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Darkness Devours

Summary:  Reader has been in Purgatory for a few years surviving as best she can with her companion Benny.

Characters: Reader, Dean, Benny, Castiel (mentioned)

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2429

Warnings: SMUT, canon typical violence, canon typical angst

A/N 1:  I have a MAJOR Purgatory!Dean problem.  This quote from the show:  “It was blood, messy….  But there was something about being there… it felt pure.”  His pure and raw approach to hunting while there obviously made me think about what his approach to sex would be while there.  I mean look at this, how can your mind go anywhere else?


A/N 2:  Bolded text denotes dialogue from the show, credit goes to the writers.

Above gif is from Google Search.  Gif below is from @canonspngifs   The rest are from Google Search, credit goes to the owners.


Dean’s well muscled chest is pressed against your back.  His fingers trace over the rise of your hips and the fall of your waist.  He plants wet, kisses down the column of your neck to your shoulder.

“I could stay here like this forever, Y/N,” he murmurs drawing the lobe of your ear between his lips.

“Mmm, me too,” you sigh.  “But I bet Sam would have something to say about that,” you roll towards him, running your fingers through his hair.

You look up at Dean, but the room’s changed and he’s standing in front of you.  His green eyes are full of sorrow as he steps closer to you.

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he says, tears filling his eyes.

“I know,” you say looking away, “just make it quick.”

“I love you.”

Razor sharp pain slices across your throat…

You wake up with a start.

“Whoa, cher,” Benny coos, “we gotta move.  You ok?”

“I’m fine,” you say pushing yourself up.  “What time is it?”

“Almost dusk.”

You grab your blade, Benny offers you his hand, you take it and he pulls you up.  Together you make your way through the trees.  You spend the night on the move.  It’s safer to sleep during the day and be on your feet at night.  If it wasn’t for Benny, you would’ve been dead-dead a long time ago.  His hand is on the small of your back, a sigh escapes your lips at the safety and comfort it provides.

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He leaves me these, freely given: a pebble dropped in to an endless ocean, a world blooming crooked on a hill, a fire that burns our shadows and keeps the chambers of my heart warm through winter. Gifts from the trickster boy, with downy hair and a cawing laugh. He offers me a bottle of wine made from maple lies. The sort you say to gently protect yourself from the future. “This is all we have left!” when there is more hidden under the floorboards. This is his fairy gold, sour off the land but sweet by the pebble, the world, the fire, the moons that rolled beneath his feet when he released them from the box, the suns blooming in his hands, daylight still caught in his teeth. This, the only gift that the legends have not prepared me for.  How can this hurt me when so many of these boiled down truths already flow in my veins? They keep my heart beating quiet enough that he can’t hear, a heart full of steam from a forest’s blood warmed by its limbs. Full of something like honey that I can float in and avoid any sudden movements. Swallowed with words is the future I am rooting myself to.

 Don’t give me the bottle,

I say,

give me the recipe, I want to know what I am made of. 

  Tap the trees when their blood rises to your cheeks. Boil truth over the right intentions for 29 out of 36 hours. Bottle while the crows sit on the roof waiting to drag in the morning. Add something alive. Come back 6 months later to find a taste you didn’t think would grow there. Suddenly intoxicating.

Come back,

I want to shout,

I know this already!

I know how to simmer my blood unrecognizable, how to place desire in a jar labeled nothing, how to leave it not quite forgotten under the floorboards. I can tell the gentle lies that bring a better future. I can believe them too. I can know “there is nothing there,” as many times as I must, can say it looking straight into his too-light eyes.  He came back before endless winter had a chance to really get going and I’m dancing barefoot in the snow. His voice is hoarse from holding the future in his mouth and I am teaching him chemistry but calling it transformation. He is unwinding a yarn tied to the southern sky and I am finding that maple wine is a fairy food whoever makes it. I am coming back to away, I am dizzy with returning, I am a maple key to this future spinning to earth, again and again and again. I leave him these, freely given: miles and labor and open windows. Each time I want to be the one to thank him, and with each impulse to do so I feel the balance of debt wobble. He breathes maple smoke sweet against my back and the crows take off. Yes one more spot of night against these skies, before the truthing of maple lies.  I leave the empty bottle when I go. 


Fake Dating AU: Fake It Till You Make It

Title:  Fake It Till You Make It

Summary:  Betty and Jughead pose as a fake couple for an investigative journalism piece.  

Written for:  @raptorlily

Not sure how I feel about this, but I will be out of writing commission for a few days so I figured I’d post what I have.  Here’s to hoping it’s not awful!


Ever since she was a little girl, Betty wanted to be a journalist.  She watched her own mother, Alice, chase down the perfect story with the same gusto that other mothers in Riverdale sought out the perfect pump or roasting pan.  Alice wasn’t domestically inclined, and it was Betty’s father who took over more of the domestic duties as Alice’s career took off.  Her mother wasn’t particularly nurturing in those years while she was chasing one story after another.   Instead, Alice taught her daughter the importance of hard work, perseverance and, above all, the truth.   

           Betty took what Alice taught her and let it fuel her through college and her first few years at small papers, paying her dues with mindless stories covering local basketball games and small town oddities. The work wasn’t exactly fulfilling, but it served its purpose when she finally found herself on the investigative journalism beat.  It all started when she sniffed out a local bakery swindling older customers into buying days old pastries for full price.  It wasn’t exactly the piece of a lifetime, but it gave her visibility.  A few meatier pieces later, Betty proved that she was able to find stories, and her newspaper gave her more autonomy in choosing her stories and investigating them.  She still took assignments when her editor offered, which happened with increasing frequency as she ingrained herself farther into the investigative beat.

           “Betty, I have a story for you,” her editor, Mark, said, walking over to her desk and sitting in front of her.  She looked up from her stack of interview notes, glasses perched haphazardly on her nose.

           “What type of story?”

           “What do you mean what type of story?” he returned glibly.  “A good one. Why else would I bring it to you?”

           Betty grinned.  “Tell me more.”

           “You’re familiar with the Blossom family, right?”

           “Of course I am,” Betty returned easily. Everyone in Riverdale knew about the Blossom family and their maple syrup fortune.  No kitchen was complete without one bottle of Blossom maple syrup on the table and at least two in the pantry.  

           “I’m sure you are also aware that their prodigal son, Jason, is still refusing to take his rightful place in the family business, which has left the fortune remarkably vulnerable.  This weekend is their weird Stepford family reunion where Blossoms from far and wide come and see the trees tapped for maple syrup. Rumor has it that someone is going to make a grab for the company.  I want you to get the inside story.”

           “Okay,” Betty said slowly, mind whirring as she tried to think of a way for her to get inside.

           “Before you start worrying about how to get in, I already took care of that,” Mark said.  “I had Jonah doctor up something that says you’re a fifth cousin or something. They already sent the invitation with an apology for not reaching out sooner.”

           Betty blinked with confusion and asked, “How do they think I’m a fifth cousin?”

           “Jonah forged a birth certificate,” Mark returned easily.

           Betty gaped at him and said, “Mark, I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.”

           “No one will find out,” Mark said dismissively. “Besides, all for the story right?”

           Betty felt a thrill run down her spine.  He was right.  People did a lot worse in pursuit of the truth.   She nodded wholeheartedly and said, “You’re right, Mark.  All for the story.”

           Her blood began to pump feverishly as she thought about the story and all of the moving pieces.  She hadn’t been fully immersed in many stories like this, and she knew it would take a vigilance that she hadn’t needed before.

           “Betty, before you get too far in your head there, I should tell you that you’re not going in alone.”

