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TalesFromRetail: You gotta send somebody!

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I work in a garden store. One of my coworkers sold a couple of trees to an older gentleman. We helped load them in his car, he went on his merry way and that was that. Or so we thought.

About an hour later I get a phone call:

Customer: “I need somebody to come take these trees out of my car and carry them into the backyard!”

(We are a small store with minimal staff, this is not a service we offer)

Me: “I’m sorry sir, we don’t have anyone to do that”

C: “What? I’m 83! You gotta send somebody!”

Me: “I could ask one of my coworkers who takes outside jobs…”

C: (interrupting) “Yeah you tell him to come to (address) this afternoon!”

Me: “Sir I don’t know if he’s available or what he would charge…”

C: “What!? I would have to pay?!!! How much?”

Me: “I don’t know that would be between you and him…”

C: “I’m 83! You send somebody this afternoon! ”

Me: “Sir I will ask but I can’t promise anything, this is not really a service we offer.”

C:(rattles off address again, and phone number) hangs up

As it turned out no one was available and I left a message on his voicemail suggesting he ask a neighbor.

I felt bad because I have elderly relatives and I know how hard it can be for them. I thought about doing it myself after work but figured it would just open a big ol’ can of worms of him wanting me to do stuff like that every week.

By: CappuccinoBreve

The For Real and Always Aesthetics of the Cast of SING

Johnny: Getting up with the dawn without an alarm clock. Being the overprotective big brother of any group of friends. Somehow being really, really bad at playing Chopsticks. Going as high as possible on swing sets. Shaved ice coffee drinks even in winter. Having a close relation to the Mom friend of a group. The smell of the mini pine trees in a new car.

Rosita: Vervain, mint and wisteria perfume. A PHD in engineering. Married right out of college. Energy and eco efficiency. Crying every single time seeing Titanic, Beaches and The Vagina Monologues. Homemade soap and fabric softener. Three different flavors of lip-balm.

Ash: Mismatched bras and panties. Shot glasses used for weird mixed Pepsi and Cola concoctions. Self-taught ability to use instruments. Herbs and tomatoes raised in wooden boxes outside apartment windows. Clip-on earrings. Poor suntan bathing. Chocolate mini donuts.

Gunter: Every Madonna album ever featured with tight leather clothes and allusions in the music to unresolved sexual tension. Chocolate and deep fried food; no discrimination in what. Body positivity. So much glitter everywhere. The smell of pancakes. Yellow peonies. Pole dancing.

Meena: Belief in seven years bad luck. Chalk pictures on the sidewalk. Jelly or orange flavored bubblegum. Hoodie shirts that are just so soft. Comfortable shoes. Recipes in Oprah Winfrey magazines. Family devotion despite discomfort.

Mike: Black Jack and cheap chicanery. Any bar with decent lighting that allows smoking. Pinstriped underwear. Too expensive suits that cost about as much as reasonable cars. Cuban cigars. Brooklyn in the 70′s. The group Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Mr. Moon: Being a stoner in high school. A not-quite fulfilled college degree in business. A whole drawer full of bow ties. Tap dance shoes. Chocolate espresso candies. High blood pressure that might require medication. Collective albums of Mame, Red Garters, Pippin, and Annie.


Photos from last night and this morning, camping out in the cold + currently in denial about winter.

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Blurryface (2015): Actually a pretty happy album about embracing life and appreciating the people you have and being together. Occasional sad undertones.

Vessel (2013): About coping with and overcoming the threats inside your head. Sounds very happy and pumped up but if you listen to the lyrics it can be very depressing.

Regional At Best (2011): Beautiful, happy songs with devastating lyrics. Mostly about self-harm and mental illness.

Twenty One Pilots (2009): Poetic, slow songs that are very beautiful. Very despairing wit a strong undertone of death and suicide.

No Phun Intended (2007): 100% depression, suicide, anxiety, self-harm, despair, feeling lost, hopelessness, etc.

Tyler’s come a long way.


Jaehee: I knew we should have used the van.

Jumin: No, we should’ve never joined.

–Based on a dream I had a few days ago lol XD and I’m lazy to put any shadows 

Edit: I just realized that I did a mistake for the format of the fake-chatroom lolol. Fixed it!