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Hello! I was wondering if you could do one were Lance has congenital insensitivity to pain. (CIP) and he gets hurt on a mission but doesn't realize until the team is freaking out rushing him to the pods. Thank you!!

-Hi! I’m sorry this took so long! I really hope you like it! :)

The scenery around Lance blurs. His heart pounds as he rushes through the tangled mass of vines and trees. His feet slap noisily against the muddy swap water that seeps into his suit with each step. His breaths are strained in the heat. Lance isn’t even sure where he’s going anymore.

“There he is!” The shout comes from behind him. Lance whips around to find a Galra soldier rushing towards him through the brush. His weapon rises on it’s own accord. The shot hits the soldier right in the knee. He stumbles and falls. Lance really hopes that no one heard hi-WHOOSH. The sound of a weapon whistling through the air stops Lance’s thoughts in their tracks.

He whirls his body around to find a second soldier. He’s staring in shock at Lance, arm raised like he just threw something. Lance doesn’t see it though, it must have fallen? Lance doesn’t really care. His shot hits the center of the Galra’s chest. It knocks him over, stuns him, but leaves him alive.

Lance doesn’t waste any time in continuing to run.

His legs are shakier than before and it causes Lance to stumble over several branches. His vision spins a bit. It must be exhaustion from all the running. Lance pauses to scan his surroundings. Is that- yes!

Lance raises his pace to a full on sprint as his lion comes into view. His feet carry him steadily up the ramp before collapsing as soon as the doors close. Blue takes off without waiting for him to reach the pilot’s seat. Lance is fine with it. Wow, running sure can take a lot out of a guy. Maybe he should train more often? Not that he doesn’t train enough alrea- Lance’s train of though is cut off as His lion lands in the hangar of the castle.

He rises on wobbly legs and stumbles out of Blue. The rest of the team is already waiting for him.

“Lance!” Shiro’s worried voice travels across the span of the room, his face is pale and drawn as he runs up to the blue paladin. “What took so long? Are you okay?”

Lance waves off his fussing and begins to walk to the rest of the group. “I’m fine Shiro, just got held up by some soldiers who wer-” “OH MY GOSH!” Shiro cuts Lance off as soon as the blue paladin has passed him. His eyes are draw to Lance’s back with a look of rising horror.

Lance turns around, confused. “Shiro, what’s wrong?” the world begins to spin again and Lance falls forward.

Shiro just manages to catch him before he slams into the floor. His gaze never leaving the knife sticking out of Lance’s armor.


-Hey! I hope you liked it! I’m working on the rest of the requests as well, sorry for the wait! :)

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what about the rest of the squip squad? are they gods too?

the last post i made said christine jake and jenna were gods but i wasnt specific about which so ill fix that

christine is actually artemis! shes just been disguising herself to be friends with michael because of his devotion to her other friend, the cryptid god!

and jake is apollo, also disguised cause he wants to be cool and play some sick lyre with michael

jenna is just another form or disguise for hermes!!

chloe is the naiad daphne!! except instead of turning her into a tree gaia slapped jake and sent him on his way

 brooke is a water nymph chillin with chloe

rich is originally hyacinthus but jenny dpz proposed an alternate where hes icarus thought to be dead for trying to reach out to the sun but was actually taken into jakes arms while his wings fell into the sea


I come back from the St. Williams Nursery with a $221 Plant Haul. Quite the road trip and quite the sale and nursery as expected. The leg pain I got from crouching to look at tags quickly I did not expect however lol. So then, the list of purchased plants from the ones in the back to the front, left to right;

  • Bladdernut (Staphylea trifolia)
  • Swamp Rose (Rosa palustris)
  • Dwarf Chiunquapin Oak (Quercus prinoides)
  • Chinquapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii)
  • Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida)
  • Redbud (Cercis canadensis)
  • Yellow Coneflower (Ratibida pinnata)
  • Bush Honeysuckle (Diervilla lonicera)
  • Groundnut Vine (Apios americana)
  • Virginia Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum virginianum)
  • Virgin’s Bower (Clematis virginiana)
  • Bulbet Fern (Cystopteris bulbifera)

Surprise surprise that Dwarf Chiunquapin Oak flowers while still so small! The huge majority of these fellas are staying in the greenhouse for various reasons until they either have more roots (the clematis), till an area is full-on marked for planting (the oaks), or until the new gardenspace for the coming house addition is built (basically almost everything else). There appear to be zone location origins on the tags so I may try to get my plant documentation work back in order so that said zones for these particular children can be noted.

