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Protection Charm (In a Locket)

To ward off off negative emotions and to help create a barrier 🕯🍃🌑

- 1 medium sized locket
- Lavender essential oil (happiness, love, peace, protection, purification)
- Tea Tree essential oil (Strength)
- Rose Petals (love, beauty, calm)
- Mint (energy, alertness, healing)
- Rosemary (memory, clarity, vitality,)
- Piece of paper and pen
- Small spoon
- Mortar and Pestle, Cauldron, or bowl

1. Begin by lighting any alter candles or incense you might want to add.
2. Ground yourself and feel the energy begin to flow through your veins.
3. Draw out your sigil on a piece of paper for your barrier (you’re welcome to use mine above).
4. Tear out paper and fold small enough to fit into locket.
5. Add a pinch of each herb to cauldron, bowl, or mortar.
6. Add one drop of each essential oil.
7. Mix and grind together with pestle or spoon.
8. When finished mixing, take your spoon and scoop up enough oil soaked herbs that will fit into your locket.
9. Seal with a kiss 💋While doing so, envision an orb of light coming from your locket and growing to surround your body.

And you’re finished! Blow out your candles to symbolize the end of your process 🕯

I hope this keeps you all safe 💕 Sometimes we just need a little space to ourselves! This spell is straight out of my own grimoire so please message me results! I’d love feedback ☺

I feel like i need to travel somewhere, somewhere where there is lots of nature where i can just wander into it and be completely swallowed by trees, and flowers, and rocks, and earth. 

It feels good to know that i’m going to have a little free time in the upcoming weeks just to work on myself, my spirituality and my mental and physical wellbeing. Its taken a bit of a beating lately. 

Autumn Leaf Magick

Using the beauty leaves of fall for magick is fun and easy. Going outside and gathering a few leaves off the ground is quick, it’s free and it doesn’t harm the trees! It’s perfect for any autumn magick or spells you may have.

Tree Correspondences:

  • Almond: clairvoyance, divination, moon magick, wisdom
  • Apple: healing, love, romance, fertility, lust, youth, prosperity
  • Ash: protection
  • Apricot: love
  • Aspen: protection
  • Birch: new starts and beginnings, protection, purity and purification, fertility
  • Cypress: protection, past life work
  • Elder: prosperity, protection, healing
  • Elm: protection
  • Eucalyptus: healing
  • Fig: sensuality, fertility, healing
  • Fir: immortality
  • Grape: joy
  • Hawthorn: protection, love, cleansing, Fae (faeries)
  • Hazel: wisdom, strength, divination, protection
  • Maple: divination, love
  • Mulberry: wisdom, willpower, divination, knowledge
  • Oak: healing, money and finances, longevity, strength
  • Peach: divination
  • Rowan: magick, protection, strength
  • Walnut: healing, divination, protection
  • Willow: enhancement, moon magick, the Underworld, healing, protection

Color Correspondences:

  • Brown: earth, cottage magick, the home/hearth, animal magick, generosity, friendship, endurance, protection, grounding, strength, decision making, finding lost objects, concentration, focus, family, construction, real estate, material goods, food, harvest
  • Gold: Masculine energies, great fortune, abundance, prosperity, divination, understanding, fast luck/temporary luck, sun magick, positive emotions and energies, justice, health, attraction, luxury
  • Orange: relieving depression, abandonment, opportunity, happiness, alertness, kindness, material gain, energy, legal matters, strength, creativity, self-expression, overcoming addiction, ambition, success in business, fun, vitality, celebration
  • Red: passion, love, lust, anger, strength, confidence, fire, courage, power, joy, desire, health, business deals, combat, confrontation, hunting, survival, fertility, sexual natures, competition, sports, mercy
  • Yellow: air, healing, friendship, productivity, remove negative thoughts, creativity, invention, beauty, life, intellect and intelligence, prosperity, self-esteem, motivation, happiness, success, memory, learning, inspiration, the imagination, travel

Ideas and suggestions for using leaves for magick:

  • Decorate your altar with them!
  • Press them into your grimoire or book of shadows for safe keeping or use later in the year
  • Draw sigils on them then crumple them up or burn them to activate
  • Crush them into a jar for potent jar spells
  • Line your plants with them for not only nutrients and to hold in moisture but to give them the traits of the leaf’s color and tree
  • Charging stones, crystals, water, oils and tarot/oracle cards with the energies of the tree
  • Use them in curses to cause sudden change, destruction/death of things or decay of things
  • Grind them into a powder to mix with salt or egg shells and use for protection, cleansing and warding
  • Using fresh ones line the edge of your tub with them during bath spells and magick, wash them in a sink and let them float in the tub with you if its safe
  • Cut them up and put small pieces of them in oil and into a pendent bottle/bottle charm to wear
  • Drip wax on them to seal a spell into them for later use
  • Hang them on or around your door and other entry points to ward off negativity and protect your home 

Another recent order I finished. A book bound in light brown calf leather, two borders and a floral background between them. The inner border surrounds a small tree. The idea was the book to be a symbol of earthliness and gentleness. However I made it a bit more paganistic than I was expecting. I guess I can’t fully escape from my predispositions.

Spell For A Friend In Need

I have a friend that is in a difficult situation which is affecting her physical health, and her emotional, spiritual and mental health all at once. I came up with this spell on the spot, and realised it might be nice to share. Instead of a simple healing spell, happiness spell, banishing spell individually, this is a simple little charm with all round well wishes, positive healing, banishing and protective energy; and all it takes is your love and care for someone in need.

