tree lined path

“Colourful Mess”

This was one of those times when I was racing to find decent place to shoot before the sunset broke out in all it’s colours. It was looking like it was going to be a good one, so I settled with the first open field with a view to the west.
This sunset had great colour, but there was two layers of clouds, and the bottom layer wasn’t catching the light, so they blocked out some of the clouds above, causing breaks in the cloud trails and making them look messy in places.
I made this time stack by combing 308 photos into one image.

An Evening Walk  Chapter 4

Sunday Funday Part 2

After Rae dressed they made their way to Finn’s. Rae momentarily inspired Finn’s breathing to halt at the sight of her in a gorgeous a-line cobalt dress paired with knee high black boots and stockings. She kissed his shocked but smiling face and took him by the hand. They left her flat and made it to the street.
The blocks to Finn’s passed in a blur. He was far too distracted by Rae’s hand in his as they strolled the tree-lined path. He wrapped an arm around her back as they mounted the steps to his building.
Once Finn was bathed and changed he escorted Rae out to his motorcycle. Straddling the bike, he handed his spare helmet to Rae. It was a shiny blue with a faded Oasis decal on the side.
“Ya serious?” She laughed and shook her head at Finn. Pushing the helmet toward her again, he coaxed, “Come on, Rae. Have ya never been on one before?”
Taking the helmet, she shook her head. “Only scooters when I were a kid.”
He smiled. “This is the same thing. Just faster.” He winked and waved her closer with his index finger. Rae stepped over to him, her legs bumping against his knee. Finn helped her fasten the helmet and held onto her hand as she got on the bike behind him. He relished the feeling of her legs wrapping around him. Pushing up the kickstand, he gave Rae a reassuring pat on her thigh and started the engine.
Finn’s studio was a few kilometers off from his flat. Rae recognized the neighborhood. They were in the borough of Camden. Rae’s favorite shops were nearby. She remembered coming to the area on weekend trips with her mates from uni.
Rae enjoyed the ride on Finn’s motorcycle far more than she expected. Finn was a confident driver. She felt safe holding onto him and easily moved with his body as he took the turns in the road. She was actually looking forward to the ride home.
Finn pulled the bike down an alleyway. He guided it to a stop in a narrow parking slot. Rae noticed a metal stairway before them. It was painted a bright red and led to a landing by a large shiny, black door. Rising from the bike, Finn pulled off his helmet and reached out a hand for Rae. She felt a little unsteady getting down but didn’t want to show it. She’d spent the better part of her acquaintance with Finn feeling compromised.
“Alright there, girl?” He kept ahold of her hand after she safely had both feet on the ground.
“It were brilliant, Finn.I thought it might be scary but it was really fun.” She beamed at him as she patted her hair.
Unable to control himself, he pulled Rae in close. He kissed her soundly and held her tightly. Pushing a loose lock of hair back behind her ear, he stroked her cheek.
“Rae, you really are something. Ya know that, don’t ya?”
Placing his keys in the pocket of his leather jacket he pulled himself off the bike. He collected Rae’s helmet and locked it in a compartment under the bike’s seat. He kept his own in his hand and taking Rae’s again he moved them both up the stairs.
“Come on, girl. I would guess Archie beat us here and has been waiting. I thought I saw his car out front. But more importantly, I want ya to see my studio.” Sharing a sweet look they walked up the steps.
As soon as Finn opened the door a voice shouted, “Where have you been? These contracts won’t sign themselves, eh?”
A handsome bespectacled man came out from an interior room. His slim gray slacks paired with a sport coat over a burgundy dress shirt flattered his slight build and gave him a professorial air. Rae was struck by how familiar he looked.
Pushing up his glasses he gave her a long look.
