tree fail


“Try it again,“ I said.
 "Kiss me.”
“No,” he said.
“Kiss me.”
“No,” And then he smiled. “You kiss me.”
 I placed my hand on the back of his neck. I pulled him toward me. And kissed him. I kissed him. And I kissed him. And I kissed him. And I kissed him. And he kept kissing me back.”

 ― Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Hey, happy belated valentine’s day. have some asadais 
i was quite busy to post this on time and to aswer to requests but i managed some time (being me not having internet for a day) to finish this. 
I´m not good at drawing comics but better try and fail than do nothing.

Please fire me.  I think we all know working retail sucks, with rude customers and high expectations when you’re just one person.  But when you’re desperate enough to work at Dollar Tree of all places, you know it’s bad.  (And yes, you “funny” customer, everything IS INDEED a fucking dollar.)

My job description is basically “cashier first, stocker second”.  But apparently no one told me I was also a janitor, a babysitter, a shrink, and the brains behind the manager who can’t think for himself half the time.  Okay fine, I’ll clean up your crap that you’re too lazy to put back in its original spot that’s two feet away from you.  Fine, I’ll watch your kid for a moment if you need to use the restroom.  I’ll listen if you really want to tell me about the shitty day you’ve been having prior to coming to my register.  Okay manager, I’ll handle the customer for a few minutes while you back me up on the register.

However, if you’re going to take all the shit from the party aisle and shove it into the empty cavity on the shelf specifically made for bread, get out of my store.  If your child won’t listen to me after I’ve told them 4 times to stop pulling the balloons out of the corral, you need to put your child on a leash.  If you’re going to blame me for your shitty day and take all your frustration out on me, then I WILL make myself the reason you’re not in control of your own damn life.  And manager, for the love of whatever you believe in, do your fucking job as a manager and not talk to your wife about moving to Florida in *certain time frame*; stop bullshitting on the side-lines and help me on the register when I need it.

Don’t argue with me over something coming out to $1.06 because you didn’t think to bring change with you for tax.  Don’t argue with me when I say we only do exchanges and that I am not authorized to do full refunds.  And especially don’t argue with me when your card declines and you don’t carry cash.

And I swear, if you come into my store, and I have a small line of two people, and you want a new line to open because you woke up late for work and you’re too damn impatient to purchase a single bottle of water, I will gladly step away from my register to hand you an application so you can ring up your own fucking water, you impatient, sweaty, suit-and-tie dickweed.

12 February 2017

I still believe in magic the way sunlight never fails the trees and how the weather changes everyday–subtle, as if it was some secret between magical beings and things. A grandiose secret that is better left unsaid. I believe that we all have a little, if not a lot, of magic running through our blood lines and our grand acts can be not-so-grand, too. The mere breathing of our lungs is magic and so is the urge of kindness and god, that smile. I still believe in magic the way your touch used to settle down my buzzing molecules and that even though I left and forgot how enchanting it is, I knew it was real. It is still here, and it is still there, confined in the spaces of our fragile, holding-on bones. We sleep under that moon and stars and it’s magic. We wake up tomorrow and still, it is.


Redwood National (and state) Parks

I spent most of the day hiking and exploring the vast coastal redwood forest area of Northwestern California that encompasses the official national park as well as some state parks. There was plenty of mud, giant trees, lush greens and flowing creeks to make every trail feel like the epitome of old forest wilderness. I drove northbound on HWY101 making some stops to explore popular tree groves and rocky coastlines. Overall, this was an excellent introduction to what I imagine will be the next month of pacific-northwest adventure. 

My itinerary for the day was as follows:

  • Hiked 1.4mi at the Lady Bird Johnson Grove 
  • Hiked 2.7mi on the Trilium Falls Trail at Elk Meadow
  • Entered Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and stopped at the Visitor Center
  • Hiked a 2.5mi loop connecting the Prairie Creek Trail and Cathedral Trees Trail passing by Big Tree
  • Stopped to drive through the Klamath Tour Thru Tree (and failed to fit!)
  • Hiked 1.5mi on the Yurok Loop Trail at Lagoon Creek and explored the coastline
Dear Evan Hanson summarized

Anybody have a map?:shy tree boy and drug smoker are aNGST Y, and moms are good

Waving through a window: life is hard and shy tree boy is sad™

For forever:you had one job e v a n.

Sincerely, me: but like they were re a l l y g Ay t h o???, (ft.smoking drugs™)

Requiem: Connor was an angelic ass™

If I could tell her: use fake information about peoples brothers to get with girls nOTASCAMATALL

Disappear: this is giving me strange heathers vibes™

You will be found: tree boy made the internet cool again,

To Break in a glove: daddy issues™

Only us: sorry Zoe but I still ship tree boy with your dead brother cOUGH.

Good for you: you done fucked up tree boy.

Words fail: no I’m not even going to t R Y I’m crYING thiS hIT M E sO B A D.

So big/ so small: ok like Evans mom is b e s t m o m™ she’s too good for t h i s, best mom deserves better.

Finale:tree boy sees sky’s forever.

The end

This lowkey took me 20 minutes to write cOUGH COUGH