Things I Noticed at the Cemetery Today
  • A sort of fluttery feeling in my stomach
  • Instant pressure around my temples and forehead
  • Sense of calm
  • A black butterfly
  • Pulls towards certain graves
  • A really strong ‘No’ from a cluster of graves when I was asking permission to collect graveyard dirt from their site. It wasn’t a “Go Away” sort of no, more like a “Not Now”. So I chose a different spot a few yards away, and I shit you not, less than 5 minutes later a car drives by and parks right in front of the site I was observing and stays there for a good 5 minutes.
  • Tons of yellow Black-Eyed Susan’s
  • This really pretty grave that looked like a tree
  • A really happy feeling when I invited the spirits to walk with me through the grounds.
  • Sense of surprise after leaving offerings at old and forgotten graves.

(via boston, massachusetts december 1959)

a winter’s night on boston common

Picking flowers

Love grows
but resolute
against the whims
of our nature,
Love is transformed
and it takes solace
in the wounded hearts
of pelted flowers,

And there, below a tree
as frangipani
collects in my lap,
it rubs on me
ever so gently.

© SoulReserve 2017

Avoiding and Secrets

Pairing: Evan Hansen x reader

Words: 1600 (heck that’s a lot)

Warnings: None?

Requested by @trocks252: Um I have a request for Evan x reader.They were friends for years but Evan stops hanging out with the reader making her upset only to realize it was because he was planning the perfect date

A/N: I’ve been animating Michael in the Bathroom but hi I’m back !! Also I have a horrible fucking headache so this was probably terribly written I’m sorry

((also notice how Y/N changes Evan’s contact name??? Because rip))

You’ve been friends with Evan for years.

The two of you spent nearly every day with each other, considering how the only other friend either of you had was Evan’s family friend Jared Kleinman.

When there was a slight shift in Evan’s behavior, you took notice immediately.

“Hey Evan!” You called out, a smile on your face as you saw your best friend standing at his locker, just like any other morning. He spun around, surprise evident on his features before he relaxed, waving when he saw you.

“Hey.” He greeted quietly, gaze fixed on the floor.

Evan looked up, glancing at Jared as he walked past. His eyes widened, and he turned from him to you.

“I have to go talk to Jared about something, you can just walk to class without me.” And with that, you watched Evan disappear down the hall after his friend.

You stood there for a moment, processing what happened. Evan always walked to class with you.

As you made your way to class, you couldn’t stop thinking about Evan. You two walked together everyday, considering how close all your classes were.

With a sigh, you pushed the door to the classroom open, collapsing into your seat as the teacher began his lecture.

The next day came slowly, and you rushed up to Evan’s locker, freezing when you saw he wasn’t there.

Evan’s always here. You thought to yourself, pulling out your phone and shooting him a text.

To: Tree Boy 💙

Hey where are you???

A few minutes passed while you stood at his locker, awkwardly searching the crowd of people passing for Evan. When your phone buzzed, you frantically checked your messages.

From: Tree Boy 💙

Sorry had to talk to Jared about something !! Be there in a sec,, sorry

A smile crept up on your face as you read over his text, looking up just in time to see Evan make his way through the crowd.

“Hey, sorry about that! I just had to talk to Jared about something and I really should’ve texted you before because I’m usually always here but I wasn’t today? And I always text you when things come up and I don’t know why I didn’t remember to today? It’s just that things have been really busy and I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to make excuses but I just-” He paused, taking in a breath.

“It’s fine, Evan.” You couldn’t help but smile at Evan’s rambling.

He was silent the whole walk to your classes, but you could tell something was on his mind. Knowing he’d tell you when he was ready, you didn’t bring it up. However, you couldn’t help but remind yourself of how distant Evan had started being.

Before you could fall deep into thought, you reached your class and said your goodbyes to Evan.

After school, you noticed a text from Evan.

From: Tree Boy 💙

I had to rush home to work on something, sorry!! You don’t need to wait for me at least,, sorry,, I’ll see you tomorrow !!

You frowned, shoving your phone in your pocket and heading home. Did you do something wrong?

Another day passed, and morning went as well as it usually, but once again, he didn’t show up after school.

“Y/N!” Jared’s familiar voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Hey, Jared! What’s up?” You smiled.