           “I’m not?”  Betty asked with confusion.  They rarely sent more than one journalist in for a piece.  They were a small outlet and usually couldn’t afford to stack a given story with more than one writer.

           “The Blossoms don’t like unmarried women.  It’s antiquated bullshit, but they don’t trust them.”

           Betty snorted.  “You’re kidding, right?”

           “I wish I was.  We need them to trust you, Betty.  So, we’re sending Jughead in with you.”

           Betty laughed at the stupidity of that notion and said, “Jughead?  As, what, my husband?”

           “Yep, that’s the plan.”

           “You do realize that even if you send Jughead with me, I am still an unmarried woman.“

           “Yes, Betty, I understand the basic mechanics of a marriage,” Mark returned drily.  “You and Jughead will not actually be married.  But the Blossoms will not know that.”

“You can’t be serious.”  When she saw that Mark was, in fact, serious, she said, “Mark, you know how Jughead and I are together.  No one is going to believe that we are married.”  

“Then make them believe it.  Sell it.”


“Look, if you’re that opposed to Jughead going with you I can find someone else.  I wanted my strongest writers going, but if you have that big of a problem-“

“No, I don’t,” Betty interrupted, more horrified by the idea of someone else getting her story than having to play house with Jughead for a weekend.  “I want this story.”

“Good.  Jug’s out of the office right now but I told him to talk to you when he gets back.” Mark stood up and said, “Try to play nice.  Remember that you guys have to actually look like you like each other this weekend.”

Betty frowned and murmured, “That may be harder than the actual assignment.”

“What ever happened with you guys anyway?”  Mark asked.  “You’re nice to literally everyone except him.”

“It’s a long story,” Betty said wearily.

“Well, whatever it is you guys better get over it.”

Betty took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry, Mark, I am an adult.  I can put aside my personal feelings for one weekend and I’m sure Jughead can do the same.” Thinking of her editor’s prior words, she echoed, “Besides, it’s all for the story, right?”

I love these boys so much, they just need a hug and some extra therapy

callout post for gorillaz member murdoc niccals

thanks to tumblr user @goillaz i have come to the realisation that not only is murdoc niccals a greasy mess, but he has also revealed his true identity from some official art that was so greatly pointed out by the aforementioned @goillaz


if you are not familiar with these creatures, they are related to lemurs and they look like this

already, there are a few striking similarities between the animal native to Madagascar and the bassist native to stoke-on-trent

1. aye-aye’s are described as having ‘rodent-like’ teeth, now as wel all know, murdoc niccals teeth are very reminiscent of this exact thing (im sorry)

see?? uncanny.


aye-aye’s are most recognised for having a ‘special finger’, which is essentially a dead finger which they use to tap on trees to coax out bugs n things, and since murdoc has already ticked 1 (one) of these boxes, im unfortunately announcing that he has in fact, ticked this box too

at first, you wouldn’t be too disturbed by this image, i mean its murdoc niccals so ???? not too disturbed. and then as you look over the image, paying attention to his hands, you are greeted by the ungodly sight of his special finger???? this is truly some shocking information.

3. in a quick browse of some official art, i was still so shocked by the fact that, this finger seems to disappear

as you can see, the teeth and the eyes are still the same but his finger differs to what we had previously thought ?? i can only assume that murdoc hides this information when he knows the attention is most likely to be drawn to it.

to take into account this information, i looked at some more recent official art of murdoc and was not surprised to see that he forgot to hide the special finger

as well as this, facially these two creatures are extremely similar as i have previously mentioned. here is a photo of an aye aye pulling the same expression

i can hardly tell the difference?

4. some more information regarding this issue can be seen from the video ‘saturnz barz’

as we all know, mr. niccals has a very long tongue (to match his very long finger) so when i googled ‘aye-aye tongue’ i was not surprised to see this

waht is this ????


this was information that i truly needed to share with you. i hope this lie murdoc has been hiding for All These Years doesn’t deter you from his special bass skills from his special finger

Reckless [a.a.]

Originally posted by archic-andrews

a lil story based on this song by Billie Eilish


You were (Y/N) Blossom. Everyone knew who you were. You were the rebellious one. The soft-spoken one. The only one who didn’t want any part of the Blossom’s sick, twisted world.

And the heir to the Blossom company.

After Jason’s death, Clifford and Penelope had deemed Cheryl unfit for being the heir and the responsibility was thrust upon you.

You didn’t want it, and everyone who wasn’t a part of your family (except for Cheryl) knew that.

Cheryl didn’t really want that responsibility either, but she was still a better option, actually coming from the currents boss’s family.You’d much rather spend your days at Pop’s, occasionally eating with Jughead, than willingly spend time with your family.

Cheryl, your cousin, would help you try to avoid any family engagements and make you seem unfit for the position, but no one was buying it.

The tree-tapping ceremony came a lot quicker than anyone thought and all of a sudden, your parents were demanding for you to find a date.

You didn’t. (Although you did try asking Jughead but that had ended with the both of you crying from laughing so hard).

You knew that Cheryl had asked Archie Andrews, the town’s new golden boy, to the tree-tapping ceremony. You also knew that he had rejected her because of his girlfriend, Valerie (who was a good friend of yours). And finally, you also knew that your aunt Penelope had convinced Archie to accompany Cheryl to the ceremony.

A few days later and the big day had arrived. Your day began normally enough but you couldn’t help but grimace the red and black get-up that had been laid out for you. Scoffing, you walked to your closet, pulling out a (F/C) blouse and your nicest pair of jeans. Before walking out of your room, you tugged on a pair of heels, not wanting to completely piss off your family by showing up in you old pair of sneakers.

Standing in the snow, you tried your best to ignore the judging glares coming from all the guests. You stood next to Cheryl, trying to hold back a snort at your uncle’s speech but failing miserably. You tried to pass of your snort as a cough, which led to you actually coughing and stumbling, trying to cease the noise.

You felt a hand rubbing soothing circles into your back and you gasped for air, sighing when you finally calmed down.

“Thanks Cheryl,” you gasped.

You heard a deep chuckle. “You’re welcome but I’m not Cheryl.”

You turned around and came face to face with Archie Andrews who opened his mouth to say something but stopped when his eyes met yours.

“You alright there Archiekins?” Cheryl asked, bounding up behind you.

“Uh, just fine,” Archie stumbled over his words. He was struck dumb by your appearance. Where the Blossoms had fiery red hair, yours was muted, a dark auburn color and your (E/C) eyes were sparkling with life.

His attention was suddenly focused on the fact that he and Cheryl were supposed to start the tree-tapping.

After a successful tree tap, you were next. You could hear the murmurs of displeasure as you drove the spile into the tree trunk with the mallet and swiftly grabbed the bucket and placed it underneath. The murmurs got even louder when Cheryl approached you and held the other side of the bucket and smiled at you. You smiled back.

You could hear Archie and Cheryl talking quietly as they walked behind you. You were walking slightly in front of them, close enough to hear both their conversation, and the one being spoken by the people in front of you as well.

You couldn’t help but sneer as you heard them talking about Cheryl and just how unfit she was to take over the company.

“Archie no,” you could hear Cheryl saying. Apparently Archie had heard the conversation as well.

“No Cheryl,” you could hear him protest. “They can’t just say that.”

“No, it’s okay,” Cheryl replied.

“No it’s not,” Archie responded. You could hear him speed up and address the others. “Hey! You shouldn’t-”

He was cut off as Cheryl pulled him back, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t continue.

“You shouldn’t speak about her that way,” you spoke up. They all looked at you in shock. “You can’t just say things about Cheryl like she’s not around. Especially when you’re saying things that make her sound like she’s unwell. Of course she’s distraught over Jason’s death. She has a right to be. She lost her twin brother. You can’t go around saying shit about her. She has a 4.0 GPA and she’s cheer captain. She is the smartest person in school. None of you know what she’s capable of so just shut the fuck up.”

