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Poker Pair Fanfic Recommendations

Days of the Mango Tree- by LaMaldita

My favourite English fanfiction of all time. Set in semi-canon(?, this fanfiction tells the tale of the unlikely love between a Noah and an Exorcist. It has brilliant writing, breathtakingly beautiful imagery, excellent characterization of both Tyki and Allen, and a subtly expressed but in depth development of relationship. No matter how many times I read it, the ending always leaves me heartbroken. I can’t praise this fanfiction enough. It’s truly a masterpiece.

Exorcist - by Hane no Zaia

Another quality Poker Pair fanfiction. Modern Exorcist AU. Excellent writing and fantastic plot line. Lots of drama and twists. The dynamic between Tyki and Allen is just adorable, and their interactions (Tyki flirting excessively and Allen retorting him, more like) always leave me shrieking in front of my laptop. Allen’s got sass level off charts. The continuation Exorcist - Revelations  is unfinished, sadly.

Vagabond Vacation - by Dracon Asahara

I can’t begin to describe how cute Tyki and Allen’s relationship in this fanfiction is. Semi- canon setting, but I could so see this happening in canon if Tyki’s in his hobo mode. Tyki and Allen are best partners in crime and decide to runaway from the Noah Family/ the Order when their secret rendezvous is exposed. Their verbal sparring will always be hilarious. Unfinished. 

So far these three are the Poker Pair fanfictions that I consider to be really high quality fanfics in which Tyki is not portrayed as a rapist/ pedophile and Allen not a submissive teenage boy in love. Please do tell me if there are other quality Poker Pair fanfics  out there, I’d love to read them! Honestly running out of good fanfics to read these days…

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OMGOOOOD. That clip. Holy hell. Does Carol know that Daryl lied to her? Is that is why she is headed toward the Kingdom, taking down walkers, asking Morgan if everyone is alright? And she even gets up in a tree to take the walkers down. BADASS!

Spot on Anon! IN A TREE!

Also, notice Carol’s killing sign says “ONE WAY” with an arrow pointing away from Kingdom - after we see her trying to decide which road to talk in the preview? aye.

Me to parent: Can your please close the door on your way out

Parent: *doesn’t close door* 


Just Friends?

Note: REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN. I was trying to keep this one short because it ended up a million pages long, so I spent time editing it to make it as short as possible. 

***can I get a Carl imagine where you save him one day and he brings you back and you’re really skilled with knives, guns and a bow and arrow (like Allison from TW) and Ron has a crush on you because you’re super badass and you teach him how to shoot and Carl gets jealous but you’re oblivious until  you hear him and Ron argue over you?***

You had it. The small rodent nibbled on whatever was in its hand and looked off into the distance unaware of your presence. You pulled the string back with an arrow perched in the correct position with your finger acting as a cursor for where it was going to end up. Your breathing slowed and you kept your eyes wide open.

After you steadied your hand enough, you let go of the arrow, watching it pierce the poor squirrel in the stomach. You were hoping for the head, but you could always get the meat around the arrow. “Nice shot.” Daryl nearly made you jump out of your skin.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” You pouted and jumped down from your perch to grab the kill.

“Just complimentin’ ya,” he laughed.

You two entered back through the gate of Alexandria with the squirrel in hand. Daryl always took you out to practice your aim and to make sure you never got rusty. He had become somewhat of a big brother to you since he arrived to the community and saw you ogling his crossbow.

***the day before***

You violently tugged on Carl’s flannel, jerking him toward you. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you?” He yanked his shirt out of your hand and walked past you. “I could’ve gotten it myself!”

“Like hell! That walker almost took a chunk out of your neck. You would’ve been gone if it weren’t for me!” You stomped your foot.

He turned around to scowl at you. “Whatever.” He turned back and walked out of the room.

You two split off from the group earlier to explore a small office of the corner store you discovered. Upon opening the rusty door, a walker jumped Carl and you grabbed it by its shirt, pulled it off, and stabbed it in the head, inches from your face. Blood sprayed across your cheeks and nose, nearly making you gag.

Instead of thanking you, Carl got angry with you for no apparent reason and stomped off, hurting your feelings. After getting back to Alexandria, he locked himself in his room.

***Present Day***

Carl hasn’t even looked you in the eye yet, and it hurt. You were standing in his front yard, staring at his house. It’s been three days, and-

“Hey, Y/N.” A voice interrupted your self-pity. You turned to see Ron standing with his hands in his pockets on the sidewalk.

“Oh, hey. What’s up?” You set your hand on your bow which was settled around your torso.