“I was told to tell you that Evan had to go home again, and that you don’t have to wait for him. And that he’s sorry.” He recited, standing for a moment to let you process the information.

“Oh. Ok.” You muttered under your breath, your mind was already running wild with things you could’ve done wrong.

“Dude, what the fuck, are you okay?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, it’s just,” You sighed. “Evan’s been really distant lately? Like this is the second day I’ve walked home alone in a row, Jared. He wasn’t even at his locker this morning which is weird because, you know Evan, he has a routine!” You began rambling, stopping when you saw the look on Jared’s face. “What?”

“What? Oh, uh, nothing!” Jared smiled.

“You’re a terrible actor. What are you hiding from me?” You grew impatient, fed up from the recent events with Evan.

“Nothing, I promise!” He lied, turning around to head home.

When you woke up with a text from Evan, you weren’t surprise to see another excuse.

From: Evan

I’m sick today sorry,, I’ll try to come tomorrow though !! sorry

You sighed, turning off your phone and climbing out of your bed to get ready for school. You had almost adjusted to life without Evan constantly by your side by now.

The day went by like it had every other day this week. Slow and alone. Especially since Evan didn’t even go to school that day so you couldn’t even say hi to him in the morning or between classes.

While you walked home, you glanced at the people walking slightly ahead of you on the other side of the street, stopping in your tracks.

Evan walked beside Jared, deep in conversation. He was clearly not sick.

Anger boiled up inside you, frustration from the past week pushing you to confront him. After a few deep breaths, you turned your gaze away from them and continued home.

The rest of the week went by slowly, listening to Evan’s excuses, pretending to believe Evan’s excuses, until finally it was Friday.

A note fell out of your locker, fluttering to the ground as you stepped back in surprise.

What the hell?

You bent down to pick it up, slowly reading the rushed handwriting that you knew all too well.

Dear Y/N,

Meet me after school by The Tree

A smile made its way on your face as you read the note over and over again. The Tree was what you and Evan called a tree that sat just off campus. As soon as you hit sophomore year and were allowed off campus, you would sit with Evan in the tree eating your lunch together and talking about whatever you felt like. It was always so peaceful, and you always looked forward to it.

He hadn’t shown up to it once that entire week.

In fact, you haven’t even seen Evan all day. He didn’t show up to 5th period, your only class with him, and you didn’t see him in the hallways.

When the final bell rang, you rushed outside, seeing a small figure stood at The Tree. Recognizing the signature blue shirt, you raced forward, breathing heavily when you reached him.

“What the fuck?” You wondered, once you were near enough so he could hear you.

“I-I have an explanation. I promise.” He started, before walking down the sidewalk, you following close behind.

The two of you reached a car that you recognized as Jared’s, and you both got in the backseat.

“Where to?” Jared questioned, looking to Evan.

“Jared,” Evan muttered quietly, before Jared chuckled lightly, starting the engine.

The car ride was silent, and you spent the whole time staring at Evan. He looked so nervous, fidgeting with the hem of his shirt and glancing around the car on occasion.

When the car stopped, you glanced out the window, taking in the view of the orchard. You always drove past, but never actually went.

It was beautiful.

A smile appeared on your face and you heard Evan whisper “We’re here.”

Walking to the orchard with Evan was peaceful and calm, despite how nervous the boy was. Finally, you stopped in a clearing covered in decorations. Each and every one was related to you and Evan’s friendship. Next to you, there was a string of polaroid pictures hung from one tree to another, and lights were hung up around the trees surrounding the clearing. You couldn’t stop smiling as you gazed at the small memories Evan incorporated into every tree around you. There was a nearby fence, with a small blanket laid in front of it.

“Evan…” You breathed, in awe of the sight in front of you.

“Sorry I was really distant this week but I was kinda planning this and I wanted it to be perfect,” He began, before you grabbed his hand gently and sat with him on the blanket he set out.

“It’s perfect, but why?” You looked at Evan, who was more nervous than ever and had begun turning red.

“Um- well, I- it’s just- I,” He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. “I really like you?”

Your breath hitched as you stared at him.

“Do you wanna maybe- I mean you don’t have to but- well I was wondering if- will you be my girlfriend?” He didn’t look at you, instead focusing on the ground.

“Evan.” He shut his eyes, bracing for the worst. “I would love to.” His eyes opened slowly, confused.

