❄️ Add some Nintendo flare to your Christmas! ❄️

Here are some of my findings for some great Nintendo themed Christmas buys! Great for if there’s a little something more needed to make your holiday a nerdy one!

🌟  There’s no better Christmas tree star topper than the Super Mario Star Man himself! The spiral base completes the look, and makes sure there no chance coming off. I love falling stars as much as the next person, but not when they’re only a few feet above my head!

🎅  The Pokemon Sun and Moon themed Santa hats are a perfect blend of Pokemon and the Winter Season! You’re going to need a hat to keep you warm and cozy, so any chance to squeeze in some Pokemon is welcome!

👕  It’s an ugly sweater, but Christmas calls for ugly sweaters. With a Pokemon GO theme, if you cover yourself in one of these you can focus on catching Pokemon, instead of catching a cold.

👢 Nintendo themed stockings, perfect for all those Nintendo themed stocking stuffers! The shop that makes these sells even more nerdy stockings with themes of Doctor Who, Marvel and DC!

🎄 Christmas Tree Baubles based on Super Mario and Zelda characters! The Zelda ones have all the masks from Majora’s Mask as well and loads of other Zelda inspired versions!

⛄                  ⛄                  ⛄                  ⛄                  ⛄

I hope this list was of some help. All these shops have other great Christmas feeling products, so be sure to check them out! 😸

Links to the winter items:

🌟 Super Mario Star Tree Topper

🎅 Pokemon Sun and Moon hats

👕  Pokemon GO ugly sweaters:   Instinct   -   Mystic   -   Valor

👢 Nintendo Christmas Stockings:   Mario   -   Zelda

🎄 Christmas Tree Ornaments:   Mario   -   Zelda

The cutest wooden ornaments ft. The Family Roost

Hello loves, ahh I will never get tired of this tree. I honestly wish I could keep this little beauty up all year.

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Hey, I’m talking to my friend @orionthemagnificent and we started talking about ornaments, and I showed her some of my favorite… and worst ornaments I have on my tree.

This was an ornament my mom bought years ago when we went to Serendipity for dinner once.  It’s one of the more nicer/ornate ornaments we have.

 This is one of the newer ornaments I got with my mom a few days before thanksgiving this year, it’s one of my new favorites.

And it’s amazing how these ornaments can share the same tree as these beauties

this benjamin button santa elf hybrid

and this …. uh…

So, I was wondering what kind of ornaments you guys have?  My friend Fran showed me some and hOO boy, were they a sight to behold.