“I was wondering,” he scratched the back of his head and his cheeks grew slightly pinker,” if you could maybe teach me some combat moves or how to shoot or something. I mean, Rick and the others have been showing me about guns, but I know you’re good with guns and knives- hell, everything.”

You hadn’t ever really talked to Ron alone and it was kind of cute how nervous he was acting. It wasn’t like Carl had been around for a while, and you wanted someone to talk to around your age. “Sure. You wanna now?” You smiled at him to hopefully ease his nerves.

He nodded and followed you to the armory where you picked up a few guns and some arrows you crafted yourself when you had down time. You both sat atop the gate (he was very nervous about the height, but you coaxed him into it), and waited for rodents. After a few minutes of nothing, you sighed and climbed down to the outside of the community. “C’mon. We can stay up in a tree and get passing walkers.”

After a moment of hesitation, he breathed deeply and climbed down after you. He seemed to trust you. You grabbed his arm and led him to a tree you and Carl often sat in to talk and hang out.

Unbeknownst to you, Carl had seen you walk off with Ron from his window. He followed you and was infuriated to see you two sitting on the gate. He felt betrayed as you climbed down and beckoned for Ron to follow you.

You laughed and put your hand over Ron’s to fix the position of his fingers. “Pretend you’re Robin Hood. Did you ever like Robin Hood? Inuyasha? Kagome- or even better, Kikyo!” You smiled brightly at the memory of a show you watched late on Adult Swim as a small child.

He watched your face and smiled. “I was team Kagome.”

You were shocked that he knew what you were talking about and playfully hit his arm. “Kikyo was the real winner. Much more mature and less whiney.” You were both sitting in a large branch of a strangely shaped tree. You kicked your legs. “There! Shoot the walker. For now, any place you hit will count, so go for it.”

Ron pulled the arrow back against the string and released it. The arrow fell short and landed behind the walker’s feet. “Nice try,” you said.

After an hour’s practice, you both crossed over the gate and were surprised to see Carl coming toward you both. Your smile faded and you stopped walking. “It was nice seeing you, Ron. Stop by any time.”

“I had fun.” He smiled with his teeth and went in for a hug. You weren’t expecting the gesture, but you hugged him back.

Carl stood staring at you as Ron left you two.

“What were you guys doing?” You felt that he was angry, but when was he not? You two weren’t dating or anything, so he couldn’t be mad that you were with Ron. You were tired of his mood swings.

“I let him practice archery. He was just curious. I’m going to teach him other self defense strategies and weapons. Why?” You slipped your hands into your jean pockets and leaned your weight on one leg.

“It’s dangerous out there. You can get hurt.”

“Me and you go out there all the time.”

“That’s different.”

You quirked a brow. “How?”

Carl stayed silent. You always thought Carl was really attractive. That hat gave the impression of authority and his hair was so pretty, but it fit him. He was just tough sometimes, and you didn’t really know if he even wanted to take your relationship further.

“You’re still mad at me? For what?” You walked a few steps closer to him. “Can you please answer me because I don’t appreciate you being a huge dick to me after risking my life-”

“That’s why I’m mad! You shouldn’t have risked your life for me!” He slightly tilted his head. “You can’t do that. Not even for me. You’re too important.”

You felt your cheeks heat up and his face turned dark red. “Just don’t be stupid,” he said. “You’re a pretty cool person to have around.” He averted his gaze and left you at the gate.

The next few days Carl seemed to be himself again, and you two got back to hanging out and connecting personally.

“Hey, Y/N!” Ron waved to you as he ran toward you and Carl. “Is it okay if we train a little earlier today? My mom wants me to help out on something later and I think it’ll take a few hours.”

“Sure.” You smiled at him and turned to Carl. “Is it cool with you if I disappear for a little bit? Like two hours tops?”

“Sure.” He seemed disappointed, but helping someone learn self-defense was much more important than hanging out with a friend. Carl crossed his arms and turned to walk away.

You followed Ron to his house and entered. He had his living room cleared except the couches and a couple of blankets were strewn across the floor. “I set everything up so that it won’t hurt too bad if we hit the floor.”

You nodded and took your shoes off. Ron was sweet. He was much softer than Carl, which you appreciated sometimes. Today you were going to help Ron with some hand-to-hand combat. You used to be a part of a small group that heavily trained every day. It was rough and there was no mercy for weakness. You became skilled with your bow, and became physically fit for almost anything life threw at you. A herd of walkers took over your camp, and you were small enough to hide in the vent of the small building. You were the only survivor.

