“The knowledge of the truth is not given to the curious, but to those who follow the ascetic way. Knowledge is a fruit on the tree of virtues, which is the tree of life. Knowledge comes from asceticism. For the true Christian, Orthodox philosophy is in fact the theanthropic* ascesis** of the intellect and of the whole person.”

~St. Justin Popovich

*both divine and human
**the practice of self-discipline

(Tree chapel - Serbia, via facebook)

“Established in 1882, St Denys’ School was the first Anglican Protestant School for the British girls in the Murree Hills. The Diocese of Lahore got a scheme for building a great Girls’ School to accommodate 300 girls on the site of St. Denys’ School, Murree. When completed the original idea was that the girls  present in the Lawrence School at Murree should be transferred to this new school, leaving room in the Boys’ School for a large number of boys already on the waiting list.  The chapel was build to cater for religious needs of students and staff.”

St. Denys’ High School, Chapel.
Murree, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)


Good Morning from Scotland, 

Roslin & Pentlands by Vic Sharp
Via Flickr:
Shot taken looking southward from close to Rosslyn Chapel. Breeze Hill & nursery in the foreground, and the Pentland Hills in the distance.

So, my party had a particularly nasty encounter with a large group of Cobalts. Throughout the battle, a “demon” had been sitting in a tree behind this Chapel where the encounter took place and eating random Cobalts (players in our party were not excluded though), and had killed both of the boss Cobalts we were suppose to kill. As an evil pixie, the thought of a demon ally sounded appealing.
Me: I would like to cut th head off one of the cobalts.

Dm: Why?!

Me: You’ll see. *character proceeds to remove head from Cobalt*

Dm (to our paladin of Pelor Warforged): You aren’t going to do anything about this?!

Warforged player: No, I’m busy.

In Character: Gnome, help me carry this head outside.

Our DM is now mystified, and everyone now understands what I’m up to. After several boosts to my charisma and diplomacy, I now have a +18 on my next diplomacy check. The Gnome and My 6” tall evil pixie present the Cobalt head to the tree “Demon”.

In Character: Demon! we present…

DM: Roll diplomacy.

Me: Oh, right.

*rolls 1*

Me: Shit!!!

*Party loses it*