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280 Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Origins of Chimaeroid Fishes

Discovery allows scientists to connect the last major vertebrate group to the tree of life 

Date: January 4, 2017
Source: University of Chicago Medical Center

High-definition CT scans of the fossilized skull of a 280 million-year-old fish reveal the origin of chimaeras, a group of cartilaginous fish related to sharks. Analysis of the brain case of Dwykaselachus oosthuizeni, a shark-like fossil from South Africa, shows telltale structures of the brain, major cranial nerves, nostrils and inner ear belonging to modern-day chimaeras.

This discovery, published early online in Nature on Jan. 4, allows scientists to firmly anchor chimaeroids – the last major surviving vertebrate group to be properly situated on the tree of life – in evolutionary history, and sheds light on the early development of these fish as they diverged from their deep, shared ancestry with sharks…

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illustration by Kristen Tietjen

On Relativity in Magick

I must admit it to be a bit irksome when I see people, online and offline, attempting to use scare tactics or bully-style persuasion in order to have others believe the same BS they believe. (Note: BS = Belief System = Bull Shit)

This, to me, only demonstrates that the “know it all” practitioner attempting to persuade hasn’t actually grasped the concept of mental Relativity and how it connects to the Art & Science of Magick.

If you prefer to use the Chakra system as your map and model for spiritual work then the color of your Heart center, to you, will be different than it is to me (utilizing the tree of life as the model of energy centers in the subtle body). One studying the Nagual path as put forth by Lujan Matus will believe the astral to be an evil place to be avoided, where-as one studying the Nagual path as put forth by Carlos Castaneda or the variation presented by John O'Neill (Dreamways) will believe it to be the main source of one’s power. The former would scoff at the latter, and the latter would giggle at the former–yet both claim the same path and utilize the same terminology and jargon.

A Wiccan might banish an entity which seems malevolent, a Thelemite might question it first, and a Chod practitioner would open up their whole self to the entity in trust that everything is perfection. The Wiccan trying to convince the Chod practitioner of the dangers of their path would be speaking out of pure ignorance towards Chod rather than a higher knowledge and understanding of the esoteric. Even if you mean well, speak your opinion softly and then stfu without any expectation that the other person should take your advice.

 The general rule of thumb is that while you are entitled to your opinion it is only RELATIVE to your own self and may be true for another or it may only confuse/deceive/hurt the other. You do not know their universe, you barely know your own, don’t be that person who tries to diagnose a medical issue without knowing medicine.

Teaching your own students is a whole different story. They are being initiated into the same path and system as yourself. Even here though one must be keen to realize that what your path becomes to them might be very different than what it became to you, and that is okay. If a master cannot adapt to variation then they are not much of a master at all.

Relativity is the Word, the Logos, of the whole point I’m attempting to make here. While your Enlightenment might lay through the Higher Self, another’s might start or end with his own Daemon or Lucifer. 

here’s the Rainbow Green Phase Chart, ideally you start with Phase 1 and eat that way for 6 months or so, then move to 1.5, and finally settle at Phase 2 for a lifetime. The level of sugar in this form of eating is miniscule, even at Phase 2 it is radically lower than most other “flavors” of the raw food diet which is usually heavy on fruits and/or desserts. This book is really informative, has a ton of recipes and is pretty easily available at most libraries/bookshops.