“R-really?” His face turned a darker red.

“Yes!” You smiled, pulling him into a hug.

“Thank you.”

[i saw all of existence
all at once]

the world forgetting
beneath two moons

and the taste of ichor

[i saw a dark storm,
a living hunger eating itself from within]

in my wildest dreams
home is a column of smoke
then black glass

a moon

a game
a town
a kingdom
a cherry blossom tree
a train

a cave on the mountainside

[but i saw a brilliant light
heralded by seven birds]

silver threads
a black eye
seven robes



[flying tirelessly from the storm]

gods, it hurts
gods, it hurts

[i saw seven birds]

“TES Spriggan Servitor” Spell

So this is gonna be like my atronach summoning spell but with The Elder Scrolls’ Spriggans.

Originally posted by aesfocus

What You’ll Need

  • A taglock
  • A small bowl
  • A small bottle
  • Moon water
  • Honey
  • Tree sap any tree
  • A small piece of tree bark from any tree that will fit into your bottle.
  • A mint leaf
  • A green & brown candle

What To Do

  • Place your tree bark at the bottom of the bowl and drip some of your honey and some of your sap onto the tree bark.
  • Stick the mint leaf to the bark.
  • Gently and carefully pour the moon water over the bark and leaf until the bark is floating on the water.
  • Drip the brown and green candle onto the water and envision the spriggan.
  • Chant/Think “I call upon one of Tamriel’s Guardians of Flora & Fauna to watch over me and my actions, may you help me, guide me, and be a friend.” as many times as you wish.
  • Pour the contents of the bowl into the bottle and seal with with the green and brown wax.
MBTI Hamilton Lyrics

Know I’m late to the party with this, but thought it would be fun.  I’m picking lines that I can imagine each of the types saying, not things that would be directed towards them or that would said be about them.  So imagine each type singing these lines.  

I am the one thing in life I can control.
I am inimitable, I am an original.
I’m not falling behind or running late.
I’m not standing still, I am lying in wait.
-Burr, in “Wait For It

Oh.  Can I show you what I’m proudest of?
I established the first private orphanage in New York City.
I help to raise hundreds of children,
I get to see them growing up.

-Eliza, in “Who Lives Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice:
Talk less.
Smile more. 
Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for.
-Burr, in “Aaron Burr, Sir

God help and forgive me,
I wanna build
Something that’s gonna
Outlive me.
-Hamilton, in “The Room Where It Happens


All alone, watch them run,
They will tear each other into pieces
Jesus Christ this will be fun!  
Da da da dat da dat da da da da ya da
Da da da dat dat da ya daaaaa!
-King George, “I Know Him

I wanna sit under my own vine and fig tree
A moment alone in the shade
At home in this nation we’ve made
One last time.

-Washington, “One Last Time

The world has no right to my heart,
The world has no place in our bed,
They don’t get to know what I said.
I’m burning the memories, 
Burning the letters that might have redeemed you.
-Eliza, “Burn

My name is Philip,
I am a poet,
I wrote this poem just
To show it.
And I just turned nine,
You can write rhymes,
But you can’t write mine.
-Philip, “Take A Break

I’m taking this horse by the reins makin’ 
Redcoats redder than bloodstains.
And I’m never gonna stop until I make ‘em
Drop and burn ‘em up and scatter their remains.
-Lafayette, “Guns and Ships” 

I’ll remind you that he is not Secretary of State,
He knows nothing of loyalty.
Smells like new money, dresses like fake royalty.
Desperate to rise above his station,
Everything he does betrays the ideals of our nation.
-Jefferson, “Cabinet Battle #2

If I could spare his life,
If I could trade his life for mine,
He’d be standing here right now,
And you would smile, and that would be enough”
-Hamilton, “It’s Quiet Uptown

‘Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,’
We fought for these ideals, we shouldn’t settle for less,
These are wise words, enterprising men quote ‘em,
Don’t act surprised you guys, because I wrote ‘em.

-Jefferson, “Cabinet Battle #1

Thomas, that was a real nice declaration,
Welcome to the present, we’re running a real nation.
Would you like to join us?  Or stay mellow,
Doin’ whatever the hell it is you do in Monticello?
-Hamilton, “Cabinet Battle #1

I’m a girl in a world in which
My only job is to marry rich.
My father has no sons so I’m the one
Who has to social climb for one.
-Angelica,  “Satisfied


I’ve got a small query for you:
What comes next?  You’ve been freed,
Do you know how hard it is to lead?
You’re on your own.  ‘Awesome, wow!’
Do you have a clue what happens now?

