tree of fluids

Truth is never measured by mass appeal. Mysticism has shown us everything. We have ionized our CSF and in doing so, we raised the caduceus. We have traversed the sephirothic tree of life and broke our hearts until it’’s fires bled within us. We have fulfilled our destinies. If we were to die tonight at least we can say we saw the truth. We died and were reborn, We know what the world refuses to contemplate, this is all we care for. Our names are written in the stars.

candle in the window

an: here, have some claire x owen pre i-rex. title blantantly stolen from reo speedway

The crew makes fun of him the first time he mentions Claire Dearing. 

And it’s not like he doesn’t expect it - he’s not exactly a love ‘em and leave ‘em kinda guy but he’s held, like, one solid relationship in his life and that went down in flames the first time he got thrown in the brig for conduct unbecoming. 

The point is, a woman like Claire Dearing isn’t exactly the type of woman Owen is used to. His navy buddies know it, and his coworkers definitely do too. 

It starts like this. He whistles, just a tinny little thing through his teeth, as she clicks away from a meeting, and there’s not really anything particularly devastating about her outfit - the pantsuit is slim and obviously high quality, but it does nothing for her ass or her tits and he’s always been a jeans-and-tee kinda guy anyway. It’s not the way she looks, not exactly. It’s something in the way her eyes flash, in the way her legs move as she walks, in the way she can hold the attention of a room full of miscreants and businessmen and scientists alike. 

He’d worked with a tiger, once, just a three-week span while he was working on his degree forever ago, and he can still remember the way it had felt the first time that awful fucking cat had made eye contact with him through the bars of the cage - she’d stared straight at him, still as a statue, and it had felt a bit like he was being deconstructed and put back together in her gaze. She’d chuffed, finally, a hot breath of air across his face as one gigantic paw swiped with zero intent to hurt across the bars, and then she’d turned away from him, slinking off into a tunnel of trees, her movement fluid and graceful, while Owen stared at her retreating back and wondered if he’d ever feel so exposed ever again.

That’s how he feels when Dearing sweeps her gaze over a room.

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Amber Love *Liam Dunbar Imagine*

Part Five

“So just a huge chunk of it, just gone?” The taller of the two girls questioned the other.

“Basically,” She maneuvered through the group of kids with her lunch tray. Y/N slid a chair out, plopping herself down but wincing slightly. “The doctor said it’s just temporary and its just short term but Stiles, and everyone has been helping out a lot.”

“By everyone, do you mean Liam?”

“Of course,” she took a bit out of her apple “why wouldn’t he?” Y/N eyes looked at her friend.

“Because last time I checked, you guys weren’t on the best of terms.”

“Oh,” shrugging she put down her apple looking to the lunch room’s entry way “I’m sure it wasn’t that big of a deal.” Her face lighting up as she made eye contact with her boyfriend.

“It didn’t seem that wa-” But the girl’s sentence ceased when she realized she no longer held the attention of her friend.

Y/N shifted her eyes back to the girl in front of her “You were saying something?”

“No, it’s no big deal.” Looking up the curly haired girl stood before anyone could join them. “Listen I’ll call you later.”

“Sure no problem, is everything okay though?” Y/N raised from her seat slightly.

“Yup fine.”

Y/N looked on as her friend walked past Liam and a few other freshman, blatantly ignoring their waves and greetings.

“Is she okay?” Liam questioned upon reaching the table.

“I think so. She’s been acting weird since I got out of the hospital.”

“Y/N, anything come back to you yet?” Upon hearing her name Y/n turned to Jesse shaking her head slowly “Well that sucks because you owe me a twenty.”

Y/N’s eyes widened. “Crap I’m sorr-” She attempted to reach for her bag on the side of her, but was stopped by Liam.

“Don’t worry, he’s just messing with you.”

“Oh.” She looked at Liam “I’m sorry.” Y/N apologized she broke eye contact and played with the less than mediocre food on the lunch tray.

“Hey, you paying attention?”

“Sorry what?” Y/N’s head snapped up.

Shaking her head Samantha smiled sympathetically at Y/N.

