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Attic Kitchen

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Good Morning from Scotland

Loch Tay Dawn by Angus Clyne
Via Flickr:
Nice bit of sky this morning…

Deep in the woods, I tried walking on all fours. I did it for an hour or so, through thickets, across a field, down to a cranberry bog. I don’t think anyone saw me! At the end, I was exhausted and sore, but I had seen the world from the level of the grasses, the first bursting growth of trees, declivities, lumps, slopes, rivulets, gashes, open spaces. I was some slow old fox, wandering, breathing, hitching along, lying down finally at the edge of the bog, under the swirling rickrack of the trees.
—  Mary Oliver, Upsteam
Fanfiction: Never Let Go (cover art by @/hensctes on Twitter)

Photo credit to @/hensctes (Suzanne I.) on Twitter. Permission has been given to use this photo as cover art for this one-shot. Do not repost without credit/permission of the creator. See them on Twitter for additional details.

Title: Never Let Go

Fandom: The 100

Type: One-shot

Rated: T (for angst)

Word Count: 4061

Summary: Clarke and Bellamy had been separated for six years and eight days, but they both share one regret - they never told the other “I love you.” As Clarke sees him for the first time across a field, she knows that this is her chance - this is it. Even though Bellamy has been plagued with hallucinations, he knows this time it is real - and he knows he will never let her go.
OR; a season 5, reunion fic.

Characters: Bellamy Blake x Clarke Griffin

Status: Complete

Read on AO3 and ffnet

OR read “Never Let Go” below the cut!

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On 19 September 1944, the Battle of Hürtgen Forest begins between the US & Nazi Germany. The engagement is best known as the longest battle on German ground during World War II, and the longest single battle the US Army has ever fought.

This scene shows a typical Hürtgenwald defense line such as that occupied by the German 89th Infantry Division while fighting against the US 9th Infantry Division in September 1944.

In this case, the defense hinges on a Westwall machine-gun bunker. There were relatively few bunkers built in the Hürtgenwald due to the difficulties of the terrain, and they were generally positioned to cover key firebreaks, river crossing points, roads, or other significant objectives. In many cases, accompanying trenches were built at the same time as the bunkers, though in other cases they were constructed in August–September 1944 when an effort was made to refresh the Westwall after years of neglect.

The trenches are log-lined to prevent their collapse during the incessant autumn rains. They were dug in a zigzag fashion to limit the damage caused either by a shell impact or the intrusion of enemy infantry. In the case of a straight trench, the artillery blast would devastate the whole section of trench, or an enemy infantry attack could likewise wipe out a whole detachment if exposed in a straight line.

These trenches also had small log-covered bunkers either built into the trench line itself or located nearby to provide the infantry with cover from artillery attack. Although not visible here, there were usually minefields emplaced some distance in front of the trench line, and on occasion, barbed-wire entanglements were added to cover especially important defensive positions.

Infantry defenses in the Hürtgenwald typically took advantage of hills, as seen here, since they provided the defenders with firepower advantages as well as presenting an attacking infantry force with greater difficulty in reaching the objective. Forest defenses were particularly effective against the US Army since they minimized the US advantage in artillery and airpower. Artillery strikes tended to detonate in the high fir trees above. While this could enhance the blast and splinter effect against exposed infantry, it actually had less effect on defenders in log bunkers than did detonations on the ground. Likewise the forest provided cover against air observation, which limited the effect of close air support. Eventually, the incessant fighting and repeated artillery strikes in the Hürtgenwald stripped away much of the tree cover, denuding the slopes and exposing the defensive trenches to artillery fire.

The infantry here shows the gradual shifts in firepower evident in the autumn of 1944, with wider use of Panzerfaust antitank rockets and new weapons such as the MP44 assault rifle.

Interlude #1, Part 1

This particular stretch of Written in the Stones is for @dingbatland who asked me waaaaay back when I’d only posted the first few installments “how did Lord John react to Jamie just disappearing like that?” 

