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Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree
Day One
25 Days of Christmas

You and Jay had spent all day picking out the perfect Christmas tree for your house. It was your first real Christmas together. You’d been together for a few years but it was the first time you’d spent it under the same roof. You baked cookies and decorated inside the house. He spent a good chunk of the day streaming lights on the roof, and all that was left to do was decorate the tree together.

Jay dug through your box of ornaments. “Is there supposed to be some kind of order or do we just start slapping stuff on there?”

“Be careful with that, they’re sentimental” You laughed “What did you do last year?”

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How would GOT7 propose


You two were out to dinner in a fancy af place. He was going to propose you there, but got nervous and kinda forgot. So when you were going to say goodbye at your apartment he put his hands in his pockets and touch the little velvet box getting flustered 
“Eh, why are you so red?”
“Huh, I, um…" 
"There is something I want to ask you actually”

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“Mark babe, what’s this” you ask holding the little book
“What’s what? HOly sHIT”
“Huh, I’m going to read it okay?”
“Wait a second babe, let me get closer" 

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It was December, you both were looking for christmas trees to decorate both your apartment and his dorm. You were amazed how big the trees were, whispering how much you wanted all of them, back facing Jinyoung and then you turn to point the perfect tree
"Oppa, look at that…”
“I’ve been wanting to ask you a thing for a while now. So Y/N, will you marry me?”

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He took you on a lunch date and afterwards to a walk on the park. You loved fountains so much, when you both got close to it he kneeled down on the ground and you stood there dumbfounded 
“Is this…" 
But he started lacing his shoes
"YAH! Jackson" 
You start walking without him, pissed at him for playing a mean joke on you, mumbling how you were going to revenge on him. He ran after you throwing his arms around your shoulders and with the other hand giving you a velvet box
"I was just kidding, babe. Now, will you please marry this perfect man that I am?" 

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You both had just woke up and were sitting on the couch eating cereal bowls while watching something on the TV, suddenly he get up
"Wait here, I have something to give you”
“Umm, ok" 
Then he would return with his hands closed. Taking both his and yours bowls to the coffee table, he hold your hands while asking”

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This punk and you would be riding karts, competing against each other of course. You were in your second lap and he passes by you while yelling
“Look at the sky, just for a second honey”
So you did it, eyes growing bigger by the second. You kind of lose control of the kart and hit the tires that were there for safety. He comes at your rescue almost crying
“Oh my god, honey, are you okay?
"YAH YOU PUNK! You almost made me die, I should reject your proposal because of it”
“But you won’t right? Coz I love you so so much Y/N”
“No, I won’t. I love you too, punk" 

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He would be the simplest. Both of you were standing in the middle of the living room playing Just Dance. Of course he would be winning, suddenly he stops and turns to you
“I was just wondering something, you know”
“Spill it”
“Will you marry me?”
Now it’s your turn to stop and look at him like he grown a second head
“What?! Are you serious?”

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160903 My Kiss Video Call Event (Minhyuk)

Minhyuk with the winners of the ‘My Kiss’ event.

Minhyuk: Anyway! Make sure to have dinner! The weather today is nice so go for a walk as well~~  

Fan: Okay!

Minhyuk: Bye~~~

It was only 5 minutes and the phone call ended.

Fan: What are your hobbies recently?

Minhyuk: I don’t have nay hobbies but let’s go with ‘archery’ as my hobby..

Fan: Ah kekeke I heard oppa got three tens!

Fan: What character do you play often in Overwatch?

Minhyuk: You’re curious about that…?

Fan: Nope but the other fans are…

Minhyuk: I’m Zarya!

Fan: How are the trees that Kihyun oppa planted on Arbor Day~~

Minhyuk: Ah they’re on the veranda but one’s living and the other one is dying..

Fan: Do you have any thoughts of taking one photo a day like Wonho oppa? 

Minhyuk: I’ll think about it!

Fan: Ah why 

Minhyuk: I’ll try asking Wonho about copyrights and if I can I’ll try!

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