Ok, so I see pictures of this place pop up on my dashboard all the time, but I don’t think people realize just how freaking cool it is.
This is called “The Minister’s Tree House” located in Crossville, Tennessee, and it is the largest tree house in the world. In 1993, Minister Horace Burgess was praying when God told him, “If you build a tree house, I’ll see that you never run out of material.” He’s been adding to the tree house ever since then and it now stands at 97 feet tall. (That’s taller than the tower of London!) It has over 80 rooms including a chapel and a bell tower. 

And on top of that, he leaves it open to the public! I’ve spent the weekend in this tree house on two separate occasions, and every time I’ve visited, I’ve found more secret rooms and hiding places. 


So we have here, in Normandy, two yew trees, aged 1500 years, transformed in chapels by ecclesiastic authorities in mid 19th century. This is the first one.

This represents, from my point of view, the ultimate shelter : a door leading to the heart of a tree. I’d like to spent one day or two inside. I think that nestled here, my perception of time would be be different. Maybe there would be no time at all…

“Established in 1882, St Denys’ School was the first Anglican Protestant School for the British girls in the Murree Hills. The Diocese of Lahore got a scheme for building a great Girls’ School to accommodate 300 girls on the site of St. Denys’ School, Murree. When completed the original idea was that the girls  present in the Lawrence School at Murree should be transferred to this new school, leaving room in the Boys’ School for a large number of boys already on the waiting list.  The chapel was build to cater for religious needs of students and staff.”

St. Denys’ High School, Chapel.
Murree, Pakistan. (Instagram: aabbiidd)


Scottish Bluebells, Maxwelton Chapel, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

 by Kenneth Muir


Good Morning from Scotland, 

Roslin & Pentlands by Vic Sharp
Via Flickr:
Shot taken looking southward from close to Rosslyn Chapel. Breeze Hill & nursery in the foreground, and the Pentland Hills in the distance.