@sixpenceee this is a really cool video I found. It’s made by the channel Omeleto and the sounds are so eerie and haunting.


Aries: It’s not as easy as others think to manage this level of disgrace. You’ve worked hard at this, damnit.

Taurus: The things that once were can no longer be. The past remains the past. Unless you have a time machine.

Gemini: Cold eyes. Cold fingers. Warm lips. What a strange disconnect.

Cancer: Those circles beneath your eyes are beginning to look like tree-rings. A skilled reader could accurately count the days between your last restful sleep and now.

Leo: Brown eggshells and fresh grave-dirt.

Virgo: If it’s love you want, look to the water. A thousand little fishes think you’re the most astounding creature their bleary eyes have ever beheld.

Libra: They are among us.

Scorpio: Kingdoms are founded on the dust and bones of former, grander empires. Such is fate. Such is history.

Sagittarius: A gift wrapped in white silk and roadkill.

Capricorn: You don’t always need to see it to believe it - Sometimes you need to believe it to see it.

Aquarius: Do you often retrace the footsteps you walked in the house you can never return to?

Pisces: Darkness creeps into the corners of your mind like an old friend ready to embrace you in a hug that lasts for hours. Smack that fucker upside the head.

Mae (our Elf fighter), Lily (our Goblin cleric), and Dox (our Human sorcerer) were exploring a forest clearing:

DM: In a small field near the gently-flowing river is a tiny clearing. Six strong oak trees ring a knee-high stump, exemplifying natural beauty.

Mae: “This place is so pretty! I kinda wanna bring the rest of the group in here. Hey, there’s a weird clearing over here!”

Lily:  "How weird is ‘weird’?“

Mae: "Looks like a ritual site!”

Lily: “Like ‘sexy forest orgy’ kind of ritual? Or 'creepy dolls made of natural materials’ ritual?”

Mae: “Ewwwww, Like, druids being druidy ritual.”

Lily: “So, 'sexy forest orgy’ with the emphasis on forest?”

Mae: “Sure.”

[The players subsequently step into the circle and six dryads emerge, walking towards them. Mae runs away towards Dox.]

Mae: “Doooooooox! Lily caused a forest orgy!”

Dox: *Sighs*

the signs as stuff my college profs have done

aries: in the process of teaching us about fire safety, accidentally set the projector screen ablaze via a chemical reaction demonstration

taurus: sang folk songs and played guitar for the first ten minutes of the semester, then played a documentary of why the government is dishonest and not to be trusted for a variety of reasons

gemini: had my class use scales and counting to determine which raisin bran cereal (out of 5 possible brands) had the most amount of raisins per box

cancer: told us about his research going undercover to expose an illegal tree trafficking ring and his subsequent narrow escape from incarceration

leo: introduced himself by talking about his happily married lesbian mothers who owned a farm up north filled with numerous goats (and then periodically showed us pictures of said goats at the start of every class)

virgo: included the music video “Bitch I’m Madonna” as testable content, showing that in class as well as the holographic tupac performance at coachella

libra: for a “fun philosophical thinking exercise”, had the class take a poll to see who would hypothetically eat a plump baby in order to save their own life

scorpio: initially refused to allow us to leave the lecture hall, in spite of the bee infestation escaping fumigation at the back of the class

sagittarius: played an episode of Buffy to illustrate the badness of capitalism, forgot about the b-plot sex scenes, and tried to fast forward through them, resulting in the people on screen just pounding more rapidly

capricorn: every week, forgets to flick the light switch to the fully on setting in the lecture hall despite continual reminders, causing them to be motion sensors, and him to insist upon middle-aged-white-man-walk-run-jog down the aisle to the back around three times per lecture when the lights go out

aquarius: forgot he was supposed to be teaching lecture and was found in a courtyard, in a safari hat, barefoot and writing environmental poetry

pisces: dressed up as an italian grandmother and read us a children’s book for 45 minutes, with his voice pitched about three octaves higher than normal

Icarus | Taehyung (m)

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Summary: An innocent game of truth or dare plus two broken hearts turns into a very eventful night.

Word Count: 7,314

Genre: Smut/fluff

A/N: This turned out very long but I’m kinda proud of it idk ??? Also, I have no idea where this Greek mythology came from but ya

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In-between || part 5

The world was turning upside down, Derry Maine had a killer clown on the loose and it was you and your friend’s self-assigned job to kill it.

A crossover series of It and Stranger Things x reader

Characters: Reader, Eleven, Richie Tozier, Mike Wheeler, (the losers club, Will Byers, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Max Mayfield, mentioned) 


Word count: 1183

Warning: brief gore, pennywise

A/n: I’m going to be making a playlist so send in some songs, let me know if you want to be tagged

part 1 || part 2 || part 3 || part 4 || part 6

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The two of you walked on in the black surroundings, sometimes odd noises would echo through sending shivers down your spine. Whatever the in-between was you sure as hell didn’t like it. It felt like it was crowded but there was nothing there. 