“Rae? Is that you? Rae Earl?”
Rae nodded and said, “Archie! I had no idea you were THE Archie Finn mentioned!”
Crossing the space, Archie gathered Rae into a hug.
“Rae, I can hardly believe it. You look fantastic. Aw, it’s so good to see you. It’s been ages.’
Laughing as Archie released her, Rae said, “Ages? More like four years. You look brilliant, Arch.”
Utterly befuddled, Finn interjected, “Wait. How do you two know each other?”
“Uni.” They answered him in unison, not breaking eye contact.
Finn watched them. “How did I miss this?”
Archie finally deigned to look at Finn. “Well, we met a Bristol. Did you know that Rae is from Stamford too, Finn?” Finn nodded.
Rae picked up the thread, “We became good friends during our second year. Then Archie had to go and pursue his next degree and left me behind.” She pouted at Archie.
Putting an arm around her Archie cooed, “Ah, it wasn’t so bad. I knew you’d find your way to London eventually. You talked about moving here enough.” He hugged her again. “It is so grand to see you again, Rae.”
Finn was stunned. His best mate and his new girl knew each other. Apparently they were quite close. If Archie wasn’t gay, Finn would be jealous about now. He still managed to feel a pang of envy witnessing their mutual regard. Finn didn’t remember Arch mentioning an amazing girl that he met at Bristol.
“Arch, why did you never tell me you knew Rae?” He had to know.
Archie bit his lip. “I did, mate. I did.”
Both Rae and Finn turned to Archie.
“What? You did? When?” Finn pressed.
Archie pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and shrugged. “I actually tried to introduce you two back then.”
Rae and Finn turned to the other with questioning gazes.
“Nah, mate. I never saw Rae until this past Friday night.” Was that all it had been? Finn could hardly conceive of so much occurring in the span of a mere forty-eight hours.
“Hhhmmm,” Archie continued, “Really? Well, I tried to get you two together. Rae, do you remember me telling you about my best mate who shared your passion for music?”
Rae’s gaze wandered at Archie’s words. Her mouth fell open. “This is him??” She pointed at Finn. Finn grabbed the hand she pointed with and pulled her into his arms.
Archie smiled broadly and nodded.
An audible huff was released from Rae. “Ya have to be takin’ the piss, Arch.”
He laughed. “No, Rae. I had a feeling you and Finn should meet.” Appraising their body language he said, “And judging by the pair of you now, I was right.” He clapped Finn on the shoulder and winked at Rae.
They laughed. Finn and Rae kept catching the eye of the other and shaking their heads in disbelief.
“Well, as much as I love this reunion, I do have some business for Finn to attend to.”
“Course, Arch. Let’s have a sit and get through the paperwork.” Finn put an arm out to follow Archie into what looked like a meeting room and lounge.
Turning to Rae, Finn placed a hand on her cheek. “Rae, why don’t ya have a look around. The main studio is through the door there. The kitchen is to you right. Help yourself to anything you’d fancy.” He kissed her and turned after Archie.
Rae was giddy. She stood in the middle of the hallway by herself for a moment.
She couldn’t wrap her mind around seeing Archie and learning of his connection to Finn. Not to mention that Archie had designs on getting her together with Finn. Had she known when Archie first told her of his best mate, she wouldn’t have refused to go along with the scheme. Rae was still struggling with her self-image at the time. She truly felt any blind dates would have been convinced she wasn’t worthwhile. Maybe she had missed out on having Finn in her life sooner. Her mum’s old words of advice came back to her, what is meant for you will not pass you by. Sighing and shaking her head, she let the old negative thoughts depart and returned to the present. She had Finn now and that was what mattered.
Lifting her gaze, Rae opted to tour the kitchen first. A nice cuppa would settle her and would surely be appreciated by Finn and Archie. Finding an electric kettle upon entering the kitchen, Rae set to work. Finn certainly kept the place up. Everything was tidy and well organized. Rae was sipping her own cup of Earl Grey while the other cups steeped for the guys.