“Hey, you want to get out of here?” Liam whispered into her ear.

“Very much so.”


“Want to talk about it?” Liam questioned upon reaching the forest adjacent to the lacrosse field. Their walk to said forest had been silent, their hands interlocked and Liam’s thumb rubbing her’s in an attempt to comfort her.

Sighing Y/N leaned against a tree trunk sliding down it flinching as she heard the effect it had on the fabric of her pullover. “I don’t know where to begin.” She looked up to Liam, her eye’s following him when he joined her on the forest floor.

“How about the beginning?”

“That’s the problem, I don’t know where to begin. I can barely remember the last month. I mean when did you and Scott become friends. And Stiles, I mean no offense but he kind of sort of hates you. What exactly have I missed?”

Liam stayed quiet as he tried to figure out what to say. Him and the others had this conversation while she was unconscious. They all had various method of dealing with the situation and as a result had no time to come up with a set solution. One thing that had seemed to  be clear among their lot was the fact they would not reveal that Liam had become a werewolf, or the fact that Scott was the one that bit him.

“Liam!” Y/N snapped him out of his trance like state. “Where’d you go?” She smiled.

“Sorry just trying how to explain things.”

“How about you just start at Scott and Stiles. When’d the twosome become a threesome?” Liam’s face screwed up at the mental image, as if reading his thoughts “Okay, I worded that wrong.”

“Yeah, but basically lacrosse I guess. Coach said I had potential. That they should lead me or something like that”

“That’s amazing! I never asked, how was your try-outs? Was I there?”

“Yeah you were, you really helped me that day.”

Liam noticed the way her eyebrows quirked in silent curiosity but chose not to further his explanation. Before she could question him any further the school bell could be heard in the distance. Liam shot up, his hands outreached to help her up.

“Thank you.” She giggled dusting herself off. As Liam turned and grabbed their bags to walk to the direction of the school he heard her laughter grow.

Turning to face her he tilted his head “What?”

“You have leaves,” she stopped to laugh, giving up she motioned over for him to come closer to her. When he was a few centimeters away she indicated for him to turn around “You have leaves all over your butt.” She indicated as she attempted to dust them off. Liam laughed spinning around quickly and backing her against the tree in one fluid motion.

As if she had the wind knocked out of her, Y/N breathed out “Woah.”

Liam looked between her parted lips and her slightly glossed over eyes. Wants had overridden what was right and in that moment Liam couldn’t stop himself, as much as he wanted to. His lips captured hers, his right hand going to the bark of the tree above her head and his left on her waist squeezing slightly. Lips were bitten, skin scratched up against, slight moans were released on both parties behalf.

Breaking away slightly a hair strand apart, still panting Y/N was the first to speak up “Have we?”

She didn’t continue. Liam shook his head understanding her immediately. Swallowing slightly Y/N pulled him back to her.

“We’re going to be late.” Liam breathed out.

“Already are, what’s the sense in going now?”

“Well we could be  missi-”

“Shut up.” Y/N laughed slightly. “Just shut up and kiss me.” Nodding Liam’s lips rejoined hers. His hand had gotten tired, it moved to her neck his thumb rubbing against her pulse. He didn’t need to feel it to know how fast it beat. As if hit by cold water Liam separated himself remembering the reason they were in that moment, because she couldn’t remember, she didn’t know the truth. And anytime soon she could recall everything and that’d make problems that occurred between them that much worse.

“Liam” Y/N hand touched his cheek. He looked at her taking in her red lips and flushed complexion. He saw her hand make a hasty retreat.

“What?” He sighed out.

“Nothing, I swore for a second-” Y/N shook her head “Nothing, just my head, um headache.”

Liam moved away going to her bag “ Do you have the medication they gave you for them.”

Shaking her head the slightly puzzled girl took her bag and followed the guilty boy out of the forest “It’s good. I’m good.” She caught up to him, her hand wrapping around his that had been at his side. “Am I still coming over tonight?”

“Yeah,” Liam seemed to be running on autopilot “They’ll be gone from this afternoon so I guess you can head over after practice. I’ll text you when it’s over so you know when to head over.”