Photographed May 20th 2017

The Mountains Are Shaking

I can feel it in my feet
In my gut
The sky’s empty
Completely clear
I can almost make out infinity from here
Maybe I should work seven days a week to save up for an expensive telescope so I can make out infinity

The trees are shaking
Stupidly slapping their arms back and forth
They have to be tired
I don’t know
I’m tired
But the birds are singing
Their nests are falling
Weeds are growing
The wind’s howling

The waves are shaking
Crashing onto themselves
Turning water white
Reflecting golden-pink-purple sunsets
Swallowing men alive
While toddlers hum on the shore killing sand crabs

The babies are shaking
Self-inflicting shaken baby syndrome
Dancing in the streets
Screaming at the night
On performance-enhancing drugs

The stars are shaking
I might be drunk
But it seems like the stars are definitely shaking
Taunting me
Seducing me
Freaking me out
When did any of this become normal?
When did we decide to accept far away giant fire planets as a part of everyday life?

My hands are shaking
Been shaking since I was little
Trembling like cold teeth
Not sure why
Nothing’s wrong with me
Nothing’s really that wrong with me
Blah Blah Blah

The mountains are shaking
Their shadows shaking
Your Ma’ and Pa’ shaking
Their dog shaking from the thunder
Your head shaking from the pressure
Golden light shaking
Forever and ever
Keeping you on your toes

last night I had a dream I owned a huge-ass grove of maple trees (which were called cherry trees but they were most definitely maple trees) and seto fucking kaiba was trying to bully me into selling my trees so he could build a kaibacorp office or something. 

me being the brat I am told him exactly where he could shove that office building and said fuck off and when he tried to argue with me dark necrofear?? showed up from behind a tree??? and she slapped him across the face so hard he fell onto the ground as she bent over and screamed at him don’t take his fucking trees

i should probably avoid pain medication before bed.

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MINOR ANGST! What if the UT, US, and UF skeletons and their SO got in an argument. The SO said something that made the skellies strike a nerve and yell at them. How would they react if their SO apologized shortly before running away crying their eyes out?

(ahh, angst is my life fuel. As long as it has a happy end)

UT Sans: He normally doesn’t lose his cool that easily, but what you said really hit a sore spot. It’s the first time you hear him raise his voice, and you realize what you just said. You apologies and run away to your room, tears stinging in your eyes.

Sans feels bad about what happened, he shouldn’t have lost his cool over something small like that. But it really hurt him to hear that, especially from you mouth. He doesn’t follow you, he isn’t to keen on confrontations, so you will have to come to him. You both apologies, you both feel bad about what happened. But Sans isn’t one to dwell on this things for to long, he is to lazy for something like that. So you two give each other some space for the rest of the day after what happened, but then cuddle up to watch some movies when it gets dark. Everything is back to normal.

UT Papyrus: He honestly always yells. But it’s a friendly yelling, more like enthusiastic shouting. But the you start arguing, and you say something you regrett instantly. He doesn’t yell at you, he just asks quietly if you really mean that. Somehow that’s worser then yelling coming from him. You apologise in a chocked sob and run to your room.

He will need a few minutes to collect himself, before he comes after you. He will tell you that he knows that you didn’t mean it, and that even the second greatest after him, you can sometimes make mistakes. You both end up cuddling.

US Sans: He is a friendly fellow, but he can get angry. So when you two argue, and you say something he really didn’t wanted to hear from you, his voice rises above his normal, already loud level, anger clear in his voice. You are already covering your mouth in shock, tears in your eyes. He slaps a hand in front of his mouth when you apologize and run away, he doesn’t like getting angry, especially not at you. He goes after you to apologize himself, the thing you said still ringing in his ears, and it still stings a little bit.

He finds you somewhere outside, crying by yourself. He sits next to you and puts a hand on your thigh, he is better with gestures then with words, and apologizes for yelling. You both sit there and hug for a bit, you saying you didn’t wanted to hurt him, he saying he shouldn’t have yelled nonetheless. Then you go home and put it behind you, no use broding over it any longer.

US Papyrus: Even with his lazy attitude, he still has a temper. So when you actually figth for once, you figth. You both get pretty loud, saying things you will regrett saying later on, but it doesn’t matter in the heat of the moment. Eventually something you regrett saying rigth away slips out, and he gets furious. Yelling louder then before, he is the one to leave while you try to apologize. He walks in the forest next to snowdin, smoking trough half a pack of cigaretts to cool his head.