Everyone was quiet as you stormed off and Archie stared after you in awe. The couple simply shook their heads and kept walking, this time muttering about how unfit you were.

She knew that look. It was the look of admiration. It was what the beginning of a crush looked like.

She smirked as she looked after you. She had found a way to keep Archie Andrews entangled in her web, and it was you.

You had been correct. No one knew what Cheryl Blossom was truly capable of.

(Forgive me, I’m so tired and this is so short but I hope it’s decent) :)

(I had to rewrite because I had some trouble when posting)

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Hiiii! My friend and I really love your writing of Sonamy and she had this concept that she really wanted you to write: Concept: Eggman, in an attempt to ruin Sonic, invents literal nightmare fuel that slowly breaks down Sonic's ego and makes him feel powerless and afraid to sleep. He first tests this on Amy and after that, he tests it on the rest of the team...

I LOOOOVEEEE request like this!!! :DDD Thank you so much!!! It’s a plot, it’s depth, and it’s so cute~<3

Tell your friend she’s a mini-genius!!! :Db And thank you both for supporting me and my stories! Means a lot :’3

I hope I can do her idea justice, precious anon!



Eggman was using a drill-bot to carve it’s way into the deepest, darkest cave imaginable. All the way out in the middle of nowhere, Eggman peered inside the drilled, crumbled rock.

Only his glasses shone in that pitch darkness, as then his smiling teeth as he saw the object he desired, glowing with whisps of purple light, not like the aliens, but darker… more corrupted entities.

Back at his lab, he snorted, giggled, and squawked laughters as he pushed and pressed buttons like his fingers were dancers.

“At last! I’ve got it! I think I’ve got the code to trigger their power and centralize it into one … dream…” he rubbed his hands together, “Huhuhu… with these ‘nightmares’ I’ll have Sonic losing all hope! He’ll believe he’s a good-for-nothing! And I’ll be the emperor of the eggman empire in no time!~” he jumped to turn around and click his heels together, rushing over to the cylinder, clear tube that held the destructive creatures. They’re mouths opened to whispy daggers for teeth, and their purple, smokey bodies blinked with glares.

“There, there… my little evil critters~” he tapped his fingers to the glass, making them freak out and shake their hands, wanting to attack but returning to the urn which they were trapped inside.

“Hehehe~ Hohoho!!!” He billowed another loud laugh as he leaned his back into an arch in his joy.

But within that laughter, he realized something. “ho, ho?” he blinked his eyes, motioning his neck down. “But what if my test run doesn’t work? I’ll need to test my hypothesis on directing these little balls of terror before I actually unleash them on Sonic’s team! Hmm..” he rubbed his chin, thinking…

He suddenly smirked, turning to his computer.

“…Wasn’t Amy Rose tracking Sonic just a moment ago?”

Amy waddled through the forest, huffing and puffing in her weariness, tapping each tree she passed with the palm of her hand, as if checking to make sure she had stable support if she ever needed it.

She finally stood up straight, exhausted from a long day, and leaned her head back. “Ugh.. He’s traveled too far this time.” She moaned, before lowering her head with a heavy sigh. “And I was really hoping to spend time with him today…” she pouted, looking truly disappointed, but not that upset as she was used to sometimes failing on her ventures to find Sonic.

“He’s a tricky one.” she mused, picturing him dashing over large fields, defeating robots, and maybe even taking a second to stop and smile at a passing thought of her.

“Ha~~~” she sighed, melting at the idea of Sonic taking a second to think of her for a change.

Eggman positioned his gun perfectly, focusing the nightmartic spirits where he wanted their power concentrated.

“Eat her dreams alive, boys… woo-hohohho!” he laughed, and fired down once the gun rocked it’s way to have her in the center of it’s target. “Fire!”

Eggman’s gun sprung the spirit’s power, a misty purple smoke, straight through the atmosphere as it hit her in the back of her head, and spiraled down her body.

Amy suddenly felt a wave of sleepiness hit her upside the head, and all of a sudden, a strange aroma was pulling her to sit down… to rest… to take it easy…

“Wha-..what..?” she knew this wasn’t right, as she slowly came to her knees, and started to lay down. “H…Help…” she lightly rested her head down, as her whole body became too heavy to move, and too weak to stand…

There were puzzles under her feet, and as she looked down, she noticed some were glowing a bright, see-through gold.


Amy looked up, before smiling happily towards Sonic, a little ways away on the same puzzle-piece floor she was on.

“Sonic!” Her voice echo’d in the empty space.

He looked upset, turning away from her. “You have to stop this mess.”

“…Ah… Mess?” she was confused, but she held her hands back, her feet paused from rushing towards him.

She had never seen such a shallow expression on his face before…

“I don’t want you always trying to find me! To hog my attention away from the world!” he swiped his hand out, looking more and more frustrated, as she stepped a foot back.

“…A-..Attention..?” She held her fists up to her chest, not sure what he was saying.

The puzzle-piece below her suddenly fell, as her foot almost fell through the crack.

She gasped as she pulled it up, looking down at the puzzle piece, and studying how it could have fallen…

As her eyes scanned, Sonic’s voice once again arose, this time much harsher and crueler than even she thought possible to imagine.

“This is it, Amy! I’m tried of letting you get away with what you want!”

“What I… want?” she turned around, her eyes shaking at his words.

“Sonic…” she could feel her heart breaking, her lips trembling as tears almost threatened her.

Around her, puzzle pieces on the floor started falling, strikes of lightning taking some of them out.

“I can’t stand it, Amy! I can’t stand you!” Sonic bit down on the word, glaring as he lunged himself forward.


As he threw his arm out, Amy felt the ground beneath her break and dip down, the puzzle pieces falling rapidly as she fell with them, reaching up for his cold, unfeeling expression as he watched her fall.

“Sonic…” her eyes widened, gripping her hands before forcing them apart and reaching up for him. “NOOO!!!!”

She disappeared into the darkness, hovering in the air.

“I don’t want to be alone… I don’t… I …” She gripped herself into a tight curl, but not fully a ball, as her hair and dress rippled in the mist of the empty space.

There was nothing now.

No sound but her own desperate cries.

Tears floated in the space around her.

“I… I don’t want to die without knowing…. knowing what it’s like… I don’t want to be alone… I don’t want to die alone!!!”

She threw her head up, screaming.


The Sonic above, turned his head away, walking away from the surface.

Once absent from her sight, his face suddenly morphed to the snickering of the nightmaric spirit, chuckling with it’s jagged, spiked teeth; Sonic’s body myistifying into a purple smokey being.


“Excellent!” Eggman jumped up from his seat, watching the activity of her vital signs and pulses, mental strain and brainwaves, the like; determining right then and there that his experiment was a success!

“Now, then! To the others!”

He pushed some buttons, as the gun flung around and shot the remaining nightmaric spirits to the different locations he punched in.

He twirled around with the gun, doing a little silly dance before looking back at his creation. “Tonight! Eggman industries presents a spectacular, dream-like experience you’ve NEVER dared to have before! WHOHOHOH!” as he laughed, the nightmaric spirits all gathered together in the tube, seeming to scheme, before turning to Eggman, and laughing creepishly towards him…

Sonic turned in his sleep, as did Tails and Knuckles, as each one had a horrific nightmare of their deepest, darkest fears.

Sonic was engulfed in water, unable to do anything, and for some reason, still able to breathe.