-King George, “What Comes Next?

You want a revolution? I want a revelation,
So listen to my declaration:
‘We hold these truths to be self-evident,
That all men are created equal.’
And when I meet Thomas Jefferson,
I’ma compel him to include women in the sequel.

-Angelica, “The Schuyler Sisters

A Christmas Miracle

Pairings: Draco x Reader

Requested: Can I request a one shot of Draco doing like a twelve day of Christmas to the reader?

Warnings: fluff overload

A/N: My request box is still open. Feel free to send me a request for Draco x reader or any other Harry Potter characters x reader. Thank you for who ever requested this. I loved this idea and I hope you like the little twist I added in it as well. 

Christmas was only a couple weeks away. Everyone was busy buying last minute presents before they went out for the holiday. You were one of the last minute shoppers. It was hard shopping for someone who could literally afford anything. All Draco had to do is ask his father for it and he would get it. This got on your nerves a lot since it ruined your previous Christmas present ideas. You wanted to get Draco something special since he always spoiled you during the previous holidays. 

For the entire Christmas break, you would be spending it with the Malfoys. Despite Draco’s parents having a bad reputation, they were very friendly towards you especially Narcissa. When you first met Draco’s mother she instantly adored you. Lucius, on the other hand, wasnt too fond of you at first. He didn’t like that you were a pureblood Hufflepuff. After he saw how much his son loved you he eventually had gotten over it. Now the only thing you had to worry about it Draco’s parents pestering you about kids. You loved them dearly, but the topic of kids made you embarrassed.

The sound of a bird chirping had awoken you. Your sleepy eyes looked over to find a medium-sized bird perched on a small tree branch in your room. Startled you walked over to the bird and saw a note tied to a branch with your name on it.

On the First day of Christmas, my true love sent to me
a Partridge in a Pear Tree. 

You felt your heart flutter inside your chest. Even though you had been dating Draco for over three years he still manages to make you fall in love with him all over again. 

For the past eleven days, you woke up to a different gift inside of your room along with a note. Today had been no different. There on the table across your bed was twelve drumming figures. Walking over to the table you picked up one of the figurines and examined it. You let out a loving sigh before reading the note beside it.

On the twelfth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
12 Drummers Drumming
Eleven Pipers Piping
Ten Lords a Leaping
Nine Ladies Dancing
Eight Maids a Milking
Seven Swans a Swimming
Six Geese a Laying
Five Golden Rings
Four Calling Birds
Three French Hens
Two Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

A smile appeared on your lips. This boy manages to make you still feel butterflies. Deciding today would be a good day to give your beloved his present you went off in search of him.

“Draco, thank you for the gifts. It was quite sweet of you to do this for me.” You hugged your boyfriend tightly.

“Anything for you princess,” with that he placed a kiss on your forehead making you let out a soft giggle.

“Draco, I got you something for Christmas,” you handed Draco a small box that held your future with him.

“You gave me quite the present Christmas night, love,” he winked at you causing you to blush. 

Draco laughed at your reaction before opening the present revealing an ornament that said, ‘World’s #1 Dad!’. Upon realizing what this meant Draco embraced you in a loving hug.

“I love you,” Draco kissed you passionately on the lips.

For the rest of the night, Draco held you close to him. Not only were you his future wife, but you were the mother of his child as well. 

Untwisting your mind
Wondering where in the world
Is your time

The ticking is make-believe
It is much more like

Going on 
Going fine

Wondering where in the world is your mind
Not believing the things that you find
Hidden underneath of
Your own sleeve

Getting out &
Getting free

Would you believe that the moment you fall
Is the starting of it all
This is the way it has to be
This is the Universal law

After you, friend
After me

This is the way that it has to be
We’ll go on after all
As the rainbow and the sea
As the wind and as the tree

As the sunbeam on the wall
This is the Universal law

Box of shade, and try, of all the past, to remember
Which was what, what, which, Perhaps
That sultry hum from the lone bumbler, cruising high
In shadow, is the only sound that truth can make,
And into that muted music you soon sink
To hear at last, at last, what you have strained for
All the long years, and sometimes at dream-verge thought

You heard—the song the moth sings, the babble
Of falling snowflakes (in a language
No school has taught you), the scream
Of the reddening bud of the oak tree

As the bud burst into the world’s brightness.