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Something Right

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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Cries And Whispers

Fuma Kotaro x MC

Note: I dedicate this to all the wonderful friends I’ve made and will continue to make in the SLBP fandom. It’s encouraged me to finally write fan fiction again after 10 long years. Thank you!

@jemchewreadsfanfiction, @fooljshgirl, @hotdamnvoltageman, @slbpdrabbles


He cradles a chrysanthemum in his hand as he skims through the tree tops towards the Takeda residence. While making the journey he was rather proud to find one impeccably full bloomed and dusted pink in way that reminds him of the blush of her cheeks. Perfect for the purpose of this trip, an inevitable conclusion that Kotaro knew would arrive sooner or later.

Yet now he is steadfast and his purpose sticks in his head like the thudding, searing headaches that once completely encompassed his mind and thoughts - only lulled by death forged by his hands. That is - until her and her genuine laugh that pierced through his suffocating haze of agony and lodged straight into his heart. It opened a path he never knew possible for someone so pathetic, so worthless as him who never believed there was any other option than to kill, kill, kill and seek forgiveness for every breath he continued to take.

He spots her on the veranda overlooking their usual meeting spot, leaping down from his perch. “Hello again. This is for you,” he announces, holding out the chrysanthemum as she looks up from the hands wrung together in her lap.

“Kotaro,” she says unsettled, almost flying from her seat. Her features suggest she did not sleep well; he wants to claw at himself for causing such distress to someone so divine, “Please-”

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Little Green - First (Jongdae, pt.1) [Chronicles of the Wolf]

[ Jongdae | Little Green ]
  \ first


You quietly slipped out of your little bakery, green and brown hood hiding most of your face as you gripped the full basket in your hands tightly, making small, uncertain steps to the forest near your town. Your mother had fallen ill and you were supposed to bring the basket full of food to the twelve wolves residing deep in the forest.

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The Truth About Forever

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader ft. Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: Romance, Implied Smut?, Angst, Slice of Life
  • Words: 6.3K
  • Description: There are a lot of things you know. You knew the water in the lake was the clearest, most fresh tasting in the world and that lavender hyacinth graced every hillside, peeking through patches of wild grass and forest green shrubbery. You knew the weather was pleasant enough and the air clean enough even for someone with a body as weak as yours to sleep peacefully under clear moonlit nights. You know a lot of things, but there was one thing you didn’t know…

 “Jungkook and Y/N forever…” Seokjin reads the little inscription on the corner. “Hey, this person even has the same name as you, how weird.”

Reverof is a quaint little town located on the shores of a large freshwater lake, one of the largest in the world. Settled back in a bygone era, known as the early stages of the industrial revolution, it has long past its steel producing, machine manufacturing days and has now become a top vacation destination due to its invitingly mild weather and stunning natural scenery. People from all over the country flock to Reverof annually, spending their holiday weekends camping by the mountainside, hiking through its charming forest trails, gazing at its magnificent waterfalls, and sailing on the surface of the lake’s ocean-like vastness.

The lake was so big; the other side of the shore was not visible to the naked eye. Anybody visiting would think Reverof was just like a city by the ocean, and being a lakeside town, it did have most of the attractions a seaside port city would offer, but of course there were a couple of differences here and there. Reverof didn’t have rocky cliff shores that jut out to be met with aquamarine waves, but instead pine tree covered slopes that gradually reached out into the clear water. It didn’t provide the signature salty breeze and blushing beaches at sunset, but it did have the gentle musky scent of a forest after the rain and colorful pebble covered shorelines.  

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Supercorp for Days

Note: This was my take on the International Kissing Day prompt-of-sorts that I saw across my dash today. 

Second Note: I know it’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Supercorp is waking my muse from her coma, hopefully I will be writing more. 

Kara always made it a point to take her time on a gift, to be sure it was thoughtful, although practical was also okay, as long as it was something that reminded her of the person or would mean something to them. There was nothing like receiving a present that was picked out just for you, not some end-of-the-aisle promotion or next-to-the-checkout-counter last minute addition.