“Noo!” he cried out, trying to move upward, but only sinking as Amy and his friends were slashed through, shadowy silhouettes showing their last moments of life, and even Amy reaching down in the water to him, before red filled the water, dying it as it floated past him like curved paint in an oil canvas, swarming his being.

Powerless, Sonic watched the red surround him, polluting the water and gripping his throat.

He struggled to breathe now.

“N.. nmm!” he gripped his throat, his cheeks puffing up to try and remain with oxygen.

His arms flailed through the water, as suddenly he was pulled down into a dark abyss, his friend’s silhouettes being thrown into the water… Metal Sonic’s shadow… turning to stare down at him from a distance… at the surface.

Then, it shifted, turning into a nightmaric spirit’s face, and cackled as Sonic’s feet were limp, and weren’t able to kick him towards the surface of the water…

He closed his eyes, feeling life drain from him.

He was forced to be pulled under the water’s current…

Tails was trapped in a small cube, as he pounded on it and cried out to let him out, his X-Tornado turning on him and firing, causing lightning to spring out from it’s guns and attack the cube.

Tails threw up his arms, crying out as his mouth hung in utter fright.

He ducked down, unable to avoid as the X-Tornado went back up into the thunderstorm, and then spiraled down to let out a fresh new patch of lightning down upon his trapped self.

“Stop it!!!” Tails shouted out, as suddenly he heard Sonic’s piercing cry, and looked up.

“No!” Tails banged on the cube, “Sonic!”

Sonic,… Amy… Knuckles… they were all being struck by Lightning, and falling down, rising up as zombie like expressions on their faces, and walking towards him.

“You couldn’t help us, Tails…” Amy’s faint voice barely made it to his ears.

His eyes shook, scooting away from that side of the cube. “No…”

“You’re useless to me, Tails…” Sonic’s body kept hobbling towards the cube, his head going limp.

Tails shook in utter terror.

“You’re still a no one… not a friend of ours.” Knuckles’s arms stretched forward. “Now we’ll take you out… so the lightning can kill you too.”

They all piled the box.

“No…Stop… please…! I’m sorry! I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough! I’m sorry!!!”

The three nightmartic spirits chuckled, their faces shifting as Tails threw his hands over his head, his tails also encircling him in his great fear.

Knuckles struggled to try and keep his new family safe, but with each robot army that came, he turned to suddenly see them swiped down, out of existence, turning to nothing more than dust.

“Ah!” he rushed to them, gripping the dirt. “The last echidnas…” he was alone again, before looking up and seeing the robots break the Master Emerald, turning it into small fragments that they crushed to utter oblivion…

Their sparkling powder floated by him, as his eyes widened and they stung his open eyes.


Angel Island came crashing down, the robots self-destructing as suddenly the Island bent into itself, cracking and splitting, till lost in the sea…

Knuckles smashed the earth beneath him, before his shoulders bounced in his tears, and he laid down before the crashing sea…

“No…Rouge… Sonic… My friends… My family… The Master Emerald… I’ve failed them.. I’ve failed them all…”

Behind him, the robots faces turned to nightmaric spirits, laughing…

“WHHOHOHOHHO! BRILLIANT!” Eggman danced around in his lab, even going disco-funky with his actions. “Now, to take over the world!” He stuck a finger up, posing, before typing more coordinates.

But by this time… he hadn’t realized the Nightmares were growing with the dread and fear that came from their hosts… and they’re being morphed into Sonic, Amy, Tails, and Knuckles.

The remaining nightmare spirits laughed in their usual way, before breaking the cylinder tube… and going for Eggman.

“W-what?” he saw the gun stop firing, and turned around.

“No… no,… NOO!!” Eggman threw his hands up, as they chuckled and swarmed his being in their mist, knocking him out and diving into his dreams… their laughter never ceasing…

Sonic woke up in a cold sweat, blinking hard and breathing irregularly.

He touched his chest… no water.

Just the cold of the wind.

His eyes were heavy, but he shook his head, getting up.

“That was no dream…” Sonic concluded, and turned to look out away from him.

He heard someone shouting his name…

Suddenly, the sound became more clear as he gained control over his senses again…

“Amy!!!” he charged, bolting himself through the long distance to find where the echo was coming from.

It disturbed him, seeing he was awake, but her voice was bouncing off from everywhere.

The mountains didn’t help.

The valleys were worst.

He finally found her, collapsed under a tree, screaming out with tears pouring down her face.

“Tails! Knuckles! Someone help me!!!” she cried in her sleep, talking outloud.

“Hang on, Amy! Wake up! Snap out of it!” Sonic knelt down and shook her, before her eyes sprung up, and she fought him slightly away.

“Don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me!”

Sonic, startled by the response, immediately pulled his hands away from her, backing away.

“Amy… it’s me… It’s Sonic..” he took a gentler tone, his eyes bending back as he worried his shaking had startled her to the point of possibly hurting her.

“Amy… You’re alright. It was just a dream.”

She breathed hard, gripping herself, looking around.

“It’s… it’s dark.”

He saw she was getting her senses back, and bent down again beside her, offering her his arms. “It’s cold too.”

She gripped him with a death-hold of pure, unfathomable terror.

She clung to him like her source of life, breathing rapidly off measure, and having her heartbeat influence his own rapidly beating one.

“You’re alright, Amy. I don’t know what’s going on. But I’m worried about Tails and the others.” He gently held her, before feeling her tremble and lightly moving his hand to her head, stroking it to try and still her.

“You’re alright. I’m here… Whatever that was… Whatever thing possessed us… I won’t let it get away with this.”

He found some relief in having her around… at least he knew he wasn’t dreaming anymore either.

She nodded, finally calming down to a regular breath, before wiping her eyes and finally letting him go.

“My dream… While I was sinking into the dark… I heard Tails, and Knuckles laughing too. Everyone was laughing.”

“Mine too.” Sonic could only recall the deformed image of Metal Sonic, his eyes glowing… his face turning to a jagged grin…

He looked away from her a moment, considering the possibility… “Maybe we were all trapped under the same dreams…”

“Why do you say that?” Amy looked more directly to him, confused.

“Because I was sinking too.”

Amy let out a pity groan, lightly, as if feeling empathy for him.

“I’m fine.” He lied, patted her head again, trying more to sooth her than himself.

“We… we need to stick together. To find the others.” He wouldn’t admit it, but he didn’t want to leave her side. Fear still gripped him. He wasn’t letting her out of his sights.

Tails and Knuckles were both awakened, and the only explanation to the increased power source that night, from Tails’s readings, were coming from Eggman’s base.

“I didn’t know he had a base way out here.” Sonic saw the robots smashed against the side of the doors… the doors wide open… the halls showing wired ripped robots…

“Something came in.” Knuckles tightened his fists, getting ready…

“No…” Sonic stopped walking, turning seriously with a knowing look towards the broken cylinder. “Something got out.”

Eggman groaned.

The four all turned to him, laying down, up against his control station.

“I don’t want to be alone.. without a cause, please! Let me destroy you a little longer! I promise! I’ll be better! Don’t go! Don’t leave me without a purpose!!!”

He tossed his head desperately, before Amy walked over, taking her hammer out.

“Amy.” Sonic cautioned, worried what she would do with him.

She saw his arm extended, and nodded, “I’m just waking him up.” she answered over her shoulder, looking back to him. “No one deserves the nightmares we’ve all endured…”

No one disputed her.

Amy whacked Eggman on the head, light enough that it wasn’t painful, but still enough to snap him out of it.

He woke up, flinching, sweat trailing down his bald forehead.

“Wha..where… where am I?”

“Alive.” Sonic almost spoke through his teeth. “Now… tell us where they are?”

“You’re not good enough.”

The team turned around, seeing the nightmaric spirits, all morphed into their figures, even an Eggman one, raising their heads with smirks.