After she finished her cup, she walked back to the lounge/meeting room, two steaming mugs in her hands. She had learned yesterday how Finn liked his tea. As long as Archie’s tastes hadn’t changed since Uni, she remembered his preference as well.
Both heads turned to her as she entered. Finn stood and took the mugs from Rae. He kissed her cheek and whispered, “Ta for this, girl. Ya didn’t have ta.”
She kissed his cheek back and said, “That’s precisely why I did it, Finn.”
Archie lifted his mug with a quick, “Cheers, Rae.” After he took a sip he followed with, “Ah, Rae you remembered.”
The guys appeared to be well embroiled in the documents Archie had mentioned. Rae left them to it and made her way to the main studio. She was dying to get some time in there.
She opened the door Finn had pointed out. She noticed the telltale red bulb in the corner above the door. Smiling to herself, she pushed it open. She felt for a switch and finding it, flooded the space in white light.
Rae gasped. The board before her was massive and state of the art. A low stool was situated atop a large pattern rug and pushed under the board’s edge.
Backing to the rear wall, Rae took a seat on a large leather sofa and took it all in. A large plant in the corner had extended its limbs toward the ceiling. Rae thought it was a calming touch. Above the sofa near her was another switch. She flipped it without thinking. Suddenly the room beyond the glass above the mixing board came to life.
A massive drum kit was in the studio. A collection of large rugs covered the wood floors. She was overwhelmed by the shine of metallic sound equipment, music stands and microphones. She was in heaven.
Rae was glad she had finished her tea before coming in here. She wouldn’t dream of risking this gorgeous equipment in the presence of anything liquid.
Several minutes passed with Rae just imagining the tunes that had been played over and over in this very room. She took the few steps to the door that connected the studio. Walking through she moved to the center of the room. She turned in a wide circle with her eyes up to the lights mounted in the studio ceiling. Wandering around, she touched everything. Her fingers brushed over the purple egg crate foam that lined the walls behind the spot where the vocals must have been laid down.
Rae had been in studios before but none like this. She closed her eyes and breathed slowly. Art was made here. She felt it.
Her thoughts went to Finn. Her less than graceful fall brought her to him. To here. Her mind reeled at the events that had unfolded after he helped her so gallantly. Something was happening to her. Her feelings for Finn were uncharted territory.
When Rae had feelings for someone in the past it was always a brush with disaster. She spent so much time thinking she was unworthy. So many hours doubting the object of her affection’s loyalty. Trust and Rae made for strange bedfellows. All of this had spelled doom for her past attempts at relationships. Her fear and insecurities historically had won out.
This was different. She was different. Rae knew her worth. She learned to take care of herself first. Rae trusted herself. She also trusted Finn. She was up for the risk. Whatever was before them was going to be unlike anything she had known. She smiled at the prospect.
A loud click broke her train of thought.
“Hey girl, ya ready to sing something for me?”
She jumped at the voice in the speaker. Spinning on her heel she bit her lip seeing Finn poised above the mic attached to the mixing board. He returned her look, biting his lip and lifting his eyebrows. Rae thought he looked hopeful.
“Don’t be daft. I can only imagine the calibre of vocals that have been recorded in here.” She sighed.
She watched Finn. He moved away from the mic and started hitting some buttons.
A quiet guitar came through the speakers, followed by an organ. Rae knew the tune and gave Finn a smug smile when he lifted his gaze to her though the window.
Rae’s foot started tapping.