Sitting on a tree stump, he slaps himself in the face, that could have gone better. He sits there for a little longer, his last cigarett long smoked to a stub, but not wanting to lit another one. He comes back home and you are not in the living room anymore, so he walks up to your room slowly, knocking on the door. He finds you sobbing on your bed and sits next to you, his hands awkwardly on his lap and apologizes for yelling and storming out, but what you said really hurt him nonetheless. You apologize for what you said, this time not interrupted by a door slamming shut behind him. Like with classic Sans, you give each other some space for the end of the day, but are back to normall after dark, cuddling on the sofa.

UF Sans: This edgy Skeleton may pretend to have a temper, but he actually only has a foul mouth. So when you two figth, he doesn’t yell, just snaps and hisses his arguments angrily. When you say something that strickes a nerve, he is the one with tears in his eyes. He leaves silently, normally used to taking this kind of things, but not from somebody he actually cares about. You follow him to apologize, the door to his room will probably already be locked, so you apologize quitly trough the door. 

This is where he starts yelling at you. You haven’t heard him actually raise his voice before so it’s a shocking surprise, when he yells at you to leave him alone and screams some profanities in your direction, insulting you and your ancestors in a very colourfully worded way. You leave in tears, quietly apologizing another time, both of you staying in your rooms for the end of the day. You are already in bed, trying to sleep and hope that you can make up in the morning, when the door opens and Sans is crawling into your bed next to you, carefull not to touch you yet. He is turned away from you, and mumbles an apologie for yelling at you, you mumble an apologie back. You two skootch a bit closer, by the end of the nigth you two will be an entangled pile of limbs like every morning.

UF Papyrus: He has a short temper and a booming voice, so your arguments leave him yelling at the top of his lungs. But normally it’s just yelling, with no bite behind it, but this time you said something that he really didn’t wanted to hear, and it’s the first time you are afraid of him. His eyey glowing red, he towers over you, yelling insults and how-dare-yous at you and you flee from him, chocking out an apologie, tears streaming down your face. He freezes after he sees the fear in your eyes, sinking to the floor after he hears your door slam shut, the key turning in the lock.

He want’s other monsters to fear him, even though there is nothing to actually fear about him, he never kills if there is another option, and he is never cruel about it. It’s just safer for him and his allies, if he is feared. But he never wanted to see that fear in your eyes, and never do something that causes it. Damn his short temper. He goes outside, head in his hands to get you some of your favorite sweets. Similiare to US Sans is better with gestures then with words whe it comes to apologies. He comes back later then he usually does, avoiding to go home for some time. He knocks at your door and calmly and quietly asks you if you could open it. When you unlock it, he quietly show the sweets into your hands, not looking you in the eyes and starts rambling out an apologie he came up with while he was outside, the writen version still clutched in his one hand. He is so nervouse about the whole thing, he keeps forgetting and glanzing at the paper. He will get a bit distant from you for the next few days, until you reassure him that you forgive him. 


Pairing: Arthur Ketch x reader(Winchester)

Warnings: spanking,semi- smut, NSFW, fluff, UNDERAGE!reader, gifs (?!)

Summary: Arthur and reader are secretly seeing each other, but is it really just the sex?

You were laying on your stomach, naked and exposed, spread on his lap. His hard cock pressed into you made you giggle a little. You couldn’t see his face, but you could bet with your life that he is smirking. 

Actually, you were betting with your life. Seeing him was wrong, sleeping with him- even more! You are 17. You are a Winchester. Your brothers would kill you and him, if they knew. His organisation would do the same. 
But, here you are, waiting for him to punish you for not wearing any panties. 

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Just in case you’re naming any of your Hallowe’eny characters Samhain or find yourself talking about the origins of the celebration, it’s pronounced Sow-in/Sah-win. If you call it Sam-Hayn, Irish people will appear from the trees and thoroughly slap th’bejaysus out of you. It’s the law, I’m afraid. 

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‘I pray this doesn't seem offensive, but can I get the guys with an S/O with ADHD? (Trouble concentrating is one symptom of it)’

I pray this doesn’t seem offensive, but can I get the guys with an S/O with ADHD? (Trouble concentrating is one symptom of it)

One of my friends has ADHD! So I know somewhat what it’s like heh.

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