tree of tranquility gill


I can’t take Leo seriously because he reminds me so much of Gill from Harvest Moon Animal Parade & Tree of Tranquility. And look at this:



So idk if i’m the only one who made this connection, but I always felt like Leo reminded me a lot of Gill from Harvest Moon (Tree of Tranquility & Animal Parade). They both seem pompous, they have the same hairstyle, and they both love tomatoes lol. I apparently have a type cause I fell for both of them <3

Full Confession:

I fell in love with Gill when I first played ToT, but after several months of hardcore gaming I lost my disc. Luckily I received Animal Parade the year it came out as a Christmas present. Even though I was still in love with Gill, I had already married him before and thought trying for a new bachelor would be best. I started calling Gill my ex-husband to my friends and pretended like my farmer had moved to get a fresh start. The scene when Gill returns fit perfectly with my idea, it was so dramatic I honestly believed it was two ex-lovers seeing each other for the first time in a long time.

But seeing Gill again made it hard for me to go through with marrying any of the other bachelors. Actually, even though it’s been many years I’ve still yet to tie the knot. My heart wants the MC to reconnect with her ex husband, but my head always says that that’s a silly idea, so she’s stuck.

Full Confession:

I remember that before I married Chase in Tree of Tranquility I was actually interested in Gill. I was having a difficult time deciding who I wanted when I accidentally triggered Maya’s first rival scene. I sorta panicked and ended up proposing to Chase. I was so disappointed that I would have to give up Gill, I made sure we went on one last date before I was married. Literally the day before my wedding he showed up and gave me a bottle of cold medicine which I still have.

After Chase moved in and I had kind of accepted my fate, he said something to me at the Harvest Festival that won me over in an instant. He said he didn’t care about winning the cooking contest anymore because Yolanda’s praise wasn’t enough, and that he only cared for my approval. That changed the way I saw him entirely because I know that Chase LOVES to cook. If he wants to choose me over his passion then he really does love me. I don’t regret marrying him anymore because he’s shown me on multiple occasions that he does really care for me.