Oh when the sunshine beckons to ya
And your wings begin to unfold
The thoughts you bring and the songs you sing
Are gonna keep me from the cold
And if the sword is here among ya
And its words may wound my soul
You can fill me up with what you’ve got
‘Cause my heart’s been keepin’ on
She is love
And her ways are high and steep
She is love
And I believe her when she speaks
And her ways are high and steep
She is love
And I believe, I do believe her when she speaks

Finn came through the door and crossed to the center of the room to Rae. He pulled her to him. Staring at the sweet man who held her, Rae couldn’t hold back the enormous grin he inspired. Finn mirrored her expression, his heart was likely to leap from his chest.
Slowly, he spun her out and brought her back to his arms. They danced. Quietly, Rae sang along with Noel Gallagher into Finn’s ear as he steered them around the floor.

You’re in all my thoughts of passion
And the dreams of my delight
Whatever stirs my mortal frame
Will you keep it warm at night
I don’t know where you come from
No I haven’t got a clue
All I know is I’m in love
With someone who loves me too

Finn joined her vocals on the last chorus and Rae couldn’t sing anymore.

She is love
And her ways are high and steep
She is love
And I believe her when she speaks
And her ways are high and steep
She is love
And I believe, I do believe her when she speaks

She felt the happy tears collect in the back of her throat. She just held on tighter to Finn as they swayed. As the tune faded out, Finn just carried on swaying, clinging to Rae.
He held her right hand in his left and started making lazy circles on her back with his right hand. Their shoes rubbed along the carpet. Rae noticed the shushing sound and found it soothing. She closed her eyes leaning her cheek into Finn’s, feeling his lift into a smile.
She felt him take a deep breath against her torso.
“Rae, can I tell ya summat?”
“Course. Tell me anything, Finn.”
Again, she felt his cheek lift against hers. The hand rubbing circles on her back stilled and pulled her in even closer.
“Ah, Rae. I’m falling for ya.”
She pulled her hand free from his and wrapped both of her arms around his  neck. They carried on dancing slowly.
Her voice finally broke free. The tears kept her from her normal volume. She whispered against his ear.
“Me too, Finn.”
Finn stopped moving. He loosened his hold on Rae and slid his cheek away from hers.
“Ya mean it, Rae?” She nodded.
Before she could register his reaction, Finn lifted her bodily off the floor and crushed his lips to hers.
Setting her back on her feet, Finn and Rae broke their kiss.
Finn stroked her hair and Rae moved into the caress like a cat. Finn kissed Rae’s temples.
Stepping back from her and letting her go, Finn asked, “So, what do ya think of the place?”
Rae took the room in once again and sighed, “It’s amazing, Finn. I love it here. I can only imagine all the art that’s been made here.”
Finn took both of her hands in his and kissed them.
A thought occurred to her. “Where’s Archie, then?”
Finn laughed. “After we finished with the contracts, Archie told me he had another appointment to get to. He also said something about not wanting to be a gooseberry.”
Rae laughed. “Well, I hope our paths will cross again. It really was brilliant to see him.”
“I don’t see how it can be avoided. We’re going to have dinner with him and his boyfriend next weekend. If ya fancy it, that is.” He raised his eyebrows.
“You know I’d love that. And a boyfriend, eh? Well done, Arch.”
Finn wrapped an arm around her shoulder and escorted her out of the studio.
“So, would my girl like some lunch? I’m starved. All those documents left me knackered.” He nuzzled her ear and caught a whiff of her shampoo.
Rae nodded enthusiastically.
“I know just the spot. Come on, love.”
Rae blushed at the endearment. She wrapped an arm around Finn’s waist.
Opting to leave the bike in its spot, they walked a few blocks to Camden Market. It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon. The market was teeming with locals and savvy tourists.
Finn passed all the food stalls and cafes she knew. She was wondering where he was taking her when Finn stopped his steps, halting both of them.   He looked up, Rae followed his gaze.
“Here we are. You’ll love this place. Promise.” With a wink to her, Finn grabbed the door and held it open for her to enter.
Loads of quirky artifacts lined a shelf that ran around the entire cafe. Rae saw a few rock band posters leaning on the shelf and what looked like concert tickets in frames.
Finn noticed Rae’s eyes on the items. Leaning next to her ear he whispered. “Just wait. I have a favorite table upstairs. You won’t believe what they have up there.”
A man shouted, “Feen! There’s my mate!”
Finn smiled warmly and shook the man’s hand.
“Andris! How are ya, mate?”
The large dark haired man practically dislocated Finn’s shoulder with his energetic handshake.
Still holding Finn’s hand in a tight grip, the man saw Rae standing beside Finn.
“And Feen, who is this?” He raised an eyebrow and smiled at Rae.
Finn wrapped an arm around Rae’s back.
“Andris, this is Rae.”
Andris reached out for Rae’s hand. She offered it hesitantly. Instead of an over the top handshake, Andris held Rae’s hand in his and covered it with his other hand.
“Rae, it is a pleasure.”
Rae smiled and muttered a shy, “Nice to meet you too.”
Andris leaned over to her conspiratorially and whispered, “You’re the first young woman he’s brought to this place.” He winked at her as he straightened.
A blush crept up her neck to her cheeks.
Patting Finn on the back, Andris instructed them to go upstairs. His loud assurances that they would have the best service and no one would bother them followed them up the steps to the second floor.
