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5 Things I Did After Turning Forty That Changed How I Saw My Aging Self

[Image: A fair skin person with long black hair pulled back and sunglasses smiles while standing outdoors on a path lined by numerous trees wearing a black t-shirt.]

At thirty-eight I experienced a bit of a midlife crisis. Well, hardly midlife, but still a crisis nonetheless. Forty loomed on the horizon and I felt a kind aimless terror at that number.  Some of it was kind of silly. What did a mature woman wear? Would I be forced by some secret fashion police to give up my band and anime tee-shirts? Would I have to turn in my Chucks and my Docs? Would being seen at shows make me look too desperate? What about dying my hair various colors? Some of it was a bit more complicated. Would I have a “real” job? Why was I still thinking of college at this late date? Shouldn’t I own a house at this stage? Have a new car? Where was my life going? It was a panicky feeling. I remember a wise friend told me “Don’t worry about it. When you hit 40 you just won’t care anymore.” She was right. I turned forty and I felt…well liberated. So I did the following liberating (for me) things.

1. I stopped dieting.

I’ve been dieting since I was ten. That was 30 years of dieting by the time I got to my fortieth birthday. It’s not been a straight non -diet for the last four years but each year pushed me closer to just not caring about being thin. I wasted so much energy on trying to shape my body to fit a standard totally unrealistic for me. At 40, I realized I didn’t want to spend another thirty years worrying about being something I was not. No more going to restaurants dreading eating because of calories. Now I enjoy a slice of chocolate cake with no shame just with pleasure.  And the funny thing is that food stopped taking such importance in my life. There are many reasons to enjoy life and yes, some of those reasons are food but there are other pleasures out there. I just couldn’t see them because food and body shame clouded the picture.

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I’m jealous of you being from Finland I love everything I hear about it


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conifer hand-embroidered tartan pocket tee by fernwehuk

i’d love to rock this embroidered organic cotton tee — LOVE the red tartan and super-special, super-detailed conifer trio.

The Ring & The Cure

So there may be a part 2 to this but I am still in my mood so I may just leave it at this.

Pairings: Crowley x Reader, Dean & Sam

Warning: Swearing, hypothermia, cheating (think pre-cure Crowley)

Word Count: 1,200


As you sat outside the throne room, tears streaming down your face, you listened to the distinct sounds of your soulless fiancée cheating on you once again. ‘How did I get myself into this mess?’ you thought as you hit your head against the wall; desperately trying to pinpoint the exact moment that you allowed yourself to fall in love with the soulless King of Hell.

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