violet
le Coquelicot - de klaproos - poppy
l’Orchidée (f) - de orchidee - orchid

anonymous asked:

hi! what do you think treelings look like :)

well it’s kind of hard to say, i mean the author makes them sound 100% like ring-tailed lemurs (and that’s how they’re depicted on the book cover), but those are only native to Madagascar and the Named series takes place in California 

Since lemurs don’t exist in North America, the closest we can get is through the group Adapiformes, which died out during the Miocene (unfortunately there’s not a ton of info on them, but they’re not true lemurs). My closest guess to actual species would be something similar to Notharctus 

Français- plant words

Noms des Arbres

Un aulne- elder tree

Le bouleau- birch

Le chêne- oak

Un érable- maple

Le frêne- ash tree

Le gommier- gum tree

Un hêtre- beech

Un if- yew

Un orme- elm

Le pin- pine

Le platane- plane tree

Le sapin- fir tree

Le saule- willow

Noms des fleurs :

Le camélia- camellia

Le datura- datura

La jonquille- daffodil, jonquil

La marguerite- daisy

Le narcisse des prés- daffodil

Le nénuphar- water-lily (my fave <3)

La pivoine- peony

La rose- rose, duh

Noms des autres plantes :

Un églantier- wild rose