tree lite


LITES ABLAZE by james lucier

12 days of Christmas


AUTHOR: moose11229

Imagine Loki proposing on the 12th day of Christmas after gifting his beloved a gold chain bracelet as well as a charm a day. The charms all represent his and your essences as well as the activities that you both cherish. However, you outshine Loki’s well thought out proposal with your own little gift that he will be receiving in a few months time.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Thank you reading. Merry Christmas to all!

Chap 7/7

You had eaten a little of everything you had prepared and had a gingerbread cookie to finish off your “feast for one” and kept the rest for tomorrow. It was getting late, almost midnight and you thought about that angel you forgot to put up. You went in the living room where stood proudly your 8 foot tree all lite up and glowing gold and green. You got the ladder from the kitchen and came back to set it next to tree, needing to move the coffee table a little to get the space needed to climb up and get down safely. It was only three steps but you were still pregnant and should be more careful with little details like these.

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