What You’ll Need:

  • Twigs/sticks roughly the same size (NOT broken off a plant but found on the ground)
  • Twine or string
  • Candle
  • Incense of your choosing
  • Crystals
  • Salt water/rain water/moon charged water


  1. Light the candle, cleanse your space and focus on your person in need, what position they’re in and how you want to help them.
  2. While focusing on this, take the twigs and carefully and slowly tie them together with the string in the shape of a star. Put all your positive spiritual energy into the creation of the pentagram. Think about the earth the twigs came from and how you can give the strength of nature to your friend.
  3. When done, light the incense and hold the pentagram in the smoke. Ask the element of air for communication and reason for your friend. To help them maintain rational thought and mental stability in a difficult time. ( I sat there for the entire incense stick to burn down, holding the each point of the pentagram over the smoke, but if you’re in a rush you don’t have to wait that long).
  4. Next, hold the pentagram over the flame of the candle and continue to focus on your friend. Fire will bring them willpower, courage and strength. It will help them persevere and built resilience. (Be careful not to burn the pentagram)
  5. Sprinkle the pentagram with water, or you can dip it completely into the water while wishing for your friend balance, emotional and mental clarity and stability.
  6. Lastly, place your pentagram somewhere it can rest for a while, and surround it with your crystals. Mine were chosen for general spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health and protection as well as happiness and energy, but you may want to put all of your crystals around it or very specifically chose them. This is for the Earth element, which will bring physical health and wellbeing and extra strength and stability. Alternatively, if you do not have any crystals or not many, you can put the pentagram outside in the grass or on the dirt under a tree and let it rest there to absorb the Earth’s energy.
  7. Finally, blow out your candle, and when you’re ready, give the pentagram to your friend and tell them to carry it with them or put it under their pillow. If you can’t give it to them, keep it with you to remind you to constantly send them your positive energy.

Love & Light x

Making A Wand

One of the first home-made tools of any Witch is the wand, as it is relatively simple.

Most Witches agree that a wand should be made of wood so the following steps are for a wooden wand.

1. Find the tree which your wood will come from. This may be a tree you feel a strong connection with or one you feel has good energy surrounding it. (good woods for wand making include; Oak, Ash, Rowan, willow and hazel)

2. REMEMBER!! you are asking the tree to give it something of itself so bring an offering of some kind by way of introducing yourself and always thank the tree after you have collected your soon-to-be wand

3. Look around the bottom of the tree for a branch that is suitable. You want a piece that is straight, about as thick as your thumb and the length of your elbow to your palm. If there is not one that is suitable and that you are drawn to then come back in the following days. DO NOT REMOVE IT FROM THE TREE!!!!!

4. Take your branch home and leave it to dry, this usually takes around 6 weeks. While waiting for it to dry think about how you would like to shape your wand and decorate it.

5. Once your wand is dry shape it and remove any unwanted bark, using sand paper smooth it down.

6. decorate your wand how you desire. this could be with leather banding, crystals, feathers or any other items that you feel appropriate to your work.

7. Polish it with beeswax, let it dry and your ready to go

plant protection charm!

i’ve been researching how to magically protect and help my plants grow, and this is what i’ve found works for me. 

i found three healthy acorns from the tree in my yard (i have a relationship with that tree so i think it’ll work better, but any willing tree should work) ask the tree for its protection and thank it once you’ve found the fallen acorns. take a needle and some thread (i used a pale, earthy green thread) and string it through the acorns. tie the thread tightly so that it makes a small circle, maybe the size of a tiny bracelet. hang the acorns somewhere in your house, i hang it over my sprouting plants but i’m sure above your alter or near your door would work too. 

the oak is considered the king of the plant kingdom, from what i’ve read, and is known for its strength and care of the forest. i’m sure if its willing, it will protect your plants too! seems to work for me 

Spells for Money, Wealth, and Prosperity

Updated: July 6th, 2016

The Wiccan Zodiac, Taurus

Taurus’ are reliable and romantic. They are filled with romantic ideas both relationship wise and in nature. Being an Earth sign they find the romance and tragedy in all things. They tend to be a little competitive at some points but make up for it with their undying compassion. If you need a hand in life, Taurus’ are the ones to look to. They are incredibly smart as well as devoted. Though they can lose track of time and in their minds. Their hearts are always in the right place. Taurus’ are most compatible with Virgos, Cancer, Pisces’, and Capricorns. Straying from these signs will end in massive heart break.

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found out that my family’s town in valencia mainly grows olive and almond trees and also produces honey
so now im gonna live there when im not travelling all over spain doing my Jewish Things™ and have almond trees and start a little jewish community
i said i didn’t want hot weather and i liked cold weather but the high all year is usually like mid 70s F and the low is like low 40s and it catches on fire sometimes but thats only a minor setback

Almond Tree Better Business Spell

  1. Find an almond tree that you can climb.
  2. Offer the tree a libation and gift.
  3. Murmur your desires to the tree; state your goals and aspirations.
  4. Climb the tree.
  5. Linger as long or as little as you like; when you come down, offer the tree another libation.
  6. Your success will allegedly be achieved; if so, plant another almond tree.
  7. Repeat as needed.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)