“No it’s alright, Stiles said he’d pick me up, plus we need to catch up.” Liam felt himself stop at her words halting Y/N in her tracks along with him. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah.” He continued to walk. But it wasn’t okay, Stiles was someone who thought she deserved to know the truth, not that Liam disagreed but he just wanted what he could have before she regained her memory, and he knew how messed up it sounded but he just need to be selfish this once.

“Babe, Language is this way.” Y/N spoke as she realized them heading different directions.

“Yeah. I know. I just need something from my locker.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“No, it’s alright. Plus it’ll be really suspicious if we go to class late together.” Nodding Y/N took his excuse even though she could see there was another reason for his departure.


“So tell me why you aren’t at practice again?” Y/N threw her school bag onto Stiles’ bedroom floor.

“I thought if I bought you frozen yogurt you’d stop with the questions.” Stiles placed her overnight bag onto the floor.

“Nu uh, you assumed I’d stop asking questions, I chose not to correct you.” She looked around the room, Stiles sitting on the floor leaning against his bed observing her closely. “You still have to explain stuff to me.” Y/N walked over to the board, she looked at it, observing it. “What’s missing?” She spun around looking at Stiles.

Smiling he got up walking next to her, his arm touching her’s. “Quite the observer you are. The deadpool. It’s a list of every supernatural being and how much they’re worth. Scott, Kira, Malia, Lydia, Perish and thats a few to mention are on it”

“And where is it?”

“Malia has it?”

“Oh yeah, the thing that helped her figure out that Peter was her dad. Right?”

Stiles nodded.

“Did you try to help her figure it out?”

Stiles shook his head.

“Why not?”

“I thought I was helping her.”

“You do know that helping her, would have been telling her the truth.”

Stiles turned to her his hands on her shoulders backing her against the board “So would you want to know something even though the person who’s been trying to tell you knows it s for the best for it to remain a secret?”

“You’re worrying me Stiles.” She looked up at him.

“You would want to know the truth regardless of what it is?”


“Are you sure?”

“Sti-” Y/N was cut off by her phone. Stiles let go of her and stepped back, “It’s Liam, he said he’s headed home.” Looking up at Stiles she exhaled as if she had been holding her breath “Is there something you want to tell me Stiles?”

Shaking his head, Stiles moved to grab both of Y/N’s bags “Liam’s waiting, let’s head out.”

“Stiles, is everything okay?”

“Yeah, let’s get you over to that trouble maker of yours.”


Laying in the slight dark Liam laid on his back, one hand under his head and his other playing with Y/N’s hair as she laid on his chest.

“Keep doing that and I’ll fall asleep.” Y/N breathed out contently.

“That’s the point.” Liam smiled.

“Where have you been all day?” Y/N sat up.

“What do you mean? I’ve been at school then practic-”

“No, I mean you seem to be off in your own little world. You have this look, I can’t explain it, but it’s like you’re waiting for something.”

“Nothing, I’m just stressing out?”

“Is there anything I can do?”

Liam shook his head “You just being here is enough, trust me.”

Y/N nodded laying down on her side turned away from Liam. He followed suit turning over to his side, his hands immediately wrapping around her.

Just as they had finally felt as if they were about to drift off Liam’s printer went off. Sitting up slowly they looked on as the pages printed out one after the next.

“Did you try to print out something earlier?” Liam asked Y/N.

Shaking her head she removed the covers from her body. Liam’s hands stopped her’s getting out of the bed walking over to the printer. As he bent down to retrieve the scattered papers Y/N got out of the bed walking over to him. Liam shot up, trying to turn off the printer, but the pages continued to fall. Finally he’d had enough and had pulled out the plug.

Y/N looked at her panic stricken boyfriend and grabbed a few pages off of the floor. Names catching her eyes. “Is this what Stiles was talking about? Is this the deadpool” She asked to no one in particular. She eyes continued to tear through the pages, she read the same name multiple times before she looked up at Liam. “Your name’s on this. Why the hell is your name on this?”