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May 13th is both National Apple Pie 🍎 and Frog Jumping Day! 🐸 My character Savage Coati and Mixels’ Gobba is celebrating Apple Pie Day by eating apple pie w/ Tree Trunks and Finn from Adventure Time and my new character Prince Croakling is celebrating Frog Jumping Day w/ Lana Loud and her frog Hops. He’s so hoppy about it! Stay tuned for the final design and the Mother’s Day Picture.

I had the best idea I ever had omfg IT’S TIME TO A ‘’FAIRY AND HERO’’ AU

-Otabek going to Russia in a mission and entering one of those magical Russian forest 

-and there he finds a frozen lake

-and skating without skates is Yurio the fairy

-and Otabek can’t stop looking at him like omfg where did he came from he’s the most beautiful being that he ever saw????

-but then Yurio sees him and stops just looking directly at Otabek

-and they share one of those moments when the couple don’t say a thing and just stands there looking at each other

-but then Yurio runs away scared af

-and Otabek runs after him chasing him because he just wants to spend a little bit of time with the fairy who surprised him so much??

-but Yurio doesn’t stop

-until he meets the reason why Otabek the hero is there

-a fucking dragon

-Yurio did knew the dragon’s existence but he didn’t knew he was so fucking close to where he lived

-and Otabek arrived at the place like ‘’you didn’t had to run away from me I wasn’t going to hurt you’’

-but Yurio only points one finger towards the dragon and Otabek’s like

-oh fuck

-and Otabek just told Yurio to stand behind him while he fights but then the fucking Russian fairy joins him


-but surprisingly Yurio knows what to do 

-like he seems to had fought before??

-and while they’re fighting Otabek’s injured

-and Yurio has to give the coup de grace

-and he drags Otabek to his own tree trunk house to heal him

-like he’s all the trip complaining how stupid was the hero for wanting to fight alone against a fucking dragon

-but anyways he ends up taking care of the hero

-and Otabek founds the fairy’s house so cute

-like he can’t get fully up ‘cause he hits his head against the roof

-but he doesn’t really care 

-and while the hero is there he’s always like ‘’They’re gonna come here to search me and they’re gonna hurt you’’

-and Yurio’s like

-boi we’re in a fucking tree trunk  

-also who would be as stupid as you to came here when everybody thinks this forest’s cursed lmao

-anyways in the time he’s healing his wounds he asks Yurio why did he seemed like he knew how to fight

-but Yurio never says anything about it

-so Otabek decides that he’ll be there with the fairy until he knows everything about his past also bruh he liked the fairy

Some of the most amusing answers to last week’s question!

Ok so last week I asked everyone, “ what is the WORST/ MOST IRRITATING thing you’ve ever done to your parents?“ (to get some ideas for some mayhem that Rinku might cause) and I got a TON of response! (LOL some of which are making me wonder why on earth I want to be a parent so badly!! XD)

So here’s some of the best of the best! Thanks again to everyone that sent in their stories! It made for a fun week! XD

Anonymous said: for the most annoying thing I did to my parents: I painted my step-dad’s toenails bright glittery orange while he was napping the day before he had surgery ( he was the star of the recovery ward lmao) aaaaand I got into my moms jewelry and flushed her favorite earrings down the toilet by accident while playing pirates

emu49999 said: It wasn’t me, but my sister actually. She was about 5 I think, and she was in trouble for being sassy. So my mom sent her to time out to think about her actions, and my sister sat there for a very long time in deep thought. She eventually came to my mom and said, “you know, I think that’s just the way I am.” And my sister has lived by that ever since.

Anonymous said: *laughs nervously* yeeaaahh, about that… I did set my kitchen on fire.. a couple of times.

paigeflip said: Worst thing I ever did to my parents was I locked my mom outside of the house while she was talking to the neighbour. She made a scene yelling at me from the other side of the door and in the end she put two tree trunks against the house and scaled them to the open second floor window and crawled in. I remember screaming when I saw her, running to my room and pushing the dresser behind the door. When she eventually got in all she did was yell at me. She was too nice lol.

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A few screen captures from Grizzlemaw which is basically my most favorite place in Azeroth (I wish there were more like it). I found a SINGLE tree trunk house that had an open door, so I went inside. It was seriously the most precious little space, I want to live there. So cozy  ; - ;

(Forgot to turn my UI off for that last one UHHGGG sorry. Ignore my messy bars)