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After reading this post by @angrydennisreynolds  about Women contributors on sunny, it made me think of this quote from Kaitlin “That extended to the crew behind-the-scenes. “We have an amazing diverse crew, lots and lots of women, lots of gay women with families, which makes me very proud, lots of female directors, female ADs,” she says. “It’s really important for me, having a female-driven show, to have a bunch of strong driven women around me.” In this first season of ‘The Mick’ so far there have been 3 women directors-

Kat Koiro - 2 eps, Geeta V Patel - 1 ep, Silver Tree - 1 ep.

There’s been 4 writers, Harper Dill - 1 ep, 9 story editor creditsChristine Nangle - 1 ep, Lindsay Golder - 1 ep, Laura Chinn - 1 ep.

There have been 6 women producers, Kaitlin Olson - Co Executive Producer, Laura Chinn - co producer, Caroline James - Producer, Christine Nangle - producer, Julie Hrebec - producer, Susan V McConnell - Producer. 

There have been 5 AD’s, Michele LaBrucherie - 2nd assistant director - 8 eps,  Stacy Murphy Gold - 1st assistant director- 4 eps,  Janell M. Sammelman - 1st AD- 3 eps,  Shea Vargé - 1st AD - 2 eps, Helena Lamb - 1st AD - 1 ep. 

The Mick hasn’t even finished the first season yet and has nearly beaten Sunny in every bracket. It’s Always Sunny has been on for 12 years. So what I’m saying is -  

The Mick is fucking hilarious and is doing a pretty bang up job so far, you should all be watching it!!