Finn gestured to a table in the corner with a cluster of frames on the walls. He walked ahead of Rae and held her chair out for her. He brushed her hair back and kissed her on the head before taking his seat across from her.
Finn handed her a menu, already certain what he wanted. He leaned on the table resting his chin in his hand watching Rae. She bit her lip as she looked over her options.
A friendly server appeared with drinks for them. Andris had sent them over with his compliments. Finn smiled and raised his glass to Rae’s. He continued studying her as she set down her menu and looked at the wall behind him. A small smile played on his lips.
Suddenly Rae’s mouth dropped open. Finn knew she finally saw what he knew she was bound to see. He had her seated where she could notice little else.
“Oh. My. God!!” She shook her head. “That is not what I think it is!” She kept right on staring at the frame behind Finn. “Is it, Finn? Is it?”
Finn just smiled and looked down at the table. He felt a blush threaten to overtake his face.
The frame on the wall at Finn’s favorite table held a photo. The photo was of the same table where Rae and Finn were seated. The key difference being that sitting at the table in the photo were Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher and Finn. Finn was flanked by the Gallagher brothers in the photo. Both of them looked like there usual stroppy selves. Finn on the other hand, looked like he had won the lottery.
Finn chuckled at Rae’s silent stare.
“We came here after a long session at the studio. The three of us closed the place down. The rest of the band had long gone. I tell you what, those two can drink anyone under the table.” Finn laughed at the memory.
Rae simply kept on staring and moving her gaze between the photo and Finn. Her lips moved. Finn watched her, hoping she’d say something soon.
Catching her breath she finally said, “I cannot believe ya, Finn. Just…..just…..just…”
“What, Rae?”
“You have to tell me the whole story!”
Laughing, Finn shared the events of that lengthy recording session. Rae interjected with loads of questions. What songs did they record? Who was the bigger arsehole? Did they have a fight? Who did ya like better? Finn enjoyed filling her in.
Between the story and Rae’s cross-examination, they had a delicious meal. Rae was groaning over her sarnie as was Finn. Both had worked up quite an appetite
As Finn concluded his tale he slid a finger under Rae’s chin.
“Girl, didn’t you want to figure out your set for tomorrow?”
Rae smacked her head. “Shit, yes! Em, I think I have my notes in my phone. Hang on a tick.”
Finn loved this. He adored watching her go through her pockets for her phone. Finding it, she flipped through her notes to find the very important list.
“Em, this is pretty good so far. I think some…..Wait. Are ya sure ya don’t mind going over this with me?” Her face shifted from concentration to concern. Finn filed both expressions away in his memory.
“Rae I can think of little else that I would like as much as talking about music with you.” He tugged a lock of her hair. “Well, maybe a couple of other things. But none of them are appropriate for our current surroundings.”
Rae knew she was blushing as she scrolled through her list.
They passed the next couple of hours debating bands and tunes. Rae wanted to make an impression with her debut broadcast. She really wanted the station to be happy they hired her. Finn knew there was no reason for Rae to doubt she’d be brilliant.
Finally, Rae was content with their selections and returned her phone to the pocket of her leather jacket. Finn stood and offered her his hand. “Shall we, love?”
The endearment rang in her ears again. Its warming effect lingered as the pair strolled back to the studio.
Finn stopped at the motorcycle. Retrieving Rae’s helmet from the bike’s boot, he quickly kissed her. He ran up the stairs to fetch his helmet from the lounge.
After locking up, he returned to Rae. He wrapped his arms around her waist and asked, “How was your day, m’dear?”
Rae mimicked his posture and wrapped her arms around his waist.
“It was simply marvelous, m’dear. Yours?”
He leaned down and said against her lips, “Best Sunday I’ve known in quite sometime, Rae.”
The sun was starting to set. As evening crept in, Finn wasn’t sure where they should go. He wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Rae. Both of them had work tomorrow. The upside being that neither of them had to be up early. He was wondering if Rae might be up for staying at his. He was considering his words when Rae brushed a finger over his forehead.
“It looks like there’s a lot going on in there, Finn.”
“Em, yeah. I was wonderin’ about tonight.”
“Yeah. Would you fancy goin’ back to mine? We could watch a movie or listen to some tunes.”
Rae gave him a sly smile. “Or we could just go to yours and do neither of those things.”
Kissing her, Finn said, “Ya know, girl, you make it easy for a bloke to fall and fall hard.”
Smiling into the kiss she replied, “I’ve had years of practice. I only know how to fall hard. As you’ve witnessed.”
They laughed as they put on their helmets and got on the bike. Rae snuggled into Finn’s back and ran her hands over his chest. Finn squeezed her hand and started the engine.
He used a different route back to his flat. More time with Rae on his motorcycle would truly make his day. By the feel of her body he determined she was enjoying it. Flicking on the headlight he took his time getting home.
Goodbye was going to be delayed yet again. At this rate, he would never be saying a proper goodbye to Rae. It would be a simple, “See you after work, love,” or some such. Finn liked that just fine and grinned at the prospect.