Robert Penn Warren, from “Muted Music,” Altitudes and Extensions: 1980-1984 in New and Selected Poems 1923-1985 (Random House,1985)

The Ballad of the Absent Mare

by Leonard Cohen

Say a prayer for the cowboy
His mare’s run away
And he’ll walk til he finds her
His darling, his stray
But the river’s in flood
And the roads are awash
And the bridges break up
In the panic of loss
And there’s nothing to follow
There’s nowhere to go
She’s gone like the summer
Gone like the snow
And the crickets are breaking
His heart with their song
As the day caves in
And the night is all wrong

Did he dream, was it she
Who went galloping past
And bent down the fern
Broke open the grass
And printed the mud with
The iron and the gold
That he nailed to her feet
When he was the lord

And although she goes grazing
A minute away
He tracks her all night
He tracks her all day
Oh blind to her presence
Except to compare
His injury here
With her punishment there

Then at home on a branch
In the highest tree
A songbird sings out
So suddenly
Ah the sun is warm
And the soft winds ride
On the willow trees
By the river side

Oh the world is sweet
The world is wide
And she’s there where
The light and the darkness divide
And the steam’s coming off her
She’s huge and she’s shy
And she steps on the moon
When she paws at the sky

And she comes to his hand
But she’s not really tame
She longs to be lost
He longs for the same
And she’ll bolt and she’ll plunge
Through the first open pass
To roll and to feed
In the sweet mountain grass

Or she’ll make a break
For the high plateau
Where there’s nothing above
And there’s nothing below
And it’s time for the burden
It’s time for the whip
Will she walk through the flame
Can he shoot from the hip

So he binds himself
To the galloping mare
And she binds herself
To the rider there
And there is no space
But there’s left and right
And there is no time
But there’s day and night

And he leans on her neck
And he whispers low
“Whither thou goest
I will go”
And they turn as one
And they head for the plain
No need for the whip
Ah, no need for the rein

Now the clasp of this union
Who fastens it tight?
Who snaps it asunder
The very next night
Some say the rider
Some say the mare
Or that love’s like the smoke
Beyond all repair

But my darling says
“Leonard, just let it go by
That old silhouette
On the great western sky”
So I pick out a tune
And they move right along
And they’re gone like the smoke
And they’re gone like this song

Árvores/ trees

a árvore - tree
o carvalho - oak tree
a macieira - apple tree
a pereira - pear tree
a palmeira - palm
o pinheiro -  pine tree
o eucalipto - eucalyptus
o pau-brasil - brazilwood
o ipê - trumpet tree
a cerejeira - cherry tree
a ameixeira - plum tree

Cereais/ cereals

o cereal - cereal
o arroz
- rice
o feijão
- bean
a soja
- soy
o trigo
- wheat
a aveia
- oat
o centeio
- rye
o milho
- corn

Flores/ flowers

a flor - flower
a rosa
- rose
a tulipa
- tulip
o cravo
- gillyflower
a orquídea
- orchid
a margarida
- daisy
o girassol
- sunflower
o lírio
- lily
o jasmim
- jasmine
a violeta
- violet
o hibisco
- hibiscus

Vebos/ verbs

plantar - to plant
- to harvest
- to sow
- to grow crops
- to water
- to prune
- to fertilize

Offonoff - gold (Feat. Dean) lyrics (translation)

It’s so wavy baby
아무도 이걸 못해
You know it’s better
than rap 내 멜로디엔
uh 요즘 애들은 너무 비슷해
그런 건 내게 아무런
감흥을 주지 못해
Can you feel it
이건 완전 new vibe shit
발전 없는 재미없는 넌 입 다물길
Ay 내게 왜 자꾸 말 걸어
난 자유로워
난 매 순간이 새로워
내 기분 그대로 그려
Okay 내 그림은 색다르지
떠오르는 걸 떠오르게 놔두니
너와 달리 나는 예술을 팔기에
하늘 아래 한점 부끄럼 없지
야자수 아래 떨어지는 별들과
함께 누워 Ay 술잔을 비워
우리의 Party로 모두를 죽여 Pow Pow

