tree of lava


Remember that post I made explaining that the henchmaniacs sometimes bully Dipper? That’s uh- probably not a thing anymore. 

Besides someone has to instill Dipper with self-confidence and that someone’s not going to be Bill for a while

Bill’s mostly frustrated because auuugh it’s so hard to make Dipper LIKE him but everyone else makes it so easy it’s almost like you have to treat someone like an actual person to gain their respect or something what the hell is this

Snag in a Field of Pumice, Lava Cast Forest Recreation Area, Newberry Volcanic National Monument, Deschutes County, Oregon.

This tree undoubtedly dates from significantly after the last volcanic eruption and grew to substantial size before it died, probably from lack of adequate water. Nearby though not visible in this photo are some rather unphotogenic lava casts of trees from before that eruption.

May 11 Update

Ugh, so beautiful, like so beautiful. The art is great as usually. But to the topic at hand. Gil finally realises the lies Maggie was saying. 

I love his exasperated self like this is what ruined his day, not seeing his school mate crush dead, not watching Ava murder a crowd/Strategos Six, not even Odin carrying Ava unconscious onto the only getaway ship but Maggie lying about crashing the ship. Their banter is priceless, how Gil pokes a hole through  Maggie’s excuses and flawed argument is just perfect.  They’re almost like an old married couple, incredible the development they went through in just a few days and a few murders.

Even Odin’s reaction is amazing.

Smoking through the bickering, he does not give any fucks. Odin is out of fucks to give. Let him smoke his lungs black.

Even Nevy, who’s back by the way, surprise, is giving no shits.

Nevy is tired of Maggie’s shit too, she is fucking tired.

And last of all Maggie’s reaction, I’m, I’m just loving it.

Her embarrassment is beautiful. Tree girl is like lava girl.


DORKS // Random adventures of two dorks ♥

I realized I still didn’t explain much about the SHIFT/ANOMALY thing going on. Well.. Imagine the Underground, where all the locations exist overlapped at the same time in one space. Various attributes of said locations, like Waterfall or Hotland simply gotten mold together… now there’s almost no way how to tell locations apart, because everything seems to be mixed up with the rest - there are icewalls in Ruins, snow in Hotland, pipes in Snowdin… The buildings, walls, hotdog stalls, trees and plants, lava, water, rain….everything exists everywhere as if without much logic, creating unique places that still have traces of what these two know very well. The only way how to tell “locations”apart is by the “rules” that apply there. In Snowdin, snow was cold but the SHIFT made it hot - upside-down logic. So G can tell what place it used to be using this reversed-logic kind of thing…but at times it’s impossible. Since everything seems to exist at same time and place- like papers stashed one on another, with cracks n rifts where you can see the other layer, it’s futile to try tell the places apart. That’s the reason why these two can’t seem to be finding the CORE. The story started in Tru Lab area, but the Anomaly mixed it all up. These two try to go with their gut-feeling (Frisk mostly hearing the COREs “voice” getting closer and G doing various experiments while Frisk is asleep to test out the physics and logic that might apply to the area…so they wouldn’t get into an accident). The biggest problem is the CORE it self - it seems to be constantly “slipping/running away” from these two…so whenever they feel they are close to an area where the CORE could appear, it simply vanishes or re-locates. It’s in constant movement, apparently, just like before - it was constantly re-arranging it self in the game and does the same thing with its existence and location. The CORE even might exist EVERYWHERE. Parts of its magic intervowen with the locations. The echoflowers are the most balanced thing that exists there, choosing to stay silent and storing the strongest magic (and sanity)of the CORE. They grow everywhere at every location, replacing the golden flowers that seemed to vanish without trace, just like everyone else. I hope these pages get a bit better image of the Echotale world. I’d love to draw more of the locations someday ♥

gaster!sans original design by @borurou

inspiration from @junkpilestuff

Echotale AU by me