June 26, 1992 was the evening I took these pictures of the Rollins Band at Trees in Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX.  I was never a huge fan of any Rollins Band LP other than Lifetime.  After begrudgingly going to this show I was a fan of the Rollins Band without fail.  Say what you like about ole Henry but live he and the band never disappoint.  The Toadies from Fort Worth opened the show and played their usually great set.

Why not?

Shuffle 55:

1. Wake up- Mad Season

2. I’m mad-Dead Weather

3.You could be mine- Guns N’ roses

4.Deep Six-Marilyn Manson

5. All I know- Screaming Trees

6.Liar- Rollins Band

7. I can’t get behind that!- William Shatner …😂

8. Jungle Love- The Time

9. Cecilia -Simon & Garfunkel

10.Everybody’s gonna be happy- The Kinks

11. Knockin’ on heaven’s door- Warren Zevon

12.Sweet Sweet- Smashing Pumpkins

13. I appear missing- Queens of the Stone Age

14. Supernova- Liz Phair

15. Dr. Geek- Melvins

16.Romeo & Juliet- Dire Straits

17. Thirteen- Big Star

18. The Real Me- The Who

19. Live to win- Motörhead

20. Up on the sun- Meat Puppets

21. Roots bloody roots- Sepultura

22. I just want you- Ozzy Osbourne

23.Birdhouse in your soul- They Might be Giants

24. Calling Dr. Love - Kiss

25. Indifference- Pearl Jam

26. Los Angeles- X

27. Thrust!- White Zombie

28.Enter Sandman- Richard Cheese

29. Controversy-Prince

30.Taste you- Auf der Maur

31. Seasons in the abyss-Slayer

32. Spanish Caravan- The Doors

33. Alison- Elvis Costello

34.East 1999- Bone Thugs -N-Harmony


36.Honky Tonk Women- Rolling Stones

37. Damn I wish I was your lover- Sophie B Hawkins

38.Dirty Work- Steely Dan

39. I Don’t wanna be me- Type O Negative

40.Let me drown- Soundgarden

41. Policy of truth- Depeche Mode

42. Miracles- Jefferson Starship

43. Welcome to the machine- Pink Floyd

44. Lullaby - The Cure

45.Jack-ass- Beck

46. Control- Traci Lords

47. Sunday - Iggy Pop

48. Square One- Tom Petty

49. Queen of Pain- The Cramps

50.Sick Child- Siouxsie and the Banshees

51.War Nerve-Pantera

52.China Cat Sunflower-Grateful Dead

53.Fuck the pain away-Peaches

54.Picture me Rollin’-2Pac

55.Saints-The Breeders

What a random grab bag 😂

1990-91 NBA Hoops
Tree Rollins

As a kid reading the back of a Tree card, I didn’t quite understand how he’d been in the league so long. He never averaged even 10 points per game. The true importance of defense, especially post defense, didn’t click with me as a little dude. But Tree in his time was nicknamed “The Intimidator” for a reason. Rollins remains ninth all-time in blocked shots in NBA history.