You’re pathetic!” The Tails spirit stated, right after the Sonic one spoke.

Pitiful.” The Amy spirit spat out.

Worth less than dirt!” The Eggman spirit swished a ghostly hand out, purple mist trailing it’s action.

The five stood tall,.. there was a moment of silence… as more hurtful and piercing insults stung at their pride and their hearts.

“…Sonic.” Eggman dipped his head down, but clearly addressing him. “I wouldn’t normally say this… but… circumstances as they are-”

“We’ll fight them.” Sonic spoke carefully, but quickly.

He nodded his head, “Together.”

Eggman turned to him, seeing the forgiveness and nodded, turning back to the nightmare spirits.

“That urn in my large, broken flask is the only thing that can trap them.”

“We have to conquer our fears then.” Amy threw her arm back, her hammer positioned and ready to strike as she bent her knees. Ready.

“We have to stand together.” Tails also prepared himself. Ready.

“I may be able to forgive Eggman… but not you creeps!” Knuckles bashed his fists together, shouting loudly his war cry. Ready.

Sonic… was not ready.

He clenched his fist, as Amy could see.

His nightmaric spirit tilted his head, smirking as it narrowed it’s eyes.

“…Sonic.” Amy gently put her hand to his.

He twitched his head up, looking to her.

He was surprised at first, but nodded in understanding.

He wasn’t going to fail his friends.

He wasn’t going to be useless.

He was going to fight.

And he was going to win!

His friends would be just fine.

“Ready!” Sonic called to them, looking fierce with a renewed, confident smile.

“READY!” They all charged, as Eggman looked around, and sprang up to follow after them, swinging a fist to his nightmaric spirit.

“AHHH!!!” he went right through him, as the other spirit laughed, hitting him down.

“Grr.. Oh, I get it.” Eggman got back up. “I’m worth twice as many evil villains as you!” He threw his fist again.

The spirit looked confused, startled into freezing still, as the fist made it disappear, and it’s purple mist came back into the urn.

“Heheh~” Eggman boasted, blowing on his fist to get the remaining purple trail off of it.

Sonic spin dashed, “I’m the hero of my own story!” the other Sonic vanished in a similar manner, returning to the urn.

Sonic struck a pose, his hand flared up as he landed and uncurled, smiling his signature cocky grin.

“I’m not worthless, I’m ten times smarter than you!” Tails threw a wrench into the spirit, as it trailed back into the urn.

“I’m not alone!!” Knuckles whammed into his spirit, “My duty isn’t over yet!” as it returned to the urn.

“I’m… I’m…” Amy was still under the nightmares influence, as it waited, before knocking her down in impatience.



The team gathered around her, even Eggman, helping her up.

She looked around her, seeing her friends right by her side.

She turned to the spirit, eyes fixed in her resolve.

“I’m… Strong.”

She took out the spirit as it returned to the urn.

The urn was placed back in the cave, sealed up by Eggman.

He crossed his heart in a gesture to Sonic and his friends, showing he wouldn’t go near that cave ever again…

(I tried to keep it canon, what do you think? :) )

anonymous asked:

Thank you so much for writing my prompts. Stuckony AU Tony and Bucky are together, Stony AU with minor Bucky/Sam. I left all three prompts and I saw your post that you couldn't leave Steve alone in the third one, Winteriron college AU Steve laughs this one. I would be very happy if you turn the prompt into Stuckony or if you pair Steve with Sam since I like Sam/Steve a lot too. So please do write if inspiration strikes you. Thanks once again for writing the prompts.

OH, THANK GOD. Okay, I changed this around a little bit. Pre-established Stucky both have raging crushes on Tony. Steve tried to date Tony before he and Bucky got together, and thinks it’s a lost cause. Bucky is determined to prove Steve wrong.

The original prompt idea was this. I am so relieved to be turning this into Stuckony! This will have another part or two. Also, I know that Tony went to college very young in most universes, but for this story, everyone is 18 or older.

(Also, in case you didn’t catch it, the second part to my other Stuckony AU went up yesterday. You can read that on AO3 here. Shameless plug.)

“I’m gonna date him,” Bucky said, his voice low, his face determined as he stared across the quad. Steve almost didn’t look up from the book in his lap. He had a test in his history of military tactics class tomorrow, and he was trying to absorb as much as he could.

Steve eventually looked up, what Bucky said finally sinking in. He was confused at first, and a little worried that his boyfriend was professing his desire to date another boy when he saw what, or who, Bucky was staring at. He sighed heavily and went back to his reading.

“Buck, you know that’s not going to happen. Trust me, I’ve been there before. He never even looked me in the eye when I tried to talk to him. Rhodes and Potts practically threatened me!” He said with a huff. It was true. He’d tried desperately to date Tony their freshman year. Steve had been really stuck on him, and honestly still was, but he’d learned his lesson.

Besides, he and Bucky were happy together. It had taken them a long while to finally realize that they wanted each other. They’d been best friends since grade school. There had always been an attraction there that neither of them had wanted to admit to. Both of them scared to come out to their friends and family.

When Bucky had transferred here last year, during their sophomore year, it hadn’t taken long for their newfound freedom and a more accepting campus to get them to admit that they wanted to be together.

Of course, Steve had been honest about his feelings for Tony, and rather than get jealous, that information had caused Bucky to be curious about the known recluse. Which had, of course, led to his boyfriend being smitten too. Not that Steve could blame him at all.

“Seriously, Bucky. Just let it go. He doesn’t date. Anyone. And Rhodes and Potts are downright scary if anyone tries to get close to him,” Steve warned his boyfriend again. He really did not want a repeat of freshman year.

Steve hazarded a glance, looking over to the subject in question. Tony Stark. He was a genius, top of their class, and absolutely gorgeous. Despite this, he was incredibly introverted. He had two friends, James Rhodes and Pepper Potts, and beyond that, he didn’t socialize. He didn’t date anyone, and he had no interest in even speaking or looking at anyone besides his two friends and his professors when he had to.

“I don’t care, Stevie. I’m determined. I’m gonna prove you wrong,” Bucky said stubbornly. He glanced over to his boyfriend with a pout. “We can’t just give up! He’s just a really shy guy,” He reasoned further. Steve glanced at Bucky with another sigh.

“Your funeral,” Steve quipped back, before going back to his reading. He knew that Bucky had a class with Tony this year. Mechanical engineering. Bucky was a science whiz, majoring in engineering as well as minoring in music. He had a talent for the guitar and played sometimes around campus. Steve absolutely loved to hear him play and sing.

“You’ll see, Stevie. I’m gonna get him to agree to a date,” Bucky said, eyes bright with purpose as he stared at the beautiful genius that was sitting under a tree and tapping away at a tablet. Steve just shook his head.

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SasuSaku Month - Day 4: Lean on me || [Fanfic] Untitled

Title: Untitled (for the time being)

Rating: K+/PG

Notes: I apologise for the delay again, I thought this would be easier to write but I was really mistaken. It turned into a little monster and also, some of the scenes are similar to one I had to go through some time ago in RL (unfortunately, not with the same outcome), so I had to overcome my own feelings because everything else in me refused to write a different story. I’ll review it tomorrow to correct possible mistakes, and if you see someting weird, don’t hesitate to tell me. I hope you like it :)

Words: 5232

***The poem is original, I wrote it for this story.



“She collapsed?!”

Sakura felt as if all her strength had been drained from her body. The books she was carrying almost slipped from her weakened grasp and she had to lean on the nearest wall, breathing deeply, trying to concentrate on the voice of the person at the other end of the line amidst the confusion in her brain.

