it’s interesting how time plays into the tracks on the sunset tree

  • forcing myself to take a hard autobiographical reading wrt JD’s public comments on that time in his life, which sometimes skeeves me out as i have an ever-strengthening resolve to Not Pry or Speculate Too Much, “you or your memory” seems a clear depiction of post-abuse drug addiction, no looming threat of the abuser but the imminent threat of self-destruction. such a vivid scene cuz it’s after the narrator locks up in his hotel room bu then those last lines in present tense, an in the moment prayer: “lord if i make it through tonight/then i will mend my ways” &c
  • “broom people”/”this year” are as-if-in-the-moment recollections of childhood, both present tense
  • “dilaudid” seems it could be either drug period or childhood – sidenote, is the woman in “dilaudid” confirmed the same woman from “attention all pickpockets”?
  • “dance music” again a present-tense recounting of a past event
  • “dinu lipatti’s bones” is past-tense but a beat-by-beat narration of an event
  • “up the wolves” back to present tense, but the first verse of “up the wolves” is the first thing that feels to me genuinely abstract on this album – “there’s bound to be a ghost at the back of your closet/no matter where you live” – just describing a fact/notion, not an event
  • “lion’s tooth” brutal and present tense, a fever-dream revenge fantasy
  • “hast thou” brutal and present tense
  • “magpie” is our fourth animal-related song title in a row, an impersonal second-person song full of imperatives and what will come next – future tense as in tetrapod “there will be hell to pay”; its relative vagueness is one reason i read it as an adult looking back & e.g. experiencing flashbacks/disassociation
  • “song for dennis brown” a juxtaposition of past tense (”on the day that dennis brown’s lung collapsed”) vs. future tense (”on the day my lung collapses/it’s not going to be much different”) – hard for me to firmly place this in a timeline, but it’s clearly drugs related? dread premonitions here, like “magpie” maybe (”on the day my lung collapses/we’ll see just how much it takes”), using someone else’s past to augur your own future
  • “love love love” there’s that great quote from JD about how love is not necessarily a force for good – amalgamation of past tense descriptions of events that always pan back to the vague present/future – “love, love is gonna lead you by the hand” etc.
  • “pale green things”, the final bookend of the album, entirely past tense works so well to me because it’s *over*, it echoes but it’s over 

i have no point with any of this besides the fact it’s a great fuckin’ album 

A lot of people ask about the Treeforce and where it is, so here are directions c:

Up in the top left corner is Flinders Street Station and down the bottom right is The Treeforce.

We hold plenty of meets here and when the weather cools down we often go to the Herb Garden in Melbourne Central. If you go up the escalators near the big clock and then walk away from the food court you’ll find the Herb Garden in the bridge where Myers and MC used to connect!