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Shay Cormac x Reader - Her Betrayed Heart

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[RQ for @indyanahr; an imagine where the reader takes Shay for dead after he betrays the Creed, finding him again after she’s had his twin sons.]

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You knew of his work; an Assassin for the Colonial Rite. While the title was off putting at first and made your blood run cold, you had spent too much time with this man, Shay Patrick Cormac, to ignore your feelings for him in the end. Your fear of him turned to worry when you realized he would be involved in his own secret war. Would you always be graced with his presence every morning and night?

While the months had been kind in granting you such a request, you still couldn’t help but worry. Some days he would come home fine and others, he would come home with an injury or two he’d bandaged himself before you tended to it.

At least that evening he was fine.

With everything into place for the meal that night, you found yourself crippled with nerves. Wooden spoon to your chest, clutching it as though it were the only thing to grant you strength, your back remained to him as you heard him take his seat there at the table. You had news to give him—news, which was just burning within your chest and dire to get out. For awhile yet, you had been sick, and upon finding a doctor within the city, you got your diagnosis: you were pregnant.

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