tree of daath

In order to reach the top of the Tree from Chesed, we have to cross the dread Abyss and encounter the mysterious so- called Sephirah “ D a a t h ” . This is a difficult undertaking in more ways than one, since so little is known or been written of either. The Abyss is whatsoever divides the Supernals from the rest of the Tree, and Daath is the means by which this Abyss may be bridged. An actual Abyss is of course a deep cleft or fissure in the ground which has calculable breadth but incalculable depth. What fails to cross it becomes lost within it, and is engulfed by the Unknown. This is why the symbol of an Abyss is used at this point of the Tree. It and Daath signify Ignorance bridged by Knowledge.

- WILLIAM G. GRAY; Qabalah Renovate