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Oh no! I hear someone's not feeling to well! *pap* If it's fluffy requests, then uh.... how about some fluffy christmas/winter head canons of the voltron crew with their s/o?

Yes! Omg this is adorable!


  • He’s going to use this as an excuse to cuddle. And what’s better than cuddling under a warm blanket by the fire with the person you love?
  • He’s going to want hot chocolate 24/7 as soon as it gets cold out! It could be September and he’s still going to want it!
  • He’s going to have an ugly Christmas sweater party and no one can stop him. You’re going to end up wearing one whether you like it or not.
  • He has to decorate the tree. He will make one out of paper if he can’t find a substitute on the ship. And he’s going to want to put the tree topper on too!
  • You two are going to make an entire snowman family including their pets! You’ll be outside for hours and probably freezing when you come back inside, but it’s definitely worth it!


  • He hates the cold so cuddles in front of the fire are a must. Like every single night. It’s ridiculous.
  • He actually really enjoys making snow forts, despite hating the cold. He’ll stay out all day with you to make one and won’t complain about the cold until he’s inside.
  • He’s not really a huge fan of Christmas, but spending it with you and the other paladins makes him enjoy it more.
  • He’s going to almost cry if you get him a present because he definitely wasn’t expecting it. He’ll definitely thank you extra in private because it means the world to him!
  • You’re going to win every snowball fight with him, no one even stands a chance!


  • He’s going to knit you a sweeter and make you wear it all the time so that you don’t get cold. Don’t worry, it’s really soft and not ugly!
  • He loves snow, but hates the cold. So he’s going to be outside, but he’s not happy and he’s going to ask you how you’re feeling because he doesn’t want you getting sick in the cold.
  • He’s going to make Christmas cookies as soon as October hits and you can’t shouldn’t stop him. Your house is going to smell like cookies for months.
  • He’s the best gift giver ever, but yours will always be better than everyone else’s because he wants you to feel as special as you are!
  • He’ll take you outside during the first snowfall so that you can go out and be the first one to catch snowflakes on your tongue!


  • She’s wearing winter gear inside and will fight you if you say anything. She’s not even that cold, she just wants to wear it.
  • She does the best snow angels ever, no one else’s compare to her’s, they’re perfect and she just tells you it’s science.
  • She’s not too excited about Christmas, but she does enjoy it. She’ll make little robots that fly around and play Christmas music.
  • “What do you mean it’s too early for Christmas music? “IT’S SEPTEMBER!!!”
  • She’s also really good at making ice sculptures, but she usually gets distracted and never finishes them.


  • Don’t even think about walking around without socks on during the winter. He will track you down and physically put them on your feet for you.
  • You can even go outside without him bundling you up. It’s really bad at first, you can barely even move.
  • He looooves Christmas time and even he’s not sure why, he just really likes it. He’s 10 times happier during the holidays and it’ll definitely rub off on you and everyone else.
  • Watch out, because you’d think it’d be Lance with the mistletoe, which it is, but Shiro is sneaky with it. You won’t even know he has it until he smirks and looks up at it dangling from his hand.
  • He really likes looking watching the snow fall, it’s calming to him. He’ll cuddle with you in front of the window whenever it starts snowing!

We love this awesome Groot Christmas Tree Topper! It was made by DeviantArtist witchcraftywolfen, who used a CD spool cover, foam, plastic eyes, Crayola Model Magic, pipe cleaners, and acrylic paint to create this impressive likeness of our favorite benevolent plant-based life form. She also made sure her Groot had company in the form of a Rocket Racoon Plush to perch on his shoulder. Rocket is made out of scraps of old dog toy, felt and some other bits of fabric, plastic eyes, and pipe cleaners.

Because Groot is a compassionate and curious plant creature, we can’t help but think he’d support the idea of decorating himself for the holidays, or at least for the annual Guardians of the Galaxy holiday party, where you know the music would be fantastic.

[via Nerd Approved]

i’ve had this poster for about two years now and i’ve still got no clue what they’re doing with that goddamn christmas tree