아무도 없는 저 먼 곳으로 떠나
눈치 볼 거 없어 이대로도 좋아
노을이 지는 하늘의 색깔은
so gold
빛나는 목걸이와 미래는
so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
It feels so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright

을씨년스러운 10월 골목길에서 uh
I play this tape again
and again man that’s all
난 앉지 않아 구기지 않아
It’s palace bro
아무 느낌 없는 저 도시를 피해서
Woo yeah we keep runnin’
Woo yeah we keep hustlin’
woo 시선이 변했어도
우린 그때 그대로야
Bitch don’t judge me
Too cool 4 skoool fuck it
야자수 아래에
쌓인 엘피들은 oldie friends
그때 그 어디에서도 환영받지 않던
것들이 모여 내가 원하는 gold가 돼
I can’t believe it
I can’t believe it
Then say it Hey
Thank god thank god
Thank god
I’m blessed
I can’t believe it
Now you can see the difference
I’m different
Thank god thank god
Thank god
I’m blessed

아무도 없는 저 먼 곳으로 떠나
눈치 볼 거 없어 이대로도 좋아
노을이 지는 하늘의 색깔은
so gold
빛나는 목걸이와 미래는
so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
It feels so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright

아무도 없는 저 먼 곳으로 떠나
눈치 볼 거 없어 이대로도 좋아
노을이 지는 하늘의 색깔은
so gold
빛나는 내 목걸이와 미래는
so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
It feels so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright


It’s so wavy baby
no one can do this
You know it’s better
than rap with my melody
uh these days everyone’s too similar
it doesn’t
interest me anymore
Can you feel it
this is really new vibe shit
there’s no development, it’s boring, just shut up
Ay why do you keep talking to me
I’m free
to me every moment is new
I paint depending on how I feel
Okay my paintings are different
Because I let what comes across my mind come out
unlike you I’ve made no art
that I’m ashamed to sell
I lay down beneath a palm tree
with the falling stars Ay drink
with our Party we kill everybody Pow Pow

Leave for the place where there isn’t anyone
you don’t need to care about anyone, it’s fine like this too
the color of the setting sun in the sky is
so gold
a shining necklace and the future are
so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
It feels so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright

In a gloomy alleyway on october uh
I play this tape again
and again man that’s all
I don’t sit down, I don’t lose face
It’s palace bro
I avoid that city where I don’t feel a thing
Woo yeah we keep runnin’
Woo yeah we keep hustlin’
even if the view changed
we’re the same as back then
Bitch don’t judge me
Too cool 4 skoool fuck it
under the palm tree
a pile of LP’s are my oldie friends
the things that weren’t welcome anywhere back then
came together and became the gold I wanted
I can’t believe it
I can’t believe it
Then say it Hey
Thank god thank god
Thank god
I’m blessed
I can’t believe it
Now you can see the difference
I’m different
Thank god thank god
Thank god
I’m blessed

Leave for the place where there isn’t anyone
you don’t need to care about anyone, it’s fine like this too
the color of the setting sun in the sky is
so gold
a shining necklace and the future are
so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
It feels so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright

Leave for the place where there isn’t anyone
you don’t need to care about anyone, it’s fine like this too
the color of the setting sun in the sky is
so gold
a shining necklace and the future are
so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
It feels so gold so gold
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright
We’ll be alright
we’ll be alright

The Expedition

if you step on all the tongues
of those who found before
they will become a stairway
leading to an upside down forest

walk across
the sky and pick
apples, whatever nuts
you can pluck from
windless treea

some will want to speak
with you, you can whisper to
them as they hug you with
branches and pull you into
a hollow
you fall down into
an oasis full of blind beggars,
heart lepers with perfect skin
they have a liking for
granny smiths
and texas pecans

the blind will lead the way
based on the lepers’ directions
their hearts are rotten with the best
intentions in the worst ways possible

some will go the way
of lemmings
watch your step

you will come to a bridge
there are three alters

athena left her helmet there
if you kiss the feet of her statue
the helmet will sink into your skull
and become your brain

the aegis will glisten in the sunless
sky, you will need lepersoric defense

take the spear of righteousness
with you and kiss the statue
three times on each cheek

cross the bridge

start your journey