You were giving up any hope you had at this point, it felt like you’d been walking for a hour. El suddenly stopped and held her hand up to tell you to follow her movements. She closed her eyes, what the fuck does she think she’s doing? Her eyes shot open again startling you she pointed over your shoulder. “Is that them?” You whipped your head around and gasped when you saw the rest of the losers. 

They were all breathing heavily, their eyes wide with fear. Beverly was holding Bill. Wonder what I️ missed there?  Their bikes were piled up behind them. “It saw us,” Eddie spoke shakily, “It saw us and it knows where we are!” You took a step forward but before you could take a second a firm hand on your shoulder stopped you. “Their not really here.” You looked back at her frowning before Bill’s voice brought you back to focus on the group. “It always did… S-so let’s go.” “go? go where?” Ben voice cracked. “Neibolt… thats where G-Georgie is.” 

“After that?” Stan asked. “yeah it’s summer, we’re supposed to be ou-” Richie started “If you say it’s summer one more f-fucking time… (y/n) could be there.” The rest of the losers protested as he hopped on his bike and started to peddle away, all but Rich. “Fuck that house gives me the creeps.” Richie muttered before he too picked up his bike and started follow, the rest of them falling in line not long after. 

“I️ know where they’re going. They’re going to get themselves killed.” You muttered. “If I️ got you home could you get there? Could you stop them?” El asked, You nodded, “get me to the upside down and I️ can get there.” Eleven’s face was dark and serious. She touched your forehead and you were back in bed at the Cabin. She stood up immediately “we have to go.” 

You jumped up forgetting how weak you were and started to tip over. Lucky for you Mike was there to catch you and help you upright. “Thanks.” He still had his hands on you back and waist. “Y-yeah, no problem.” You heard the door slam open and looked away from Mike to see El already walking out the door. “shit.” you muttered and started after her. 

The boys all followed you until El yelled back and told them she’d come and get them after, then it was just the two of you. She didn’t talk much, not that you minded. She didn’t seem to like you every much anyway. You started to recognize things from yesterday, when you had ran through the woods to Mike’s. You didn’t know how she knew where to go but you thought it best not to ask either. You saw the lab and knew you were getting closer. Thank god your feet hurt like a son of a bitch.

You started to feel the same pull you did earlier at the sewers. She was walking away from it and you stopped. “It’s this way.” She turned at your words and frowned. “Trust me.” her body visually relaxed as she started to walk the way you said. Sure enough after a few minutes more there it was.

A multi-dimensional rip in time and space. Neither of you said a word or dared to move a muscle. “Go.” With only one word she managed to frighten the living shit out of you. You nodded and went to the hole. You put your arm through first and then pushed your body in right after. Once again you were covered with thick slime in the upside down. 

“Damn it!” You yelled trying to wipe some of it off. El came through right after you. She didn’t waste any time and looked at you expectantly, “Bring me to the house.” You didn’t hesitate to follow her instructions. After walking for a few minutes you got a sinking feeling in your chest. It felt like something was wrong. Something bad was going to happen. You started to pick up your pace. 

“We need to go faster.” Dull pain started to run through the course of your body. Your legs started running. You could feel El close on your heels. Soon you could see the house through the trees, the ringing in your ears had started again, still building much slower than before. You ran up the steps. You could feel the energy of the clown. But worse you could feel the fear of your friends. 

You didn’t know how, you didn’t think you wanted to. You felt a pull again and ran towards it. It brought you to a room, there were sheets covering the furniture and two large stained glass windows. The only light in the room was a blue glow from a coffin centered between the widows. Well guess this is happening.

El stepped toward it and looked down. “Go. I’ll bring the others. Meet here tomorrow.” You frowned, “why?” “Because it’s our fight too now.” “You don’t hav-” Before you could finish she cut you off. “Friends don’t lie. I will be back, tomorrow.” Before you could fight past the shock of her words she had ran out of the room. “Go!” she yelled and before you could stop yourself you lifted yourself into the coffin. 

You found the edge of the coffin and pulled yourself through. This slime is fuckng gross. The sheets were gone, clowns taking there place. You heard Eddie’s scream echo through the house. “Shit.” You ran to the door but on the other side you found a thick coating of black puss. The ringing in your ears started to rise again and without putting more thought into it you ran straight through it. When you reached the other side you looked back and it was gone. 

You ran down the hall and down the steps, picking up a broken part of the banister on the way. You rounded the corner and saw Richie and Bill facing the clown, Eddie was holding his arm crying. “Holy shit.” Richie muttered as the clown started to stand up. “I was real enough for Georgie.” the clown smiled. You felt the pain and rage radiate from your heart. the clown started for Bill and Richie who grabbed onto each other from fear.

You stepped out in front of them and stabbed the clown with the banister. Dark thick blood started to rise from the hole. Eddie started to scream, the ringing was growing loud enough you could barely hear and the pain was almost unbearable. Everything happened so fast. Richie yelled your name and black started to surround your vision. The rest of the losers came and everyone was yelling. It was all a blur. The ringing over powered the yells and then everything went black. 


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