This holiday season, Lena was on the gift list, too. 

“You have to promise to follow it if you can,” Kara urged her, as she unwrapped the present.

It was a desk calendar. The box proclaimed “Daily Reasons to Celebrate!” and Lena promptly set it on her desk on the first of the year, expecting to see “New Year’s Day” as the obvious choice, but the text on January 1st revealed it was also “Bloody Mary Day.”

Lena chuckled and celebrated appropriately.

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Finally finished Lady of the Lake (spoilers)

The ending was beautiful especially the scene with Geralt and Yennefer; they can finally live in peace. After reading the books and playing the games, the former seems so much more enjoyable.

She looked eagerly, as if she would memorise his image, as if to save it for the future, for all eternity. He also looked at her as nostalgia gripped his throat.
“We were in a boat with Ciri,” Geralt recalled. “On a lake. Then on a river with a strong current. Among the fog.”
He fingers found his hand and squeezed hard.
“Lay still, my love. Lay still. I’m with you. It does not matter what happened, it does not matter where we were. Now I’m with you. I will never leave you. Never.”
“I love you, Yen.”
“I know.”

                     The Death of King Arthur by James Archer (1823–1904) 

Ciri’s conversations with Galahad (with the connection to Le Morte d'Arthur, Avalon, and King Arthur) ,the scene where Yennefer layed down ground rules for Triss, and the final lines of the books were some of my favourite moments.


“You’re not going to meet a loved one, Triss,” Yennefer continued. “I am not so noble or stupid enough to give you the opportunity, or him the temptation. But just for today. I could not deny myself the sweet satisfaction. He will know what role you play as a member of the Lodge. He will thank you for that with his famous look. And I’ll be looking at your quivering lips and trembling hands, I will listen to your lame apologies and excuses. And you know what, Triss? I will faint with delight.”

“I knew,” Triss grunted. “That you would not forget, that you would take your revenge. I agreed to this, because I was actually at fault. But one thing I must tell you, Yennefer. Do not count too much on fainting. He knows how to forgive.”

“He knows what was done to him, of course,” Yennefer narrowed her eyes. “But he will never forgive you for what was done to Ciri. And me.”

“It is possible,” Triss swallowed. “He may not forgive. Especially if you insist. But he won’t fly into a rage. He won’t lower himself like that.”Yennefer flicked her horse with her whip in anger. The animal whinnied and leapt and the sorceress swayed in her saddle.

“Enough talk,” she snapped. “More humility, you smug viper! He is my man, mine and only mine! Do you understand? You have to stop talking about him, to stop thinking about him, you have to stop admiring his noble character… As of right now, right now! Oh I want to grab you by your matted red hair…”


They rode off towards the sunset. Behind them they left a darkening valley. Behind them was a lake, an enchanted lake, a lake blue and smooth as a polished sapphire. Behind them were left the boulders littering the shore. And pine trees on the slope. 

That was left behind them.

And everything else was in front of them.

Tree Roots

Auvers-sur-Oise, July 1890 Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890)

oil on canvas, 50.3 cm x 100.1 cm
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation)

This painting seems at first sight to consist of a jumble of bright colours and fanciful abstract forms. Only after that do you realise that it shows a slope with tree trunks and roots. These are trees used for timber, growing in a marl quarry. Such quarries could be found around Auvers (FR). The work was not entirely completed. That explains its unfinished appearance. It is probably Van Gogh’s very last painting. Andries Bonger, the brother-in-law of Vincent’s brother Theo, described it in a letter: ‘The morning before his death, he had painted a sous-bois [forest scene], full of sun and life.’

I think they must have given Jadyn an apple box for that kiss because she was at equal height with Eddie and as he was standing at the highest point of the tree root slope and Eddie wasn’t holding her up…even on her tippy toes she would struggle to match him 😂😂😂