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Summary: Bucky and the reader exchange stockings on Christmas morning. Bucky x Reader

Words: ~2400

AN: No warnings. Super duper fluffy. Family Avengers. Happy Christmas to those who celebrate. Here’s my gift to youuuu. :)

Pale sunlight streamed through the window blinds, illuminating flecks of dust in the bedroom. The snow outside made it seem twice as bright, the white, undisturbed blanket reflecting the sun. A gentle breeze caused a tree branch to tap cautiously at the window, rousing you from your sleep.

The side closest to the window felt frozen, but your backside was overwhelmingly hot. A body flushed against yours, fingers splayed across your naked navel and causing goosebumps to rise on your flesh. Bucky’s breath drew your blood to one spot on the crook of your neck, and it was amazing how he managed to breathe at all with his face buried between your head and the pillow under it.

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Bittersweet | jughead jones

Summary: Y/N is feeling bittersweet over jughead and Betty’s new relationship
A/N:  just getting back into the grove of writing
Triggers: angst 
Word Count: 563
Jughead x reader

Bittersweet is the only word you could use to describe what you were feeling. Truly even though you and Betty weren’t best friend you still thought the girl was sweet and thought she deserved the world as she just held a sweetness you thought only existed in characters in movies. But no Betty was the living girl next door, the girl your parents would approve of, the one person who could commit murder and you’d help them hide the body and even stand trial and defend her. Betty always smiled at you in the hallways, she’d lend you a pencil if needed and she’d even compliment your dancing in the River Vixens. But the sting of hearing from your best friend Cheryl that Jughead and Betty had starting dating hurt and yet you were happy, you knew that Betty would be the perfect girlfriend and yet you managed to start developing a hate for the certain Cooper.

“Well if it isn’t my little Vixen” Cheryl grinned hand on hip down at you. You rolled your eyes sinking further into the plush couch centred in the student lounge. “I see we’re still sulking about Jughead and Betty’s pre-marital bliss hmm?” she sighed sitting down next to you. “I just, Betty never liked Juggy before they joined the paper y’know. While I’ve been trying to get his attention since second grade by trying to write love poems for him” you mumbled picking at your finger nails. Cheryl sighed putting a hand on your shoulder “I know, life’s not fair and Betty certainly has got Jughead wrapped around her pretty in pink fingers but as an honorary Blossom you must know this dire rule-“ she grinned leaning close causing you to finally look at Cheryl’s face, her red lips pulled into a smile. Maple red? Huh? You thought She’s got something planned. “oh yeah what’s that Miss Cheryl Bombshell” you could help but smile back at her infectious grin “We Blossom’s get what we want and if you want Jughead that’s what you do. You. Get. Him” She turned serious looking into your Y/E/C eyes. “you’re so sweet sometimes, in a weird way” you squinted at her “and if you tell anyone I’ll deny it but for now bye bye little Vixen I have a certain boy who I must get to accompany me to the tree tapping ceremony” she grinned walking towards the door waving bye as she fled, her red hair swinging as she walked.


Groaning you pulled yourself up for the couch and headed your way towards English class as you had to recite a certain poem you had wrote for a certain boy. As you stood infront of the class and had everyones eyes on you, you held your poem in your hands and took a deep breathe before your eyes laid on Jughead’s slouched form leaning on his hand to keep him upright. Breathing deeply you spoke “this poem is named Bittersweet;”

Out of the craven sky
the flow of molten bittersweet

– no purity in these
that catch your lashtips
as you wrap your arms 
around the blanket fog 
and breathe in dew
from distant mountaintops –

You gaze beyond my eyes,
beyond my tethered dreams
to pierce the wound that bleeds
with molten bittersweet,

And from these drops
a rhythm beats
‘til nothing more,

Only you
Only you

Fall Mornings Make It Easier. (May Contain LoS Spoilers!!!)

Here’s a KitTy fic to help you through the end of LoS (i know guys, it hurts)

Real World AU - Suffering through the recent loss of his twin sister, Ty needs to adjust and looks to Kit for comfort. Kit is glad to oblige and makes many cups of tea to sooth heartache.

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Truth or Dare (Riverdale, Pt.4)

Summary: Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Y/N are spending the night at Y/N’s house. Kevin suggests Truth or Dare at some point and they all decide to play. Shenanigans ensue and eventually certain feelings are shared, but will they be taken seriously or laughed off? Possible angst.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (maybe), Kevin x Reader (platonic), Archie x Reader (platonic), Betty x Reader (platonic), Veronica x Reader (platonic), Cheryl x Reader (platonic)

Beta-ed: No

A/N: Holy hell… episode 10 was really something, I don’t know whether it’s perfect or not that I decided to wait until now to post Y/N’s speech about Cheryl… I think some Cheryl fans might appreciate my nicer interpretation to our ginger after what we just saw… so obviously Cheryl’s gonna be a bit ooc tonight, enjoy!

Also let it be known I’m not a Cheryl defender, she is pretty downright manipulative, I had most of this written before the fifth episode even came out

Part 1, Part 2Part 3


Previously: Betty went over to each of the boys and hugged them as she whispered something to each of them, before making her way over to me. I stood up and met her halfway as she gripped me in a tight hug, both of us letting out a few tears. “You’re the greatest friend I could ever ask for Y/N” She whispered in my ear as she squeezed me tighter. “I meant everything I said Betty.” “I know you did, that’s what makes it perfect.”

We broke apart and sat down at our spots, wiping a few tears away. I noticed Veronica wipe her eyes quickly before she cleared her throat, grabbing everyone’s attention. “Well, I think that concludes Y/N’s interpretation of our lovely Betty Cooper here. So,” She turned to me, mischief in her eyes. “Who’s next on your hit list Y/N?”

“Cheryl,” I said, turning my body to her as we gave each other a playful glare. “If I had to compare you to an animal, you’d be a viper, beautiful and dangerous all at once. You strike with speed and precision, and you always know how much venom to use when you’re in a fight. You also have a tendency to be a bit spiteful at times too.” Cheryl mock-gasped as she swatted my arm, I giggled before continuing.

Honestly the only reason I still put up with you is because I know you can be a nice person. I’ve seen you be kind, sweet, and caring, I’ve seen you be those things, so don’t tell me that you’re not.” I emphasized before she could speak, Cheryl shut her mouth and glared. “You’ve always put up this negative front to block people out and keep them away, you do this in self-defense, just like how a viper will give a dry bite in the hopes of scaring off potential predators, Chery.” She groaned at my nickname for her. “But I know deep down you’re just like the rest of us, you have fears and insecurities and you’re stressed as all hell because of your parents; because for some reason no matter what we do we’ll never be good enough for them,” Cheryl grabbed my hand and squeezed it, I squeezed hers back before continuing.

“I know you’ll always have my back, even when we fight over the dumbest things, I know you’ll be there for me. You know me inside and out. You can always tell when something’s wrong and exactly what’s bothering me, sometimes before I even know myself. You always know the best way to cheer me up, even if it means pissing off your hellspawn parents.” Cheryl chuckled before quickly coughing, obviously trying to cover it up. Everyone else grinned at her, pleased to see a nicer side to the ginger for once. I snickered before taking in a deep to continue.

“You may be a bit aggressive at times, but I understand why. With everything that’s happened here since July,” I saw her flinch slightly, I scooted closer and turned her towards me. “It’s been horrible, and I’m truly sorry, I know how close you two were, how close the three of us were,” A few tears fell down my face as I spoke the last part a little quieter, I wiped it away and cleared my throat before continuing. “I know you need support now more than ever, and you have every right to lash out at everyone and anyone… to an extent though,” I stressed, looking at her. “There are times you need to lash out in a less destructive manner, which is where I come in.” I grinned at her.