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Fall Someplace In Texas by Anne Worner
Via Flickr:
I’ve started a rather daunting task / going through all the images on my hard drive. Some have never seen the light of day, and I think some of them should! I’m also playing around with some different kinds of processing, wanting a more retro look. Thanks for your time, as always.

10 Ways you Meet Team Flash (7/10)

Title: Charge
Ability: Control over electricity, able to manipulate electronic devices/travel through them

A/N: This one got away from me and ended up at 2400 words!  There isn’t enough Team Flash in it, imo, so I may write a part two with Cisco/Barry vying for the readers affection :)

Originally posted by dedicated-to-imagines

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Heat Wave

Wrote this a while ago; based on:

Imagine you and the Company suffering in the heat because it’s just too damn hot.

The sweat trickled down the back of your neck, the air nearly suffocating you as you trod along the tree lined path. As usual, you trailed behind Kili and Fili, the two of them least likely to get annoyed with your random comments and unusual demanour.

As you wiped away the sweat on your brow, you couldn’t help but curse against whatever twisted trick that had brought you to this foreign place. You would have been happy to be back in your own world where air conditioning was very much a thing and you didn’t have to walk everywhere.

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Amazing Pathfinder Inside Jokes/Quotes

Got a bunch of lovely ones from a test campaign I ran-

“Can I pee in the fountain?”- Fighter (he did it and now it will never work again)

“I’m going to shoot her with an arrow!”- Same fighter when a rouge wouldn’t share treasure with him

“It’s because I’m so charismatic!”- Same fighter (again). Multiple times.

Then some other ones from campaigns I participated in-

“I’m gonna take this NPC’s body and mount it on my wall!”- Different fighter who left the group a few weeks later

“Let’s use this PC’s dead body to check for traps!”- Another rouge. And yes, there was a trap.

“You take a very deep whiff of owl turd.”- DM when I got a natural 20 on perception when checking out- well, an owl turd.

