Sustainable Fashion

Fashion has often been role cast as a wasteful industry according to, however we have seen how up and coming fashion designers are increasingly using disgarded material in sustainable ways to create beautiful work.

Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse a British fashion design grad student is an example of this, she took her cue from the discarded, laser-cut plywood chips she saw strewn on the floor of her school’s workshop. In collecting them, she used hand sewing to re-make these waste pieces into a fabulous collection that also mimics the natural patterns of snake’s skin.

I could definitely see Lady Gaga and other eccentric celebrities Sporting this trend.


Rather then continuing to destroy the limited pristine wilderness we have left, building up already urbanised areas is the way to go from where I’m standing. And if we’re all going to live in teeny-tiny little apartments, we will need space saving ideas to make the most of the space that we do have. This video features but one example of a myriad of such spaces that are now out there. Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but if you do live in shoe-box it may be worth taking a few leaves from this book. 


Usually when you see “vibrating” on the Internet, you double-check to make sure it’s not a virus or that your virus software is updated. 

I think small devices like this are really cool because A.) it’s a cool design for a problem no one thought about solving, B.) great stocking stuffer and C.) it uses vibrations. Anything that uses vibrations in empty objects has to be amazing… I wonder if you could use it on the cast of Jersey Shore.

Maybe not. You might get too much bass and hair-gel.