“You’ve been my friend ever since we were five Chery, you and Jay were so nice to me that day we met at Pop’s.” We both smiled at each other, remembering that day. “I’d only just walked in when you two came up to me and asked my name. You said my hair looked pretty while JJ complimented my outfit. You two asked our parents if we could sit in our own booth while Jay flashed them a grin and took our hands to go look for one, not bothering to wait for either of our parent’s responses.” We both chuckled at the memory. “You two told me that from then on we were going to friends no matter what, you even had me sit right in between you guys, do you remember why?” I asked as I raised an eyebrow. Cheryl flushed slightly and pouted. “Yes Y/N, I do.” She sassed. “Well good, you can tell everyone here why then.” I said as I gave her a smug look.

Everyone turned their eyes to the ginger as her face flushed more. “Really Y/N, why can’t you say it?” “Because the others need to see why I chose you to be one of my friends Chery! Hearing me defend you all the time isn’t the same as seeing why I defend you so much and consider you one of my closest friends, now pluck up and tell them what you told me that day!” I laughed as Cheryl got ready to speak. “Fine,” She sighed before looking around at everyone. “I told Y/N that we were gonna be triplets from now on, because she looked so lonely and I didn’t want her to feel left out. I told her she was going to be my sister and Jason was going to be her brother.” Cheryl looked down as she tried not to cry, her bottom lip wavering slightly as she drew in a shuddering breath.

“Jason said it didn’t matter that Y/N looked a little different from us, he said that since I said we were triplets, then that’s what we were, that’s what we’ve been.” She murmured the last part as she wiped a tear away, a choked laugh coming out of her. I squeezed Cheryl’s hand and she looked up at me. “I remember we couldn’t stop asking you questions about your life,” “You said if we were going to be triplets we had to know everything about each other.” I cut in, smiling at her. She smiled back before continuing.

“We also asked if you’d made any other friends already, I didn’t want to share you with anybody else.” “You two were so clingy when we first started hanging out Cher,” I spoke up, mirth in my voice. “You and Jay always tried to keep me away from everybody else so that I would only focus on you two.” “Yeah,” Kevin spoke up. “I remember that! You and Jason would take turns keeping all of us away from Y/N!” Archie, Betty, and Jug nodded in agreement, remembering the first few weeks I moved in.

“In our defense you guys would do the same thing to us!” Cheryl argued, a playful glint in her eye as she looked at them. “Only because you started it!” Archie cut in, a smile forming on his lips. Before anyone else could say anything Veronica jumped in. “As wonderful as it is seeing Cheryl interacting with us positively, we’re gonna keep working on that don’t worry,” She directed to said ginger, I don’t think Y/N was done here.” She smiled at me as she motioned with her hand for me to continue. I thanked her before starting up again.

“As I was originally saying, you two kept asking me questions and telling me things about yourselves. We were there for hours, and when I had to leave you and JJ practically begged our parents to let me spend the night. You were so close to throwing a fit right there, and J wouldn’t even look at your parents the first time they said no. When they all finally agreed you were jumping up and down and just so excited, we didn’t go to sleep until close to 4a.m. that night.” I shook my head, laughing at the memory. Cheryl had a bittersweet smile on her face as her eyes started to water up, remembering that night as well.

“The three of us were so close growing up, you two always making sure I went to all your family events, especially the tree tapping ceremony.” We grinned at that, remembering it was coming up soon. “You and Jay always made sure I felt welcomed and loved by you two, you’ve always been there for me, whenever I’ve needed it, and I love you for that. You can always come to me when you need to get rid of anything on your chest Cheryl, I know everything about you anyways, so there’s no reason not to come to me.”

“I know how you like to dress on any given day, what your favorite movies and food are, your celebrity crush, your school crush-” Chery hit me with a pillow as she shushed me, her face blooming red all the while. I put my arms up and laughed before continuing. “I can also tell your emotions by one quick glance at you, I know what works best to make you feel better almost instantly, what songs help to calm you down…” I gripped her shoulders and shook them slightly, making sure she was paying complete attention to what I was saying.

“While you may not always be a “nice person” Cheryl, you are a good person, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. More importantly, you are your own person. You’re allowed to make decisions solely for yourself, just because you want to. You are allowed to think for yourself, despite what your parents want you to believe. You are in control, not them.” I took a deep breath, my eyes starting to water up as I gave a bittersweet smile before continuing.

“I love you Chery, and I’ll always be here for you, no matter how mad I may get at you, ALWAYS hun. You can always come to me for help, you know that. Especially if it involves those disgusting creatures that dare call themselves something as nurturing and caring as parents.” Cheryl let out a little snort at that as her eyes watered up. “Who cares what they think, they’re monsters, everything they say about you isn’t true. You’re so much more than what they tell you. You’re worth more than what they want you to believe. I’ll face their wrath with you whenever you need me to, and know that if you ever need to get away you are always welcome here. You’ll always have a family with me Cheryl, please don’t ever forget that. You’re my sister Cheryl, I love you.” I finished, my voice shaking by the end of it.

When I looked at her again Cheryl was trying so hard to keep her tears in, and when I opened my arms she practically jumped in them and started sobbing. We clutched each other for dear life as we let our tears fall freely, knowing that the others wouldn’t judge us. I could hear everyone starting to cry as well, I peeked up to see Betty and Veronica holding each other in a similar manner, crying on each other while Archie was rubbing Betty’s back as he wiped his own tears.

Kevin glared almost viciously at me through his tears as he angrily wiped at them, willing himself to calm down. When I looked at Jughead, I noticed how red his eyes were, filled to the brim with tears that surprisingly weren’t falling. Jughead got up quickly and left the room, returning a minute later with his arms full of tissue boxes. He went around the room and gave us each one, all of us mumbling something that sounded like a thanks as we graciously used the tissues to help calm ourselves down.

“You were my first real friend Y/N.” Cheryl whispered as she pulled away enough to look at me. My first real friend besides Jason, probably my only real friend. I’m sorry that I get defensive and that I can be vicious most of the time, especially to your other friends. I’m sorry I try to push you away sometimes too, just…” She paused as she drew in a quivering breath. “Just please, don’t leave me too.” I pulled her back in immediately and somehow managed hug her tighter as I whispered back. “I would never do that to you Cheryl, never.” We stayed like that as everyone around us started to calm down. Eventually we pulled apart, but we sat right next to each other, our sides practically melding together as one.

We wiped the last few tears away as I chuckled and looked around the room. “So, how’s everyone feeling?” As soon as I finished speaking Kevin threw a pillow, by the time I registered it flying in the air it hit me square in the face, Kevin growling something unintelligible (probably for the best) as he looked away from me. “Why do you keep making us cry Y/N?” Betty asked as she wiped her eyes, before I could respond Kevin jumped in. “It’s because Y/N hates us Betty!” He accused.

“If anything Kevin,” Archie spoke. “We should be blaming you, after all, you were the one who dared Y/N to do this.” He said with a sly grin. Everyone spoke their agreements as Kevin blanched. “Woah woah wait, how was I supposed to know Y/N would get so emotional and sappy, honestly I was expecting more of a “Hey Betts, you’re so sweet and innocent I love it. Cheryl, you’re fierce and a little crazy. Ronnie, you’re an amazing fashionista, and so on and so forth. I didn’t expect Y/N to go all Shakespeare on us!” He cried. We all started laughing as Kevin’s face bloomed red. “You guys are jerks.” He muttered. “Anyways… Y/N, whose next?”