“You’re in a forest. With trees. Lining a dirt path.”- DM. For the third time. After we wandered back to the same area without realizing it.

“Freaky Privy”- A third fighter grabbed my character out of a privy. He forced the door open and dragged my guy out, then held him upside-down by the legs. He got Burning Hand-ed and actually died. The incident was known as the Freaky Privy ever since.

“Not Leaving”

I found this tree, leafless in the middle of summer, so I’m guessing it’s dead. (though I have seen examples of trees and plants that seem to be brought back from the dead with a little food and water, so maybe there’s still hope for it yet)
I think it might be a hawthorn tree, judging by the thorns, but I don’t know for sure.
I started shooting this timelapse looking to the east, over Lake Ontario, and once the colour faded, I did a 180 and ran to this tree to catch the last bit of the sunset looking west.
I made this time stack by combining 121 photos into one image.


The formal gardens of Ashton Court.

“It’s Going to Blow Over”
Update! (photo info is at the end)It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything, because I’ve been busy working on my “Best of 2014” timelapse video. It’s almost done, I just need to finish up the music for it. I’ve also been time slicing like a mad man, creating time slice timelapses. I’ll probably post a that video once I get a dozen or so clips, but it takes for ever to process. Some of the time slice frames take more than 10 minutes just to slice, and that’s only one frame (I usually do 30 frames per second or faster) I’m currently working on my fourth time slice lapse, and if all goes well, the guy that wrote the time slicing script will write a script to automate the time slice lapse process as well, which would speed things up and make my life much easier. I’ve also been busy shooting, lately I’ve been doing timelapses of myself making spirals in the snow on the lake. Last night I light painted one, and it looks like it’s going to be a good one, but I’m pretty far behind, so it will be a while before you get to see it. Another thing that’s been holding me back is storage. My Drobo (a NAS storage system) is pretty much full, so I need to buy another one before I can unload all my SD cards. I’ve been deleting and moving around some stuff to make room when I need it. Always keep one sd card free in case a good photo op comes up.This 722 photos combined into one image using the lighten layer-blending mode in photoshop, automated with this script, I faded in the first 307 photos and faded out the last 200 photos using the ultra streaks preset. 

Just a baby bit inspired by the CS filming photos from last night, but not set in that moment, instead some random time in the future. 

They’ve done this, walking together and talking, since the very beginning of their relationship from distrustful foe to forever companion. Their journeys have covered the tree lined paths of the Enchanted Forest to the thick jungles of Neverland, the depths of the Underworld to every corner of this mystical town they now call home. Each step taken has been a thread that has woven their bond into this unbreakable force, an oceans deep love bound by desire, friendship, understanding and respect.

Fears have been forced to the surface, bluffs called, fights won and lost. They’ve concocted plans that have failed, prevailed, twisted and crumbled, together in partnership no matter the outcome. It’s why they still make time for this, sometimes as dawn breaks the horizon, or after a late lunch with greasy fingertips clasped without care. But this time is his favorite, just past midnight when the rest of Storybrooke is abed and it feels as though the town is quieting just for them.

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A/N: Hello lovelies! It’s finally fluff week and I couldn’t resist..enjoy!

Title: Star-kissed 

Prompt: Starlight

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: T

Summary: She worried that the stars wouldn’t show themselves, but he assured her that they weren’t gone, that she was just searching in the wrong place.
“Luce? What are we doing up here?”

“I told you, just stay patient!”

Natsu Dragneel? Patient? Yeah right.

Natsu frowned as he watched Lucy’s ponytail swing animatedly back and forth behind her head, the scent of her strawberry shampoo dominating his senses. So much so, that he couldn’t smell where they were headed, or maybe that had been her plan all along. 

Thick trees lined the mysterious path that she had dragged him on, blocking out the moonlight that would usually have been their source of light, but for now, the glowing flame that Natsu cradled in his palm would be enough. 

Lucy hadn’t told him anything about where they were headed, and to his dismay, she refused to talk. 

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