“Got you!” Ron kicked your leg from behind and pinned you down. He had one leg on each side of you and one hand on each side of your head. You had gotten distracted with thoughts of your past group.

“I let you win,” you teased, hopeful he didn’t notice your momentary mood change.

He smiled and looked into your eyes. “You’re really pretty, Y/N.”

You felt a bit nervous at the comment, and your heartbeat grew in pace as he started leaning down toward your face. You had only ever kissed Carl before, once on a run and he had never made a move to since. Ron was getting closer. He was on top of you, and your hands lay dead on the ground. You closed your eyes and welcomed his warm lips to your own. Ron’s kiss was much softer and careful. You weren’t used to people being careful with you.

After a few seconds, you deepened the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck.

He pulled back and helped you up. You felt a warmth spread through your body and it pooled at your center.

Without warning, a sense of guilt had overcome you. “I gotta go. I totally forgot that I offered to help Maggie with something.” You were lying and you didn’t know why. All you knew was that you didn’t want to sit with Ron if he had these feelings for you while you were so hot from his touch. You had no idea where you stood with anyone anymore. You left his house in a hurry without looking back.

You literally ran away from his house. You looked back and saw a confused Ron standing on his porch. A body stopped you in your tracks. You ran fully into it and looked up. It was Carl. “Is everything alright? You look flushed-” he saw Ron standing on his porch. Carl closed his mouth and put both his hands on your upper arms. “Did he do something?” His voice got defensive and you shook your head.

“I just forgot that I had something to do.” You pulled away from him and walked away from the scene and leaned on the side of a nearby house.

You heard footsteps coming closer and then they stopped. “What’s wrong with Y/N?” You could hear that Carl was worried. That must have been Ron who walked closer.

“We were practicing some tackles. She just said she needed to help Maggie with something and left in a hurry.”

“That was it? Nothing else happened?”

“Well, we kissed, but-”

“You kissed her?” Carl’s voice seemed hurt and angry.

You knew you shouldn’t have been eavesdropping, but you couldn’t resist.

“Listen,” Carl’s toned changed to threatening. “She’s mine. I’m tired of you two running around alone together and like hell I’m going to let you get in the way.”

Your heart skipped a beat and you swallowed.

“She isn’t a possession. She can choose whoever she wants. I went for it, and she just closed her eyes and let me.” You could hear pride in Ron’s voice.

“Well you had her cornered and her reaction didn’t look like she liked it.” Carl sounded angry.

You left them to their argument and thought to yourself about the situation. Ron was gentle and naive, while Carl was harder and a very rational thinker. They were both damn good looking, but one had already stolen your heart.

Later that evening, you snuck into a familiar house and up to a certain room. It was quiet everywhere, so you had no idea if he was actually there. You  perked up at the sound of Judith playing and followed the noise. Carl was facing away from the door, sitting with Judith and stacking Solo cups.

“Hey,” you said, earning a slight jump with no answer.

You walked over to him and sat behind him. “You can be mad at me.” You slid your arms around his waist and leaned your head against his shoulder. “I don’t know why I let it happen. I stopped it because…” You stopped and took a deep breath as an attempt to slow your heartbeat. “I felt guilty. I was thinking of you and how much I would rather be kissing you, even when you’re being mean to me… which you are a lot of the time, honestly. You get away with too much attitude, Grimes.”

“Are you saying you wanna be my girl?” His hands rested over yours. You could feel that his palms were sweaty.

“Mhm.” You closed your eyes and listened to his breathing and Judith’s baby gurgles. “As long as you want me to be.”

New Home

Request: Hi! i have a request please! i was wondering if you could do a story where Negan takes two twin girls into the Sancuary and they’re about 16-18 years old you can choose that if you’d like :) and i’d like it to be written in my point of view. not Negan’s if you don’t mind. okay so: i want the one twin, Alexa, to be like a daughter to Negan. and i want me, Kaitlin, to be like a wife to him. - @kaitlinlexieporrini

Pairings: Negan x Kaitlin (OC), Negan x Alexa (OC; Platonic)

Warnings: language.

Your stomach growled audibly as you trekked along the dirt road. Looking to your right, you saw your sister slumping along as well. You heard a groan muffled in the trees and saw a walker emerge a second later. Alexa moved to kill it but you reached your arm out to halt her, silently telling her that you would get it. Pulling your knife from your boot, you stalked towards the walker and plunged it into it’s skull, a few specks of blood splattering onto you.

Alexa sighed, and suddenly plopped herself down onto the dirty ground. She crossed her legs and you looked at her in questioning. Placing your knife back into your boot, you asked her, “What’s wrong, Lex?”

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