A/N: So, this was fun to write. I actually had this part pretty much done since part 1, and I guess it was a good idea that I decided to wait until now to post this. I feel like it wouldn’t have been right to do a fic about Cheryl without having Jason in it as well, and since we don’t have an accurate idea about Jason’s personality, I decided to take a little creative liberty with him. Let me know what you guys thought about it!

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today i fit quite nicely into your pontiac convertible, the one with the broken seatbelt on the passenger’s side. the sun bakes my hair into a reddish tint & dapples my skin between flickering palm trees. my oval nails tap out the rhythms of the road & for once you don’t get annoyed. we don’t always get along, but you like me today. your hand seeks my leg but falls, distracted, on the dial. you smile as i glance over my shoulder at you & we nod our heads to the strains of a different era. you are vaguely high as always, & i’m wondering about another coast, another boy, another car, another record; but for now it feels good to be driving down sunset boulevard towards a sky bleached blue-white. you like me today, with my floppy hat & cat eyes skimming the vibrant world. you like me today, wearing sunlight & a sleepy beam, your music the soundtrack to technicolor dreams.

// technicolor daydream ☼

archie ‘i get a new love interest every week’ andrews

a updated list of all the romantic moments archie has had with various people

betty cooper
↳ kissed as kids
↳ betty stroked his face when he was injured at the pep rally
↳ they slow danced at the semi formal
↳ they sat together to share stories about the summer at pops
↳ he tried to comfort her when she ran off crying
↳ he walked her to school

veronica lodge
↳ kissed during a game of 7 minutes in heaven
↳ she bandaged his wrist and called her ‘jealous’ of his romance with valerie
↳ archie could not stop staring at her when she walked into pops for the first time
↳ he greeted her shirtless when his towel fell off in the locker room
↳ he continued to stare at her after she shoved him out of her way
↳ they have cute nicknames for each other that are used regularly (’ronnie’ and ‘archiekins’)

valerie brown
↳ kissed her after his variety show performance
↳ ate breakfast together
↳ played a duet together
↳ worked on his songs with her late at night
↳ valerie comforted him in pops after being rejected by mr castillo
↳ she hugged him before he sang at the variety show

cheryl blossom
↳ cheryl kissed him at her family’s banquet
↳ was cheryl’s date to her family’s tree tapping
↳ asked to be with cheryl and attempted to comfort her during the frog dissection
↳ cheryl brought him a new guitar and kissed him on the cheek
jughead said archie was “pimping himself out to cheryl”

cheryl’s mom
↳ she stroked his hair at the memorial for jason
↳ she was standing uncomfortably close to archie when she told him to take cheryl to the tree tapping
↳ she was finding any excuse to touch him (picking things off his shirt)
↳ she complimented him repeatedly

miss grundy
↳ hooked up with her in her car
↳ kissed multiple times
↳ ew

polly cooper
danced together at the blossom family banquet

jughead jones
↳ walked in on jughead after showering in the locker room
↳ offered him to live at his house
↳ shared a pretty gay stare in the hallway
↳ sat with jughead at pops after the semi formal
↳ stood up for jughead to reggie
↳ asked jughead to forgive him after the pep rally, made some friendly banter
↳ miscellaneous gay moments, lingering stares
↳ played video games together in archie’s room

reggie mantle
↳ shirtless together in the locker room
↳ reggie tried to get him to sit out the game so his hand wouldn’t get hurt
↳ had a casual shirtless conversation in the locker room
↳ reggie called archie “ripped,” held up his arm and called it “pure diesel”

****note: i am not dragging archie in any way, or shame him or anything. i actually like him a lot! i compiled this list simply because i thought it would be funny to look at. 

Stardew Valley Tips

Every time I watch a Stardew Valley video I learn something new…
…and feel like an idiot, after. And then I learned some stuff on my own, and still felt like an idiot.

Anyway, here’s a list of stuff I’ve learned.

  • replicating gold-star Fire Quartz in a crystalarium produces in 1 day what a diamond produces in 5 days
  • ignore everything in the Skull Cave until ~lvl 100; bring tons of bombs, stone stacks, and staircases - use staircases until you get low enough, but keep an eye out for already-there holes or staircases
  • there’s a ‘hidden’ area in the secret forest with two hardwood tree stumps
  • build silos asap even if you don’t have animals just build like 5-10 of them at the bottom of your farm and you’ll never have to think about hay again
  • chests ARE movable - when they’re empty!
  • juice your fruits and pickle your veggies -> profit
  • put an amethyst in a crystalarium for a DAILY gift for almost anyone
    • or stockpile coffee which pleases everyone but the kids
    • blackberries and sweetpeas make a lot of people moderately happy too
    • pretty much everyone loves pizza/spaghetti
  • fish + sap = quality fertilizer - use the “fish” from crab pots in ponds/rivers
  • separate coop animals from barn animals to easily find and “love” them
  • “C” lets you auto-swing your weapon, but chasing down baddies gives them less opportunities to hit you
  • slime hutch is kinda worthless tbh
  • In the Adventurer’s Gulid, Gus is the guy in the rocking chair, not the dude behind the counter. You have to click on him to get your rewards.
  • not all foods are used in recipes - check wiki to learn which you don’t need to put in your fridge
  • also, smelt your quartz for refined quartz
  • hold down the mouse button and move around for fast planting/picking/decorating
  • mushroom trees DO grow back if chopped down to the stump, trees do not
    • tapping mushroom trees gives you…mushrooms
  • keep a chest solely for Museum Donations and Community Center Bundles, then make a run with a bag load of items instead of running there every single day
  • spouses get jealous if you give a single person a BIRTHDAY gift……..
  • accidental clicking is a plague on our existence, so don’t wield an axe or pickaxe while standing near your crops…
  • wait 2(?) days after cauliflower/melon/pumpkin have finished growing to see if the 3x3 grid turns into a giant crop
  • you can go inside Linus’s tent
  • those lil bear/bunny/whatever statues with gems aren’t usable, they’re simply anchors for warp totem locations
  • if you have a full inventory in the field, walk away from an available item before sorting your current inventory so nothing is accidentally picked up, just in case you needed an extra space for something like making bait from bug brains and putting them in your fishing rod
  • speed-grow soil is only worth it on crops that keep delivering throughout the season
    • that said, crops that keep delivering after growing are really only worth it after the greenhouse is available
  • “Always Show Tool Hit Location”
  • DO NOT attack white grubs in the mines, just avoid them, that way they’ll never turn into flying death bugs
  • when you see a blessed bubble in a body of water, fish there
  • You can rename your livestock
  • Leave your coop byproducts there for a day, saving that time for other chores
  • plant fruit trees anywhere on the map, and tap trees anywhere on the map
  • you can change your appearance if you’re friends with the wizard
  • line kegs/preserve jars horizontally somewhere in the center of the farm, hold down the mouse button while running, and you’ll harvest/place items in lightning speed
    • alternatively, place these machines in an unpopulated barn to conserve farm space
  • shift-click buys x5
  • everyone loves (most) baked goods
  • put flooring down below a sprinkler so it won’t be dug up when you hoe
  • put mayonnaise machines in your poultry coup, looms in your rabbit coop, and cheese makers, looms, and oil presses in your barns
  • those worms sticking out of the ground have things to dig up (which took me 1 year of game time to learn…)
  • in the beginning of the game, loot the hell out of trash to find food
  • you can give every single person a bouquet before marriage
  • sunflower seeds will literally spew out at you when you run into/stand on a sunflower, like dozens upon dozens upon dozens
  • running to the train is hardly worth it unless you’re already near it
  • bring a battery pack to the tunnel
  • a cherry bomb will allow you to access the dwarf

and the big one, which made me feel super stupid,

  • holding down upgraded hoe/watering can gives it special powers in the form of multiple squares effected per move