tree riding

hey since im seeing another one making the rounds heres a periodic reminder that pretty much every single ‘this frog actually just started riding another animal! wacky!!!’ photoset is staged, and is staged by cooling the frogs to the point of being unable to move and then posing them. which even without the physical harm is stress inducing enough to do serious damage. those photos arent cute, unless your definition of 'cute’ is terrified animals being forced into unnatural situations while being physically harmed and unable to move. stop spreading them


twenty one pilots medley // lottie owens cover [download] [soundcloud]

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I know the roads are icy but isn’t it worth the ride… a little Narnia for us my love… but remember don’t drive too quick the roads are very slick… but adventure is always worth a try and this is definitely worth a ride ❄️🌌

anyway General Antiope and her lover are like Diana’s Wine Moms™ and are soft wives when they’re not Training™ and Kicking Ass™. they’re those neighbors who always have everyone over for a deer roast with fresh fruits and vegetables but they’re vegetarian so they let Diana devour the deer ok. Antiope is the one who taught Diana everything: from climbing trees, riding horses, to swords and archery. She even gave her the sex talk when Diana accidentally walked in on them in a Heated “Training Session” not doubt no doubt but like,,,,, Diana had her first girlfriend and brought her to meet Antiope and her lover who interrogated her with a lasso, probably. LISTEN. also. antiope is probably the Softest and goes on soft meadow dates and they sit in the high mountain top trees to watch the sun set and go swimming and I’m emotional don’t touch me