“So I was working on a house a few years back and when I stepped into the backyard I saw the owners ‘little project.’ This treehouse connects to the main house, is two stories, and has full electricity. Yes, I asked if he would adopt me.”

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Captain Underpants | I read the books when I was little and honestly, never would have thought I’d someday help make the feature! Both the team at DreamWorks and Mikros were some of the most wonderful people I’ve had the fortune of working with and I feel their upbeat energy and passion for the project are evident in the final film! The movie comes out today!! Please go check it out :) and here are a few paintings I did back when we were figuring out the design of the world.

  • Harry: Hey Luna! Nice of you to come!
  • Ron: We're all hanging out in the tree house down by the lake, come along!
  • Luna: Can't.
  • Harry: Why not?
  • Luna: Can't go in treehouses.
  • Ron: [repeating] Why not?
  • Luna: Because building a tree house is the biggest insult to a tree.
  • Harry: How so?
  • Luna: It's like: “Hey, I killed your friend. Here, hold him for me!”