tree in desert


Motion control timelapse video of the Milky Way rising over Moab, Utah.


Solitary tree and rainstorms over the Australian Outback

a non-exhaustive list of questions i wish interviewers would ask niall..not that i don’t love the same four they keep bringing up, but hoo boy, have we heard those before 

  • what’s been the most challenging part of the recording process so far? 
  • what size venues is the tour going to be? how many dates is it going to have?
  • have u thought any about what order the tracks go in on the album or how many there’ll be? for that matter, any ideas for the album title? 
  • do u play any instruments beside guitar on the album? if so, planning to play them live, too?
  • has having the new band influenced the way the songs developed in the studio or are performed live vs writing w/o them in mind? also, any thoughts of naming the band? 
  • what kind of venues do you envision performing in when you think of doing shows? clubs, theaters, arenas? 
  • are there any goals or achievements you have for yourself as a solo artist that 1d never did? 
  • does the music’s visual aspects, like album and single cover art and music/lyric videos, come to mind easily and feel intuitive to the sound, or is that more challenging? 

(feel free to add ur own)